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Feb 23 2013 - MAGICal 6 Night Western Cruise, Galveston, TX

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by CeCeGarrett, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. CeCeGarrett

    CeCeGarrett New Member

    Love it! :thumbsup2

    Between my lists, your spreadsheets and our desire to plan... we will have a super relaxed and wonderous cruise. AT least I tell my Hubs that when he rolls his eyes every time I edit my lists. :rotfl2: You should have seen my lists and planners when we were going through IVF. I was insane.
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  3. kelis

    kelis New Member

    I really wish that we'd get added to the OP of the 2013 Magic Cruise thread so that more people will find us. :thumbsup2
  4. CeCeGarrett

    CeCeGarrett New Member

    Me too! I requested .. but thus far? nothing.:rolleyes1
  5. IrishCowboy

    IrishCowboy DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    I have added your thread to the cruise meet list :thumbsup2

    Have a great cruise!
  6. kelis

    kelis New Member

    YAY! :banana:
  7. CeCeGarrett

    CeCeGarrett New Member

  8. cupcakefairy2u

    cupcakefairy2u Its just me the cupcake fairy

    Look at us !!! We are on the list : )

    So I must tell you guys I am NOT crafty like I wish I was so I found a Ebay lady to do you 2 some little FE things for me to drop off and they are SUPER CUTE ! Turns out she has been on the DIS for a long time and she knew what I was talking about .

    I am leaving for my week long trip to WDW and hope to buy a few things there to leave for you guys in your pockets LOL

    I hope you are not offended by my lack of making :thumbsup2 Its the thought that counts right :rolleyes2
  9. kelis

    kelis New Member

    Not offended in the slightest! I am not crafty at all. Afterall, I am an accountant....but don't tell the others....don't want them thinking I am boring. Haha.
  10. cupcakefairy2u

    cupcakefairy2u Its just me the cupcake fairy

    It looks like you are up in Dallas . I am too

    Its myself and my Daughter who is 26 and her two kids the Grandson will be about 19 months and the little Princess is 4 . I am a young gramma at 46 so dont think I cant keep up ladies LOL

    My Dh is a :firefight and couldnt get off and so I didnt let my SIL come lol

    I hate to admit this but I am more excited since finding you two because it makes it more real and it was so far away.

    Now we go for a week every year to Disney World in Oct . If you girls need anything I can grab for you while there let me know . We dont leave till Oct 20 ( post cards to hype the kids up , my granddaughter gets a post card every week from Mickey reminding her he cant wait to see her)
  11. kelis

    kelis New Member

    Awesome! I am going to add everyone in your group to the FE list. This thread makes me more excited too! It's so far away but chatting about it makes it seem more real.

    I actually live in The Colony but it's usually easier to just tell people that I live in Dallas. What part of Dallas are you in?
  12. CeCeGarrett

    CeCeGarrett New Member

    ALL TX gals so far! An accountant? Don't feel bad.. I am a pastor's wife and the crisis pastor for our church plant. AND I am sooooooo not boring. Just ride with me in traffic :lmao::lmao::lmao:

    I am not offended... just amazed! How sweet are you! I can't even tell you how much I miss Texas. At least we are in Mississippi now.. spent 5 years in Ohio :crazy2: was not my favorite place. My Daddy still lives in Fort Worth... (mom lives with me, post stroke) and Abby hasn't been to TX aside from Port Arthur/Beaumont since she was an infant. CANNOT WAIT to take her into Galveston!!

    Abby and I take a Mommy & Princess trip once a year. Her life isn't as carefree as I would want it (we adopted a drug addicted VERY special needs baby in '10 and I care for mom full time, so Abby sometimes has to sacrifice one on one time more than I care to admit). This will be our first time cruising and I hear from everyone I know that once we cruise with Disney, we will never want to do the parks again..lol. We homeschool so I have her reading, math and history subjects relevant to this cruise now BUT I love love love the postcard idea. You are brilliant!

    SO, I have an idea. Now that we know who and how many and ages of kids... what are you passions? your favorite things? small details about yourself that make you unique?

    Since it's just us chickens right now, I would like to make sure you both have more personal FE gifts than when/if we have to mass produce items. :cheer2:

    Are y'all making door magnets? I was going to make some for Abby and I and will make some for y'all.

    One last thing.. I'm on Facebook as CeCe Finley Garrett if you want to connect on there too.
  13. kelis

    kelis New Member

    So very special of you to take her on princess and mommy trips! I kind of understand what you mean about her sacrificing, though yours is more ongoing. My twins take up a TON of time, though not as much as they did in the first year. They were preemies and had some minor health things associated with that but they are fine now. Poor Asher didn't get nearly enough attention from mommy for a long time. :(

    I literally teared up reading about your son that you adopted. Drug addiction has hit my family very hard. I lost my younger brother (and best friend) to a heroin addiction 4 years ago.

