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Food at Pop Century?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by PeytonSdiz, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. PeytonSdiz

    PeytonSdiz New Member

    Does anyone have any photos of food from the food court at Pop Century resort?


    And if you don't have photos, feel free to tell me about what things you like/don't like at the food court.

    (EDIT - Hooray for my 200th post!! :woohoo: )
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  3. Nadjalu

    Nadjalu New Member

    I don't have any pictures, didn't realize that people photographed their food until after my first trip and found the dis boards....lol (now I love food porn)

    But I can tell you a bit about POP food. It is a very good food court, not that I have experience with any other DW resort food court, but because it has a huge variety and we sampled a few things.
    The first thing is the meatball sub!!! Oh that thing is wonderful! My husband got it and I kept stealing bites off it. lol
    I got the chicken alfredo thing, it was ok, too much sauce IMO but it wasn't bad, would've been better if not soaked in sauce.
    I will do the chicken with the red sauce next time.

    At breakfast we had just a sausage/egg crosiant, it was good, very filling. But the fried potatoes....oh my they were delish!!! We will be eating them again.
    The fries were pretty good, but I am not a huge fry eater.

    We will be looking forward to getting a pizza this time and the tie dye cheesecake.
  4. jenseib

    jenseib Mommy to Claire

    Check out in the resort photo section. Tehre are 2 pop pciture threads. One is new and one is full and recently closed, but both have pictures. Pop is said to have some of the best CS food around the whole "world".
  5. bob6sims

    bob6sims New Member

    We loved the cinnamon rolls in the morning. The kids also liked the pancakes. The food court in the morning can be very very busy so we sometimes go food to go as sometimes you couldn't find a table :confused3.
    There is plenty of variety at the different counters and the fridges at the back of the food hall popcorn::.
    Enjoy your stay.......:wizard:
  6. ElementCamper

    ElementCamper New Member

    Food is fine there but as noted, go early or it gets very busy in there. Have stayed at POP several times. Lots of variety in the food court. See if they still do tie dye cheese cake.
  7. PeytonSdiz

    PeytonSdiz New Member

    We're going in late January so I'm hoping it won't be too crowded. Especially in the mornings. We plan on getting breakfast there every day before going to the parks.

    Thanks for the responses so far! And I'll go check out those pop century threads too.
  8. MickQuinn

    MickQuinn New Member

    We liked the breakfast platters. They were nothing fancy but as my Papa would say, "they filled the void". We usually split 2 breakfasts among the 4 of us.

    The tuna sandwich was really good and big enough to share. Nice multigrain bread and lots of filling. We also had the Med. Chicken Flatbread .. not too bad, esp if you like a lot of feta cheese.

    My mom got a sundae one night. It counted as a snack on the ddp and it was really big, lots of hot fudge and creamy soft serve. I think you could add another topping as well.

    The only bad meal was the Mom's fried chicken tv dinner thing. Greasy and gross...
  9. PeytonSdiz

    PeytonSdiz New Member

    I wonder if the breakfast platter is the same as the one I had at Port Orleans Riverside. It had scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, and a biscuit. It was pretty filling, which was good because I typically like a big breakfast.
  10. MickQuinn

    MickQuinn New Member

    Sounds like the same platter. I think you could choose to have either bacon or sausage.
  11. snookiedoodles

    snookiedoodles New Member

    There were a few pics on other threads

    We stayed there, the food was suprisingly wonderful....I didn't have a bad meal there!
  12. emmabemmainc

    emmabemmainc New Member

    The reuben flatbread was really good. So was the hot fudge sundae (although, I've never met one of those that I didn't like!). We really didn't eat there too often---we were on the deluxe plan, so I had a million reservations at other places.
  13. zhazhazsu

    zhazhazsu New Member

    DH and I split an omlette one morning. It was good and fluffy and cheesy, although the potatoes it came with were a little cold.

    We also each got a yogurt parfait, a snack credit and very yummy
  14. PeytonSdiz

    PeytonSdiz New Member

    I found the menu for their breakfast items. One item says "Chocolate Chip Pancakes." They cost a little over $6. I wonder if they come with anything else because that seems expensive just for pancakes.
  15. danielle.st

    danielle.st New Member

    I believe the choc chip pancakes also came with bacon or sausage.
    I enjoyed the breakfast pizza, so did my dd8. We were last almost a year ago and she still talks about it all of the time.
    Check this thread from the stickies above for pictures. You'll just need to scroll down to the Pop section.
  16. cbg1027

    cbg1027 I knew I had converted him when he started pointin

    Here ya go!

    The Bounty Platter - eh, it was alright, would have been better if it was hot and not lukewarm!

    Cuban Flatbread (this was a special and is not always on the menu) - It was great, basically an open faced Cuban sandwich.

    Mediterranean Flatbread - very good!

    Pain au Chocolat and a Blueberry Muffin - The Pain au Chocolat was amazing and the Muffin was good but not a standout.
  17. PixieDustandEeyore

    PixieDustandEeyore New Member

    I loved Pop Century Foodcourt it was so yummy! I only have a few photos but here they go!
  18. Must C Mickey

    Must C Mickey New Member

    My neice and I got the parmesan crusted chicken breast and came w/ salad and a breadstick. was so good i had it twice that week.
  19. PeytonSdiz

    PeytonSdiz New Member

    Thanks for the photos! And thanks for that link to a bunch of food photos from other places too!
  20. my3sons77

    my3sons77 Dreaming of a DVC membership

    Ooooooh when we were there back in October 08 I had that all the time. It was soooooooooo good. The breadstick was good, the salad was good, the chicken was fantabulous!

  21. pinky4disney

    pinky4disney New Member

    I agree. The parm-crusted chicken (I get it with the marinara sauce) is delish! I always have it as my pre-race meal before all my WDW races.

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