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FAQ: Flying Out of Buffalo OR Detroit

Discussion in 'Canadian Trip Planning & Community Board' started by CanadianGuy, Jan 6, 2008.


    BKMETV Active Member


    Thanks for the info. I've been looking at both the Marriot and the Embassy Suites. Its nice to hear from someone that's been there. We live about 4 hours north of Detroit so will be travelling down the day before so are looking for a hotel with pool & bkft. (a definite must with kids)
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  3. MikeJ

    MikeJ If the Tooth Fairy and Santa can find me wherever

    I haven't seen this site mentioned anywhere in the thread, but check out the reviews of DTW-area hotels at TripAdvisor. Pretty much echoes what we've been seeing from the first-hand reports...

    - Mike
  4. MrMarv

    MrMarv Active Member

    Fairfield Inn By Marriott is their 'budget' level hotel , although you'd never know it; every one that I've ever stayed in has always been flat-out spotless.

    I heartily recommend looking for one anytime you're on vacation or a business trip.
  5. Step

    Step Active Member

    My TA is recommending The Comfort Inn Suites for the night we stay in Detroit. Anyone stay there before?
  6. chumsmum0916

    chumsmum0916 Member

    Hi all, we are heading to Pop in Sept (14-20th) and are flying out of Buffalo. For four of us it is costing $748 taxes included, not so sure I like our fly times but about the best deal we found without having a lay-over. We fly out of Buffalo at 3pm on the 14th and 8:30am from Orlando on the 20th.
  7. froglover2

    froglover2 Member

    :banana: Has anyone stayed at Days near the Buffalo airport?
    We have booked it for August 24th I think $140 ish.
    Thank you
  8. caresy

    caresy Disneyaholic

    Hey everyone - I just flew out of Detroit and back and wanted to give everyone a heads up that there is major construction in Detroit right at the Ambassador Bridge and detours are set up to get to the Interstate and to the Bridge. It is especially a headache when returning to Canada.

    If at all possible go through Sarnia instead. Mapquest directions says it takes 2 minutes longer to drive down the 402 and go through Sarnia instead of through Windsor from my place (near Brantford) to DTW - it seems a lot longer on the map though - and you will avoid the construction which held me up for about 40 mins just getting to the Bridge once I got off the highway.

    As well there is construction on the 401 East and West bound in Windsor for 7 kms. This didn't slow me down as I was driving mid afternoon, but at rush hour it could be a real pain. (Sorry if this info has been posted before).

  9. mommylo

    mommylo Member

    Can someone please clarify the direction to Buffalo Airport via Fort Erie? The direction posted at the beginning of this sticky indicated 190 south after passing the bridge. On the Buffalo Airport website, it says 190 north. Which one is correct? We are going to drive that route in July. Queenston Lewiston was just a bit too crowded when we did it last time. Also, is the Peace Bridge route straight forward? Any tip? Thanks in advance.
  10. Ham Ham

    Ham Ham We will take over from the mouse!

    You can go either way.

    I-190 South to I-90 East to 33 east

    I-190 North to 198 to 33
    This is my preferred route

    I-190 South, exit at Elm and follow Elm to the 33
  11. mommylo

    mommylo Member

    Thanks for the google link. I am a much better visual person. Now I get it!!
  12. Minnie & Me

    Minnie & Me Active Member

    We need parking for 16 days at DTW this summer. Which park and fly hotel offers the best deals? Most hotels seems to include 7 or 8 days of parking.
  13. chumsmum0916

    chumsmum0916 Member

    Check to see if you stay one night when you come back if they will count that for an extra week of parking. My parents do that when they take their winter holiday, they say it is cheaper than paying for a extra week of parking or works out just about the same usually.
  14. Disneydaddycanada

    Disneydaddycanada Disney Child through and through!!!


    I know this is a thread for buffalo or detroit but I thought I would share what we are planning.

    We live in the east end of Toronto. We will be driving down to Pennsylvania Grove City (prime Outlet) staying there for 2 nights, hotel is free on airmiles :cool1: (The wife can do some shopping):cheer2: . Then driving to Pittsburgh airport (1hr away), direct flight to Orlando for 3 plus a 1 yr old in lap was $577 return. :thumbsup2
    Compare that to $2077 :scared1: westjet out of Toronto. :rotfl2:

    This makes for a happy wife:hug: as she can buy cloths for the kids for school in the fall as there is no tax on cloths.

    Driving time is 4 1/2 hr to Grove city with another hour to Pittsburgh. To save $1500.00

    Just my 2 cents!!
  15. BKMETV

    BKMETV Active Member

    I love your idea...unfortunately unlike you, my DH would never agree to let me loose in a warehouse mall. :rotfl:
  16. Disneydaddycanada

    Disneydaddycanada Disney Child through and through!!!

    It is either do it before we go down to disney or we end up at downtown disney for a whole day or even worse renting a car and going to the outlets in Florida!! Last Christmas we ended up renting the car getting up at 7am and not getting back to the hotel till 11pm. The kids were freaking out as was I:scared1: I can take the kids swimming at the hotel in grove City while my wife shops. She is pretty good at the budget thing so I don't have any worries
  17. maryrego

    maryrego Member

    Just another Trip
    Air Tran also has cheap flights out of Rochester NY
    2.5 Hr drive from Toronto

    For Me DH and DD we paid $500 taxes Inc
    Its $45-50 to park for the week
    Usually we drive but for that price we are flying


    I've never stayed there but I am booked for the 8th of Aug (returning the 19th) We got our room for $99 including 2 weeks parking. The only thing is that we must check in after 10pm. This works for us b/c we want to leave Whitby around 8 o'clock when the kids normally go to sleep that way hopefully they will fall asleep in the car and not wake up till the next morning! I couldn't find this price for reserv. on-line but I called the hotel directly and booked it.
  19. froglover2

    froglover2 Member

    Our TA booked it I may have to call my self??
  20. mollyseven

    mollyseven Active Member

    I continue to be amazed at the prices and the simplicity of flying out of buffalo. After our march break trip I swore I would never go from Toronto again. We just last Sunday booked our christmas flights to orlando. We are going december 22nd and they actually had 99.00 seats.!! Less than 1000.00 for the 4 of us !!! and wayyyy less stress and time than going from Toronto. Oh and toronto was 3200.00 and even Jet blue was 1640.00 so this was greeeaat.

    Easy fast and cheap.
  21. southwest airlines fly out on wednesdays internet get away rate as low as $85.00 including all taxes each way and they have some direct flights what a fantastic airline would never go any other way

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