Fantasy Eastern Caribbean schedule of shows.

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    For anyone who has been in the Fantasy in the Eastern itinerary lately, can you tell us what the schedule of the shows are? I don't like to miss them but am afraid Palo will conflict. Hoping to make the reservation on a night when we have already seen the show.

    Also, is the show in Animatirs Palate still the 2nd time you rotate in there?

  2. VS85

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    Nov 11, 2012
    I believe the show schedule for Eastern Fantasy cruises is:

    Night 1: Welcome Show/ "A Fantasy Come True"
    Night 2: Aladdin
    Night 3: Disney Wishes
    Night 4: Pirates IN the Caribbean
    Night 5: Variety Act (magician, ventriloquist, hypnotist, etc - depends on your specific sailing)
    Night 6: Disney's Believe
    Night 7: "An Unforgettable Journey" show

    My understanding is that you are correct - the Animation Magic show is the second night you are in AP, unless the 2nd night you are there happens to fall on the Pirate night. In that case, the animation show will be during your third rotation in AP. The first time you are in AP will be the Crush show.

    I will be cruising for the first time in October, but this is what I've learned from reading around here... So a veteran may want to confirm that I've got this right.
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    Yes, the animation show in AP is your last time in that MDR, whether it is your 2nd or 3rd.
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