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Feb 23 2013 - MAGICal 6 Night Western Cruise, Galveston, TX

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by CeCeGarrett, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. CeCeGarrett

    CeCeGarrett Member

    Just transferred our reservation and will now be sailing with my DD(7)for our yearly princess & Mom trip on the Magic for 6 glorious days away from the real world! DD is super excited to make friends before we embark and I have a craft problem and cannot wait to start making FE gifts! :banana:
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  3. kelis

    kelis Member

    Hi! I am so glad to finally see a meet thread for the 2/23/13 cruise! Me and DH are taking a belated honeymoon / birthday trip (me). It's a first cruise for both of us. We have 3 boys, 7 and 2 y/o twins that will cruise with us next time (I assume there WILL be a next time!)

    Very much looking forward to 'meeting' others.
  4. CeCeGarrett

    CeCeGarrett Member

    YAY!!!! I was hoping I wasn't the only one!

    I am bringing my DD(7) for our annual Mommy and Me Disney trip. We have a full house at home.. with me, DH, DS17, DD7, Ds2 and my disabled mom. This will be the longest I have gone without the chaos that is home- since Mom's stroke. I am excited and somewhat nervous that the house will implode while we are gone.

    So, two adults, one being a Bday girl? Awesome. I can start working on FE gifts for y'all. Are you staying the night before in Galveston or Houston? We are in Mississippi and as such, will be driving in the day before. I am an obsessive planner beforehand so that I can relax and have fun during... at least that's what I tell people. I am actually just a list loving goober. :rolleyes1


    ETA- I originally asked where y'all were from.. then actually read your screen name thingie and saw Dallas. My DH is from Houston, I am from College Station and my Dad lives in FW. I miss TX sooooo much.
  5. kelis

    kelis Member

    We might drive to Houston the night before and stay with friends but I haven't decided yet. Driving down that morning is an option but we'd be pushing it on time.

    Like you, I am nervous about the household shutting down without me there. It will be the first time being away from the twins. They will be 3 in October, so it's time.

    Yep, many bday will fall on that Tuesday. Since I am a cruise newbie, will you 'splain the FE thing. I read up a little but I wasn't 100% clear. So we exchange stateroom numbers and all get/make little trinket gifts to put into everyone's pockets? How do the people know who the gifts address from? Or is it anonymous? I definitely do want to participate.
  6. kelis

    kelis Member

    btw, I am also an obsessive planner. Call me crazy but planning is fun for me. ( I am also a spreadsheet nerd and already have one started for the cruise)
  7. CeCeGarrett

    CeCeGarrett Member

    OK.. so, you make or buy a fish extender to hang on the fish hook outside your stateroom door. You can see about a zillion on the boards or in google images. Then, you join the FE gift exchange group on your cruise meet thread (which is this thread) ... we exchange stateroom numbers, and who is in the room.... ages gender etc. Then, we drop off the goodies we made or bought etc in the Fish Extenders for the people in the group. That's how I understand it.

    I would assume we would need some sort of database (if this group ever grows) to know how many men, women, boys, girls and ages for the children... then staterooms and some way to let people know if your stateroom changes in case of upgrades etc. Another thing to research (woowee!:banana: )

    I have ideas for girls, boys, teens and adults... now I need a Bday one..lol

    I'm a stylist with Stella & Dot, so I may bring some jewels for the Mommies.
  8. kelis

    kelis Member

    Ooh...another opportunity for me to make a spreadsheet. Hahaha. I am totally IN on the fish extender thing. I saw a pic thread with some super cute ones.

    Ladies love jewelry! I have no ideas but I have a ton of time to think about it.
  9. CeCeGarrett

    CeCeGarrett Member

    I think we're going to stay in Texas City the night before.. 20 minutes to the port and 1/4 the price of staying on the island. Already planning on catching dinner with an old high school friend. SOOOO excited to see her.. we both have special needs kiddos. Her's is a 16 year old and ours 2yo. So, I will be in fine refreshed form when we embark.

    What excursions have you chosen? We are going light on the excursions since it's just us girls. Prolly the turtle farm in Grand Cayman.
  10. kelis

    kelis Member

    DH and I have looked at excursions and made a list of what interests us but we haven't picked anything yet. The one that we really want to do in Cozumel is Xplor Park but it's a 7.5 hour excursion and the online info shows port times for that day to be 9:30-3:30 so we'll have to see if they offer that on for this cruise. We might try snorkeling in GC, as we have never done that.

