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First Two Weeks of May

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by jhaig, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. jhaig

    jhaig I'd bet you'd be hungry if we were having Tony-loa

    How do the crowd levels compare during the first two weeks of May to the crowd levels in mid-September? We might do a trip in May of 2014 but have always gone either in mid-Sept or the week after Thanksgiving and have enjoyed low crowds. Will it make much of a difference as long as we get to the parks at rope drop (which we always do anyway) and make good use of Fastpass?
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  3. bennifer

    bennifer New Member

    We're doing the opposite of you this year! We usually go the 2nd week of May (my Favorite), but this year we'll be going in the middle of Sept. I've heard it's much hotter in Sept, but the crowds are about the same or less? I do know that May has perfect (for me) weather, and the crowds aren't horrendous. Have fun!
  4. JennyDrake

    JennyDrake Darkwing Duck's Biggest Fan

    If you arrive at RD and use FP, it will be managable, but will be heavier than what you are used to. Expect crowds to thicken almost daily. Middle school groups will mob (only) Epcot on Fridays with field trips and high school groups may invade any/all parks on weekends with end of year and senior trips.
  5. mbtohill

    mbtohill New Member

    We go every year in the beginning of May, usually the first week. Crowds are low to moderate, we never wait more than 20 minutes and when we do we just FP. Rope drops are GREAT, especially at MK, where we can normally get everything we want done (All the Mountains, HM, Buzz, etc.) before 11am with almost no waiting.

    Weather is great, usually low to mid 90's with low humidity.

    I will say the crowds have increased since we've started going, but still very manageable.
  6. sls404

    sls404 New Member

    We went May 15-18 last year and avoided parks with EMH and the crowds were great! Got to the parks at noon or later every day and most rides had 15-20 min waits or were walk-ons (besides TSMM of course). We noticed the crowds were much lighter than late October and early December when we usually go.
  7. jhaig

    jhaig I'd bet you'd be hungry if we were having Tony-loa

    September is the best time to go in my opinion crowd-wise. The two weeks after Labor Day are great. We usually can walk on (<5 min) to most rides with the headliners having about 15-20 min wait time. You must, absolutely, take a break in the afternoon when it starts getting really oppressively hot. We usually go back to the hotel for a swim or rest, grab an early dinner, then do the parks again when it starts to cool down. Don't try going commando all day in Sept. - you'll never make it! :thumbsup2
  8. bennifer

    bennifer New Member

    Thanks! I can't wait...this makes me even more excited!
  9. Lorilais_mommie

    Lorilais_mommie " They can drink pepsi, but they can't pee in the

    We will be there with you! We have only gone in nov. before and can't wait for this trip!

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