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Feb 1st any news on the rest of 2014?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Dman67, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. 3princessMommy

    3princessMommy Active Member

    I'm really hoping for the Magic - would love to see all the new layouts they have planned for her in this year's drydock. If they take the Wonder, it will be right before Drydock, so not brand-spanking new...
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  3. rantnnravin

    rantnnravin Whaddya mean there's no room in the suitcase? YOU

  4. 3princessMommy

    3princessMommy Active Member

    Can you post a link?
  5. Tink1987

    Tink1987 Active Member

    Very true - that's what I've gotta put up with though on the Magic EBTA in May this year ;)
  6. ruadisneyfan2

    ruadisneyfan2 DIS Veteran

    Oh yes, I do miss him! He could plot the entire itinerary before DCL would have a chance to announce it. Was he banned? He seemed to suddenly drop off the earth. :confused3
  7. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    Its no secret. They are readily available pics on DCLs website and are from 2009. You can find it by just Googling "Disney Cruise 10 night Mediterranean."


    There are some others available as well (of ports). The port calendars were screen shots taken from another blog (see watermark at bottom of photos)......

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    MAJPLO Active Member

    Any indication when?
  9. pillow

    pillow Active Member

    I think he rubbed some people the wrong way. I read a few very blunt (and not so nice) posts directed at him. My guess is that he decided to go elsewhere.

    I enjoyed his speculation.

  10. ruadisneyfan2

    ruadisneyfan2 DIS Veteran

    That's a shame. :sad2:

    I enjoy having him here. :goodvibes
  11. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    Now he just poaches info from other people and puts it on his own website.....what good does that do?

    Copycating is so grade school.....

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  12. gotomu212

    gotomu212 Member

    Geesh, I thought that's how rumors work. I heard the gossip on here about potential new itineraries and I went to my Facebook and posted what I was hearing to my friends. Does that make me a copycat too?
  13. ruadisneyfan2

    ruadisneyfan2 DIS Veteran

    Hmmm... Only if you're an amateur. If you do it professionally, it's considered "gathering information". :lmao:
  14. disneymagicgirl

    disneymagicgirl Been there, Done that, Going back!

    :sad2: yep

    And another PC we can't do b/c of school :badpc:
  15. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    Not at all. In fact, I was raised to believe that copying is the highest form of flattery. He's just done some fudging of info & bad mouthing behind the scenes to mutual acquaintances, and some other things is rather not list publicly, which is why I find it amusing. That's all.

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  16. ruadisneyfan2

    ruadisneyfan2 DIS Veteran

    It tells us here what the rumors are! :thumbsup2
    Instead of saying "I know but I can't tell." That doesn't help us either.
  17. ruadisneyfan2

    ruadisneyfan2 DIS Veteran

    Same here. :sad1: My kids will be 20-something by the time we'd be able to do this together. I guess will be just me & dh once they're old enough that we travel w/o them.
  18. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    Except that the info is coming from DH's INFO ALREADY OUT THERE. Poaching info and acting like its his own detective work & then trying to take credit. That's the issue that I personally have.

    You are right. It's not fair to be evasive. However, when give info from a source that could cost someone their job, it's not fair to post that without validity either. So, the best thing to do for us is to gather the info & find the public info that's out there about it so that it doesn't get them in trouble. I realize its more fun to gossip & have theories - trust me...... I would rather do the right thing!

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  19. ruadisneyfan2

    ruadisneyfan2 DIS Veteran

    I certainly don't want anyone to lose their job. I personally don't really search "out there". It's not that urgent for me. I read things on here & eventually we see the truth on DCL. That's good enough for me.
  20. kaseyC

    kaseyC <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Exactly. :thumbsup2 That's good enough for me too.

    I just posted speculation from someone else on the interwebs, thought it was interesting because he is a former Dis poster known for posting this kind of stuff. That's all... wasn't trying to step on anyone's toes. Didn't realize there was internet war going on between blogs. :laughing:

    I'm backing out of this thread now because I have no "dog in this fight". ;)
  21. mmouse37

    mmouse37 <font color=009933>Mickey for Me!<br><font color=9

    Ok..enough of the blog wars. Back to the topic at hand.


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