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Fantasy room 12004

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by TLLCanada, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. TLLCanada

    TLLCanada New Member

    We are booked for December on the disney fantasy. The only deck 12 room available was 12004. From the stateroom reviews I believe it is smaller than the other family concierge rooms, is decorated differently (not as nicely as other concierge rooms) and has less storage??? Because it is next door to the Walt Disney Suite. Does anyone have a pic of this room or some other first hand knowledge? There is a room on deck 11 that has opened up (11000) that we might switch to if all this is as bad as it sounds...
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  3. KarenMP59

    KarenMP59 DVC Member

    We stayed in that room last May. It's actually nicer than some of the other rooms because it's connected to the big suite. You get a large flat screen in front of your bed that's not included in all of the other rooms. We loved it and would recommend it highly. I don't think the decorations are any different than the other concierge veranda rooms... Take it!!!!!
  4. TLLCanada

    TLLCanada New Member

    Thanks! We did have a large big screen in front of our bed in room 12010 on the fantasy. Did you have a double closet? Did you find your view on the verandah was obstructed? Thanks!
  5. meg8182000

    meg8182000 New Member

    Sorry that I don't have any info on room 12004 but curious as to what you thought about 12010 as that will be my room on the Fantasy next May. Really looking forward to that cruise.

  6. TLLCanada

    TLLCanada New Member

    if I could figure out how to post pictures I would post one of the room for you. However, what I will tell you is that the room is the perfect size for 2 adults and 2 kids. The sofa bed when pulled out obstructs the door to the verandah but that is only an issue at night :) The verandah is a bump out and is HUGE! We had smokers on both sides of us and when they were out on their verandah we had to go inside because the smoke wafted over. The room is close to the concierge lounge which is great! There is a TON of storage space and you won't need to bring extra things for storage (eg over the door shoe hangers). I ended up bringing a lot of stuff I didn't need based on "the packing list". You will love this room!
  7. KarenMP59

    KarenMP59 DVC Member

    Yes we had a double closet. No obstruction on the veranda.
  8. meg8182000

    meg8182000 New Member

    Oh thank you for replying! :lovestruc Can't wait for this cruise - first time in the concierge area so it should be really special. Only 2 people in the room so should be plenty big enough.
  9. phinz

    phinz 12 Volt Man

    We've moved our cabin.
  10. Bear3412

    Bear3412 New Member

    Actually the PP about a huge veranda was not about 12004 unfortunately.
    They were talking about 12010.
    12004 has a normal size balcony because it is not on the "bump out".
    However, I'm sure you will manage on deck 12. ;) :thumbsup2
    You can see here 12004 is forward of the bump out where the deeper balconies are located.

    Have you seen this exterior photo?

    Also I believe all Fantasy cat V's have a large flat panel TV at foot of bed, the Dream cat V's do not.

  11. phinz

    phinz 12 Volt Man

    Cabin moved.
  12. murderdoll1317

    murderdoll1317 Honeymoon on the Fantasy Oct. 2013

    Wow, this will be my room on the 10-26-13 cruise. Dang its smaller? Is it something you notice? :/ Any other pros/cons anyone else might have?
    Hope this isn't a bummer!
  13. Bear3412

    Bear3412 New Member

    12004 is not smaller than other cat V's. The cat V's are a hair larger than a cat 4a-d.

    Here is the room report that mentions 12004 is thinner than others.
    This is the first I heard of this. Perhaps someone sailing soon in concierge will inquire.

    "Review by: Thwinters
    Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 12004 Condition: 5
    Deck: 12 Category: V Location: Forward
    Sail Date: 12/22/11

    Notes: The room was pristine but small. Fine for a short cruise for 3 people. This room is a little narrower than the other cat V's. Large flatscreen tv as sometimes booked as connecting with the royal suite next-door. Very quiet. Not convenient to any of the restaurants or kids clubs. Convenient to the spa. Concierge team is fabulous. "
  14. KarenMP59

    KarenMP59 DVC Member

    We stayed in 12004. It's a great room! Not small at all. It's quiet and very secluded. Concierge is awesome. You will love it!!!
  15. phinz

    phinz 12 Volt Man

    Ziggy Ziggy Ziggity Zow.
  16. murderdoll1317

    murderdoll1317 Honeymoon on the Fantasy Oct. 2013

    Thank you! We feel so much better reading all the post now and knowing people loved the room!
  17. luv2sleep

    luv2sleep New Member

    We are going to be in 12504 which is just on the other side. The reviews on this room are good. I think it will be great!
  18. Dis_Yoda

    Dis_Yoda New Member

    We were in it this past Sept. I think my trip report has some pictures of the room. We liked it! We didn't find it small.
  19. DaddyNash

    DaddyNash New Member

    So how did 12004 turn out for you? We just got booked into that room since all of the suites were full (for Oct 2014?!?). My initial reaction was to request a move since it was so far up front, that I was worried about motion, as well as a super-windy deck... but OTOH it seems like it would be really secluded up there. Anyway, would love more feedback if anyone has some.
  20. phinz

    phinz 12 Volt Man

    We loved it, but it was a rough ride the first two days. My wife is prone to motion sickness and boy did she have it. Between our room and Palo the first night, she was down for the count for 24 hours. I loved the seclusion. It was quiet. The Concierge hosts PJ, Tracey and Alice were amazing. Vicente and Aris, our Stateroom hosts, were incredible as well. And I can't forget Jasmine, one of the servers/attendants in the lounge. She went above and beyond and was a delight to talk to. The biggest problem I had was early in the morning you would hear cast members dragging the sun loungers out across the 13th floor deck, but I was usually awake by then anyway. It only really woke me up once. We did have a wall between us and 12006 out on the verandah come loose and start slamming the first night. I called Guest Services at 2:30 in the morning and somebody was up to fix it in 10 minutes. Great service.

    My wife said next time she wants 11th floor, as far aft as possible in Concierge, though. Just to try and eliminate the rock and roll somewhat. That and it would be closer to the Rainforest Room. We took showers there every day instead of in the room. Bigger showers!
  21. TitanBrett

    TitanBrett New Member

    "Wow, this will be my room on the 10-26-13 cruise. Dang its smaller? Is it something you notice? :/ Any other pros/cons anyone else might have? "

    Hey, I'll be on that same cruise in 12508

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