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Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by starrzone, Jul 25, 2009.

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    I might post this on the community board as well, but you all seem very knowledgeable about kids and travel so I thought I'd post here first!

    My SO and I are leaving tomorrow morning for a 3-day, 2-night vacation with his kids- DD7 and DS almost 6. I have never traveled with kids before and need your tips!

    :confused: We are going to be driving 3.5 hours one-way, most likely with eating/rest breaks thrown in. What should I make sure that they have in the car? We don't have portable DVD players and have no way of borrowing them. They don't seem to get carsick; should I have plastic bags and buckets anyway,"just in case"?

    :idea: We are going to be staying in a resort area, with lots of gorgeous beaches and various (cost $, some more than others) kids' activities. What are some low-cost things that we could bring along to amuse them at the hotel and at the beach? What should we bring so that the kids aren't too anxious about staying in a hotel room and will be able to get a good sleep? These kids have NOT traveled much and have maybe stayed in a hotel once or twice, none in recent memory.

    :flower3: Thank you all VERY much! This trip is very important to my SO, and to me too; for various reasons, he hasn't spent all that much time with his kids in the past 3 years. Now that I came into his life, it's much easier for him to be able to do things with them. I adore these kids and love spending time with them! :cloud9:
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    No, if they don't get carsick, you don't need buckets. I do keep some plastic bags in my car that could be used for this, and had to one time, but they get used for a variety of things.

    As far as things to do, do they have game boy type handheld games? My DD will read in the car or do pencil and paper puzzles. I would also have some snacks and drinks.

    For the hotel, we would bring some small toys when DD was that age. But usually she made games out of whatever was in the hotel. She'd write and draw on the hotel paper, make up games/pretend stories, etc. We learned early on that we hardly needed to bring anything, and she'd be able to entertain herself. Now, at 9, she'll bring just her ipod, DS, and a book.

    Do they have teddy bears or whatever that they sleep with? It sounds like you'll be doing a lot of fun stuff, and they'll probably crash when it's time for bed. If they're fairly easy going kids, I wouldn't worry too much about them getting to sleep.

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    My kids are 7 and 11. I've traveled with them solo many times since DH is working most of the time. With road trips, I am thankful both my kids don't get motion sickness like me! I only keep a bag with them for trash. Both my kids bring books to read, and I have things for them to do and eat if the trip is long. I have surprise bags for them to open every hour or whatever time seems like a time to find something else to keep attention. I put in marker/coloring books, figures (DD likes littlest pet shop and barbie), books, stickers, and small candies/cookies,treats that they usually don't get. We also play road games, like picking things out with the letters of the alphabet, or betting on finding things or license plates from a certain state. Prizes for winning are usually a small piece of candy or for DD a new hairband or small toy.

    Good luck. Road trips can be fun.
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    Go to you local library and check some books on CD or tape. Kids that age will love the "Hank the Cowdog" series or ask your librarian for some suggestions. Our kids grew up listening to books on tape/CD and we still do as a family todayÂ…they are 16 and 11.

    What did you like to do on road trips when you were a kid? We played word games, counted things, did visual scavenger hunts...look online for ideas.

    As far as the room goes, if there is a TV chances are they will entertain themselves! lol I 2nd the gameboys/DS's if they have them. If they do no have a game system, you could a hand held game called 20Q.

    Pack sunscreen, beach toys, bug spray, anti-itch cream, sunburn relief cream, kids pain meds and some Benadryl would be a good idea too!

    Pack some snacks and drinks for the car and plan to make a bathroom stop!

    It sounds like you guys are going to have a lot of fun!

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