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First Med Cruise - Our excellent adventure!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by Disneyfalcon, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Disneyfalcon

    Disneyfalcon Active Member

    That is very nice of you say! Thank you!:)
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  3. JenBill5

    JenBill5 Member

    Is it 'legal' to ask where you are a travel agent? You TR is/was awesome! :thumbsup2
  4. You have the most stunning vacation photos I have ever seen. WOW!
  5. JenBill5

    JenBill5 Member

    I'm I correct that you and your daughter did not do any DCL excursions? Did you feel stressed going on your own? Is there a port where you would take an excursion next time?
  6. Disneyfalcon

    Disneyfalcon Active Member

    I don't know if I'm allowed to say! PM me and I can tell you. :)

    Thank you FLVacationGirl! :)

    We didn't do any DCL excursions. We were a little concerned about doing Tunisia on our own, just because it was such an unknown entity, but it worked out great.

    I didn't feel like I would have to do an excursion at any of the places we went. Now if I had gone to Florence, I would have at least done Florence on Your Own like Debbie and her dd did, just for peace of mind. It's such a long way from the port.
  7. goofygal1975

    goofygal1975 Active Member

    I LOVED your report and pictures. For a while now I have not been interested in a Med cruise...but OH MY after reading your TR and seeing pictures I am so ready to go. Not sure if it will ever be in the cards for me, dh and ds...but what a nice dream.

    The sites and places you were able to experience will be memories to last a lifetime.

    Thanks for sharing:grouphug:
  8. Disneyfalcon

    Disneyfalcon Active Member

    Thanks, Goofygal! I really appreciate you reading!:)
  9. ColoradoDisneyFreaks

    ColoradoDisneyFreaks Active Member

    This was a fantastic TR!!! We're in Colorado too, up in Denver, and are on the 9/8 Med sailing, I hope we can get pictures half as good as yours:worship:

    Thanks for doing this, now I've got to take notes!
  10. Disneyfalcon

    Disneyfalcon Active Member

    Thank you ColoradoDisneyFreaks! We've been back in CO for about 10 months. Dh is Air Force so we've been in and out a few times, and we love it! I hope you have an awesome cruise!!
  11. ColoradoDisneyFreaks

    ColoradoDisneyFreaks Active Member

    My dad was Air Force too, I ended up graduating from High School in the Springs (Rampart) but I only went there for 1 year! Feel free to give us a shout if you guys are heading up to Denver (Highlands Ranch) any time soon!
  12. Disneyfalcon

    Disneyfalcon Active Member

    Awesome! Thanks for the invite! My Dad was Air Force too. We moved here my junior year (Air Academy for me!:cool1:) and my parents stayed. So Colorado is home to me now and it feels like it when whenever we come back.
  13. Melcatfish

    Melcatfish <font color=990099>In full planning mode!<br><font

    Hi Disney Falcon,

    Just popping back to your report. I posted how much I enjoyed it a couple of pages back but thought I ought to come and let you know that your amazing photos were also a great tool in convincing my husband to let me turn our 8 night Dover to Barcelona Repo into a 19 night Repo and 11 night Med Cruise Back to Back!

    As a fellow photography enthusiast I am hoping I can get some photos approaching the standard of some of yours!

    Take Care
  14. Disneyfalcon

    Disneyfalcon Active Member

    Excellent Mel!! I would love to spend 19 days taking pictures of those places!! I'm glad I could help in some small way!!:banana:
  15. LendMeYourEars

    LendMeYourEars Earning My Ears

    Hi. Everyone in our crew loved your photos. We are bursting with excitement for our Aug 18th trip.

    I looked online for the lens you recommended -- I can see why you rented it. Can you share how much the rental was?

    You said that no shorts are allowed in the Vatican. What is the dress code? Are there any other ports that also have restrictions? Let to our own devices, we will be wearing shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops everywhere...

  16. Disneyfalcon

    Disneyfalcon Active Member

    Yes, that is why I rented it!:) It was about $150 with insurance for two weeks. A lot, but nothing like buying it.

    The Vatican wouldn't allow shorts or bare shoulders if memory serves. I think the ship also recommended we not have bare shoulders in Tunisia if I remember. Other than that it was only a problem in some cathedrals and you certainly didn't have to go in there. We wore capris most days when we went into port just to be safe, but it wasn't August heat either.

    Have so much fun on your trip!
  17. crzy4dals

    crzy4dals Active Member


    Love your TR

    What bus did you take from St. Peters to Trevi Fountain???

    We are looking to do a walking tour as well.

    Leaving in 29 days!
  18. Disneyfalcon

    Disneyfalcon Active Member

    Thanks, Erin! I don't remember the exact bus. After we came out of the Vatican, we went in a newsstand and asked which bus to catch and where to go. They were very helpful!:)
  19. lucy0558

    lucy0558 Member

    I've just finished your report. WOW! The pictures were awesome; what wonderful memories you have made. Thank you for sharing.
  20. skibum

    skibum Active Member

    Loved your trip report. We were on the Med cruise three years ago, and did everything on our own as well. Nice to learn about some of the new ports.
    Just booked a Med cruise for next summer - taking the grandparents.
    Your TR helped bring back memories, and gave ideas for us next year.
    Thanks for an exceptional job!
  21. Disneyfalcon

    Disneyfalcon Active Member

    Thanks for reading, Lucy!:)

    Thanks, skibum! I hope to repeat this cruise again one day. I feel like we learned so much!

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