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First Time to Disneyland - Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by LeanneDownUnder, May 1, 2013.

  1. LeanneDownUnder

    LeanneDownUnder New Member

    Hi There,

    Just joined the forums, WOW so much information and so little time!
    I went with my family 12 years ago to Disneyworld in Florida but have never been to Disneyland!

    This trip in September/October is for 3 1/2 weeks where we will also travel to NYC and other parts of LA. It's just myself Leanne 46 and my 15 years old Daughter Tori. We have 4 days planned in Disneyland and we are VERY :dance3: excited both being huge Disney fans (but then who isn't!!).

    Looking forward to reading all the great information, the hardest part is deciding where to start!!
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  3. pieface

    pieface New Member

    Welcome to our friends from down under. I've been to Disney world 50 times I made my first trip to the land last year. The lands attractions are very similar to the world but smaller. We went to the land the first day ate at the outside chicken and ribs rest all you could eat it was great. It is a beautiful park hard to believe it was built in 1955. We went to California adventure the next day it was totally under construction but it was still fun. You will see many of the rides there that you saw at the world. Sorry I can't answer many questions about the land since I was only there once I know a lot about the world. You will enjoy the trip it is magical. The Blue Byau is a great rest.
  4. Metro West

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  5. siskaren

    siskaren New Member

  6. LeanneDownUnder

    LeanneDownUnder New Member

    Thanks for the welcome I will check out the links suggested!

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