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Feb 23 2013 - MAGICal 6 Night Western Cruise, Galveston, TX

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by CeCeGarrett, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. tammyh14

    tammyh14 Earning My Ears

    Yay! Thanks Kelis, for referring me to this site. We are so excited to be going on a Disney cruise. We have been on Princess and Carnival before but never with our kids. Now, we are bringing the kids along for a surprise B-day present and they are going to be so excited! On this cruise, it will be my husband and I and our two girls who will be turning 10(a week before the cruise) and 7( on Feb. 27th)!:yay:
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  3. kelis

    kelis Member

    Yay! You found us! This is a great site for finding more specific Disney cruise info.

    How exciting for your daughters! We have another girl in the group celebrating a 10th birthday. Another 7 year old girl too.

    Not sure if you saw that we also have a facebook group but feel free to join us there too. It's a closed group so it's much more private for anyone that might not want to share many details here.

    Do you think your family will want to participate in the FE group?
  4. Kencad MOM

    Kencad MOM Member

    My DS will be turning 7 on February 26th!! Lots of celebrations onboard I see
  5. jal417

    jal417 Member

    Hey everyone! Thanks for telling me about this board Kelis. I am going on this cruise with my husband and our 4 year old boy/girl twins. We can't wait! Eager to meet you all and talk about our cruise (that is a long 4 months away)
  6. jal417

    jal417 Member

    Oh and I just sent a request to join the facebook group :)
  7. kelis

    kelis Member

    The 26th is a good day. Tell your son that we get a very special Pirate Birthday party on our birthday! :thumbsup2

    Welcome from cruisecritic! Glad you found us....and joined the facebook group! :yay:
  8. tammyh14

    tammyh14 Earning My Ears

    I don't think I will be able to do the Fish Extender exchange. It sounds like so much fun, but I think we will have to skip it. If I change my mind, I will let you know for sure. I am concerned with the kid's clubs. Have any of you past cruisers had good luck with your kids wanting to go to the clubs? My girls will be 10 and 7 on the cruise. I am hoping they will make some new friends in the clubs so that they will be more excited to go. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. kelis

    kelis Member

    No problem about the FE! It's still nice to be able to chat with people and get to know fellow cruisers.

    Within this meet group, CeCe has a 7 year old daughter, Becky has a 7 year old son, "KencadMOM" has a 10 year old girl and 7 year old boy, "Avas" has a 10 year old girl (who is also celebrating a birthday on board). Those are just the kiddos that are the same ages as yours. We have a few that are within a year or two in either direction. I think it would be great to plan a meet up on the first afternoon, especially for the kids - that way all of them have a kids club buddy before they even go.
  10. TookTheRedOne

    TookTheRedOne DCL Newbie

    Looking forward to our first Disney Cruise! We've been on a few other lines but we finally are taking the DCL experience. This is a first time cruise for our 11yo daughter. She's celebrating her 11th b-day (a few weeks late).

    I just ping'd the facebook group too.

    Can't wait!

  11. kelis

    kelis Member

    I added you on facebook. Glad you found the group!
  12. eberry2001

    eberry2001 Earning My Ears

    Myself, Wife, and 5 yr old daughter will be cruising on this date. Wifes Bday is on the 25th of Feb. This will be our 3rd cruise, but first with Disney and first time lil one is tagging along.
  13. eberry2001

    eberry2001 Earning My Ears

    i sent a request to join the group on FB
  14. Snowwhite74

    Snowwhite74 Member

    I just sent a request to join the Facebook group. We just paid for the cruise in full this weekend. It will be my brother and sister in law's first Disney Cruise with the kids and our first family vacation. We have two little boys going with us as well as my Mom. We just got off the Disney Fantasy two weeks ago and just booked this one. So please include us for FE list. As soon as I have the room numbers for both cabins I will post those.

    Can anyone tell me the best and easiest way to get to the port? I plan to fly down and my brother with kids will be driving. I am coming from Chicago and trying to find airfare to get there either Friday night or early Saturday. Which airport is best to fly into to get to port in time?
  15. kelis

    kelis Member

    GREAT! Welcome to the group! I am the keeper of the FE info so just update either here or on FB when you have all the info.
  16. Kencad MOM

    Kencad MOM Member

    We are flying out of O'hare Friday night and arriving at IAH. We are taking a shuttle to the port Saturday morning. I have not found any discounts on shuttles though :confused: Still looking!! Let me know if you find anything for good rates on shuttle services.:thumbsup2
  17. Kencad MOM

    Kencad MOM Member

    Do we have a list for the FE gifts posted anywhere yet?
    Trying to get a "ballpark" number of families joining in on the exchange. Starting to plan for the quanity of gifts I need to make/buy.
  18. kelis

    kelis Member

    I have been keeping a spreadsheet as people opt in or out of the FE exchange. So far the group has 21 adults and 15 kids confirmed participating (your group is included in this list). This is 10 families. In the Facebook group, we have been talking about making the cut off time to join when we are about 6 weeks out and splitting the group up somehow. If it remains as is, we'd likely just split in half. If we grow, we'll have to determine the number of people based on a final head count. We have discussed splitting the group by kid's ages and/or genders OR splitting by stateroom location. If you have any input or ideas, we would love to hear those!
  19. Kencad MOM

    Kencad MOM Member

    In past cruises if we had over 25 families participating we would split up the group. If we are only at 10 families I would be willing to have just one exchange with all the families :goodvibes But I'm also happy with whatever everyone else thinks! :thumbsup2

    The FE exchange is my kids favorite part of the cruise.....GO FIGURE!!! :lmao:
  20. kelis

    kelis Member

    I think many are looking at it more as 38 people as opposed to 10 families. I personally am giving a gift to each person. I know some will do one gift per family. I guess it depends on each person's 'giving style' as to what their financial obligation would be - 10 'family' gifts is much less than 38 individual gifts. Does that make sense? Just something that we need to decide collectively.

    I can imagine that this is a fun thing for the kiddos. Once they figure out that each time they return to their room, they get a small gift, that is exciting!
  21. apatrol

    apatrol Earning My Ears

    HI All,

    Very excited to be joining this thread and even more excited to be cruising soon :)

    We are a group of four with myself, wife, 18mo, and 17yr daughters.

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