    My passions are my family, first and foremost. My kids and husband are #1. Also, to me, family doesn't mean that we have DNA in common either. My best friend and I have known each other for 19 years and she's like my sister. I am active in my local mothers of twins club. I am also passionate about pediatric reflux, allergies and intolerances. All 3 of my kids have reactions to something. Weird stuff though, so nothing that we can't easily avoid. When the twins were 5 months old, myself as well as other moms dealing with similar issues started a support and education group for parents of children with those issues. We also love animals. We have 5 birds, 2 rescued cats and 1 rescued dog. We had another dog but he had doggie cancer and we had to have him put to sleep last Monday. Specifically Dobermans, by the way. It's the only breed of dog that I've ever owned. Other than that, I love my Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers.

    I would LOVE a door magnet! I had that on my list of research items. I have seen some really cute Disney and DCL themed ones that are personalized. I would enjoy seeing the magnet ideas that you have. Perhaps we could have a theme one for our group? I am totally happy to pay for it/them.
  14. CeCeGarrett

    CeCeGarrett New Member

    I am SO sorry for the loss of your brother. Heartbreaking. And unfair. I would hug ya if I could.... yeah,, I have been known to hug strangers. :rolleyes1 I also take a trip with my eldest son every year as well. He is 17 and has yet to decide that I suck. I know that day may come, but I will take every moment that he still enjoys my company and run..lol. I am taking him in December to see Tobymac and Brandon Heath in concert in Pensacola.

    My passions are family, our church and all things kids. I am in the process of launching an online magazine and love to write. I LOVE my Texas Aggies (class of 96) and have a ton of fond childhood memories of the Rangers. My Hubs is from Houston and loves the Texans.. but I love him anyway. Abby loves all things Disney princess, Tink and Ladybugs.

    I am so sad to hear of the loss of your puppychild this week. It's SO hard when you love a pet like they are family and have to say goodbye. We are in the process of explaining to Abby that her dog may be headed to Heaven soon. Sometimes, being an adult is no fun and I finally understand why some lie and say "they went to a farm in the country."

    When we all get on board the Magic, whether it's just us three or droves more by the time the day arrives, we really should meet up and say howdy. I cannot wait to embark! I think I am worse than Abby..lol
  15. kelis

    kelis New Member

    Gig 'em!

    I didn't go to A&M but I was raised by an Aggie, I have several family members that are Aggies and my little brother just graduated from there in December 2011.
  16. cupcakefairy2u

    cupcakefairy2u Its just me the cupcake fairy

    I live out on Joe Pool lake so rightt in the middle of nowhere yet everywhere. We have a Mansfield zip yet a Grand PRairie address :rotfl2:

    It looks like we really will be alone on that dang ship LOL

    The FE is stressing me out because I know what I what I want it to look like but I cant see paying 100 for it :confused3 I know I am cheap :blush:

    As far as the Aggies go I work in the animal medical industry so I work around a bunch of you peeps that bleed Maroon LOL I myself am a OSU girl and will bleed orange on request ::yes::
  17. cupcakefairy2u

    cupcakefairy2u Its just me the cupcake fairy

    Guess I could have answered questions .

    I am a hands on Grandma to my 2 precious grandchildren . My daughter indulges me with a yearly trek to Disney World with her whole family her Dh is hooked and has been since the first trip . She grew up going so its not that big a deal to her . Sometimes she lets me drag her 2 times a year because I complain about their passes not getting used.
    We bought DVC the day she called to tell us she was expecting a baby girl because I knew I could pass my love of the Mouse to her so we have had it for nearly 5 years now .

    My passion is my baking and my furbaby who is a gaint guest who was staynig the weekend almost 6 years ago LOL 130 lb of lean mean craybaby machine . He is a RARE SHEDDING ROTTIE LOL ya right :rolleyes2

    I was ordering you guys door magnets from Ebay the seller makes some cute ones that got over your number and it looks like Mickeys Head . Super cute : )
  18. CeCeGarrett

    CeCeGarrett New Member

    Walmart had their Disney fairies and pirate tattoos on sale today (massive clearance)... so I have a buhzillion of them to share with our crew. I am seriously considering DVC in the future when our church grows and we can afford it. We did feed 230 hungry people this week at our weekly hot meal/ feeding program. Brought tears to my eyes.

    I wrote a master packing list. I am getting worried that Abby will want to stay in the kid's club all the time and I will be solo. I have not been alone with quiet for 12 years... my brain might implode.

    I have a stupid question, though. I am 1/4 of the way to losing 100 pounds... and it dawned on me that buying cruise (ie summer) clothes will be difficult in Feb. Do y'all know a place to get swimwear in the winter? Land's end?

    I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend!
  19. tajz90

    tajz90 Mama D

    Kohls should have their swimsuits starting to show up at that time and most certainly they will be online
  20. kelis

    kelis New Member

    Tajz90...do we have another ship mate sneaking in? :)

    We've got <6 months so I am sure we won't be alone for long.

    I have been trying to convince the husband that we need to buy into DVC since we got back from our WDW trip last month. I &#9825;all things Disney.
  21. kelis

    kelis New Member

    Cece, I would like to lose 50 lbs by the time we cruise so a new wardrobe is on my mind too.

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