    FEs are going to be super easy if it's just you and I. haha. I need to go pin some FE ideas. My husband is going to HATE this idea...he's not much for gaudy decor, which, IMO, an FE needs to be just a little bit gaudy.
  11. CeCeGarrett

    CeCeGarrett Member

    I've budgeted about 100 for FE gifts.. so if it's just us? Your Hubs won't have to worry about kitschy..lol. Saw on Nat'l news that Dallas has a state of emergency due to west nile? crazy.

    Oh, and I am a research freak... shocking, I know. I found out that wet ones are the wipes that kill the norovirus. Great to know for the cruise.. and in general.
  12. kelis

    kelis Member

    I haven't even thought about a budget for FE gifts. I am so bad about buying things here and there over a period of time and forgetting how much $$ I have already spent. I am not very creative but I have been looking at ideas to make something. I might do a combo of making and buying gifts.

    Yep, West Nile is pretty bad here lately. Some people are afraid of the spray so they don't want it and others are more afraid of the mosquitos/West Nile Virus that they are pushing for the cities and counties to spray. I say kill the bugs! One of the twins is allergic to bug bites - swells up badly and gets flu type symptoms - so even without WNV, I wish they'd spray.

    Added Wet Ones to my pack list. Thanks for that tip!
  13. CeCeGarrett

    CeCeGarrett Member

    I would want them all fogged out too! I am not a fan of mosquitoes... and as a former NICU nurse? I am kinda a germ freak :) Wow, when I look at my posts, I do seem neurotic. I promise I am not crazy... except the crazy that comes from having kids.

    Even if it's just us, I will need deets to make the FE gifts.. like your Hub's shirt size and your fav colors etc. I found a super tacky yet useful gift idea for dads...lol I will have to share it with you later!
  14. cupcakefairy2u

    cupcakefairy2u Its just me the cupcake fairy


    I thought my first Disney Cruise would be alone , the fear that I alone would have to bring the DIS to the ship was overwhelming LOL :cool1:
  15. cupcakefairy2u

    cupcakefairy2u Its just me the cupcake fairy

    Please let me know who is making your FE I need to get mine done for my granddaughter she is 4 and has been looking forward to this cruise . I showed her some threads on here with the pics and she is super happy !
  16. CeCeGarrett

    CeCeGarrett Member

    I'm probably going to sew my FE... it may be not as cute as it would be if I bought it, but DD wants to make it.

    Welcome to the thread! If you want to join us for the FE gift exchange just let us know! I am SUPER excited to cruise with my DD for our yearly Disney fix! And even more excited to do it out of TX! I miss my home state!

    How exciting! Another fabulous person to connect with! WHat have you planned thus far? Anything you are really excited about? Are you having the "is it time for the cruise yet" questions I am getting from DD (7)?

    Are you flying in or driving?
  17. kelis

    kelis Member

    Hubs shirt size is Large. His favorite color is grey and mine is red. Can't wait to hear ideas....or maybe I should wait 6 months.
  18. kelis

    kelis Member

    YAY! :cool1: The more, the merrier!

    I might get crafty and make mine...but since I am hardly crafty at all, I will probably purchase one. I will probably scour etsy and/or pinterest to find one I like. I will let you know.
  19. kelis

    kelis Member

    BTW, I have started a spreadsheet for the FE exchange.

    Cece - I have you and your 7 y/o daughter listed, as well as myself and my husband.

    Cupcake - is it just you and your 4 y/o granddaughter on the cruise, or are their others? Can I get ages and genders for all in your group?

    ETA - I don't need adult ages, really only the kids. I probably wouldn't give a 15 yo girl the same items that I would give a 3 yo girl, so I think kids ages are important to some.
  20. CeCeGarrett

    CeCeGarrett Member

    Woo Hoo for spread sheets!

    Confession: I just bought a filebox just for the cruise to start putting items in that we will need. And taped the first of what I am sure will me many lists to the top of it.
  21. kelis

    kelis Member

    Confession: I still have a tote bag of misc travel items that never got unpacked from my WDW trip in July because I started planning this cruise almost immediately upon returning home. :rotfl:

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