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Family's First Trip to WDW. SAD NEWS AGAIN!!!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by lizet313, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. lizet313

    lizet313 A dream is a wish your HEART makes!

    Hi all my name is lizet my baby sister is graduating from high school in 2010. I know it might be early but I need some ideas on where to stay? and what to do?

    I went to my first trip to WDW in Feb. 11th through the 15th and I stayed in SSR I loved the resort it's beautiful and peaceful. I enjoyed it but I don't want her to walk to much.

    Extra info my sis has one leg shorter than the other one well they are the same length but for some reason when she was 7yrs old she began saying her knees hurt when we took her to the doctor they found out she was going to need operation after she was done growing to pull her leg away from her pelvis. Some how her leg is stuck close to her pelvis. She is a good girl we do not allow anything less than a high C in our family luckily she has all A's one C in grades. So she deserves the trip I was thinking it was either this or a cruise. We both are disney and mickey lovers. I have a wheel chair for her for when she gets tired.

    I was interested in looking for a resort where you can view the fireworks at night or something where there is entertainment close by something fun and exciting.

    I am 22yrs old I know I know what took me so long to go to disney? To be honest I really have no idea I have always wanted to go to disney but I think the one thing that can always stop someone is money.

    Well thanks to all that read this. Thanks for all your help in advance.:)

    Oh PS my sister is the first one to graduate on time. My brother and I graduated in August just a couple of months after the real graduation but we did I am class of 05 and my bro is class of 06 I am very proud of us but we decided we where not going to let our little sister make the same mistakes we did. She has not one but two siblings to look after her and protect her.:grouphug:
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  3. PrincessEeyore

    PrincessEeyore "All it takes is faith and trust and a little bit

    Well, I know that the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian, and Contemporary Resort all have good views of the Magic Kingdom Fireworks.
    For your sister's convenience, the Grand Floridian has a monorail that runs right through the lobby of the hotel that goes to the Magic Kingdom. Of course, you can always utlize the buses that go from each resort to all the theme parks, Downtown Disney, and the water parks.

    It's really sweet that you're planning this for your sister! She sounds really deserving of it and it'll be a great trip with your family! :goodvibes
  4. lizet313

    lizet313 A dream is a wish your HEART makes!

    Thanks I will look into those resorts and the Grand Floridian sounds interesting. I dont know what else to do I know that what ever my plans are I have to take the wheel chair just as a back up she walks fine with her legs but she can't stand walking for a very long time.
  5. lizet313

    lizet313 A dream is a wish your HEART makes!

    What kind of Character Meals are there?
  6. hkrox

    hkrox <font color=salmon><marquee>If you keep on believi

    There are a lot of fun character meals. I've only been to Cape May which is in the Beach Club. The only character meal they have is breakfast. And the characters they have are Minnie, Goofy, Chip, and Dale. There they are all dressed in beach clothes.

    Then there is Chef Mickey's which is in the Contemporary Resort. This I would say is the most popular one so you have to reserve far in advance. The character's there are Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald. There they are all in chef clothes. They have character breakfasts and dinners, but breakfast is much more affordable.

    I've heard that another great one is the Crystal Palace at the Magic Kingdom. It is the one and only dining with Winnie the Pooh and friends. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A tip for this place is to get reservations for an early breakfast because then you can get a picture in front of Cinderella's castle without people in the background because you can get into the Magic Kingdom before opening.

    Another one is Ohana's Best Friends Breakfast featuring Lilo and Stitch. It is in the Polynesian resort. You can eat breakfast with Lilo and Stitch.

    One more main one is Cinderella's Royal Table. It is located inside Cinderella's castle in the Magic Kingdom. Reservations are required and they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your meal also comes with a souvenir photo of your party.

    I hope this helped. Here is the link to a website that has even more meals all over WDW. http://www.wdwinfo.com/Just_for_kids/character_dining.cfm Have a great time!
  7. KidGoofy

    KidGoofy <marquee behavior=alternate><font color=red>This</

    Its not early at all...we already have mine set up. We are going on the DCL for one of the European trips in 2010
  8. lizet313

    lizet313 A dream is a wish your HEART makes!

    My sister is the one in the left with light brown hair I am the one in the right.


    We might be going with my niece and nephew he is 7yrs old right now and my niece is going to be 1yr old in april


    So by end of May beginning of June he will be 8 he will be excited to go

    She will be 2yrs old and walking I think she would love it

    My nephew wanted to go in Feb. with me but I didn't want him to miss school so I told him in my next trip he will go. I will post more pics of the family later.
  9. lizet313

    lizet313 A dream is a wish your HEART makes!

    Oh that is good to know I need to finalize the dates and then I will be ready to make reservations and everything.

    All of those sound wonderful now my dilema will be what to choose:confused3
  10. lizet313

    lizet313 A dream is a wish your HEART makes!

    This is a pic of my brother he is one yr younger than me (he will turn 21 in july) and my mom CLASS OF 2006


    This is my bro again and my dad oh and the lady in the background smiling is my aunt she might go not sure.


    I have an older brother the father of the kids my niece and nephew he really doesnt take pictures. So that is my family.
  11. PosessedEeyore

    PosessedEeyore <font color=blue>I secretly think Zac Efron is hot

    when we stayed at the boardwalk in we had a wonderful view of the fireworks at epcot.
    but if you want view of fireworks at MK one of the monorail resorts (grand floridian, contemporary, polynesian) are the best.
    as for character meals the 1900 park fair (i think thats what its called) at the grand floridian is great. i believe the characters are mary poppins, the mad hatter, alice (from alice in wonderland), winnie the pooh, meg (i think from hercules but im not sure cause i have never seen it), and a few others i cant remember.
    i hope i could help! :upsidedow
  12. lizet313

    lizet313 A dream is a wish your HEART makes!

    Yeah thanks but besides all the breakfast lunch and dinner shows/ character meals.

    what else can I do?
    something for kids?
    something for grown ups?

    I am trying to create something special for my sister since she is graduating.
    I don't have any ideas:confused3 the only one I know of is a special basket mickey ears and some other items.
  13. lizet313

    lizet313 A dream is a wish your HEART makes!

    What are the top hotels to stay at? What are your favorites?

    I stayed at SSr and loved it but everything in the hotel looked far you either have to walk or wait for the bus. I stayed at Congress Park I loved it the room is nice the view was nice too. I just didn't like the fact that it was so far from the Springs which is where the Arcade was at the restaurants and the lobby. It was quite and I felt very relaxed.

    I am interested in other options.

    What is there to do in other hotels resorts etc?
    I heard something about a photo shoot I would like to know more.
    Any information available please just let me know.

    Thanks in advance.
  14. hkrox

    hkrox <font color=salmon><marquee>If you keep on believi

    Well, I stayed in the French Quarter and loved it. It's a moderate resort so if your looking for a more affordable one, consider this. The value ones might not be what your looking for because they look kind of young.
  15. lizet313

    lizet313 A dream is a wish your HEART makes!

    I had spoken to my sister about the plans and we went to check out the different resorts and hotels and i think she was interested in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Has anyone been there?
  16. DramaGirl

    DramaGirl <font color=blue>Suit up!<br><font color=green>I w

    I absolutely love Animal Kingdom Lodge. I stayed there in January. It's beautiful, the theming and details are amazing, and you can see all these African animals just outside your balcony. The only thing I don't like about AKL is that it's so far from the other parks (other than Animal Kingdom of course) but I'd say it's worth it. Not more than 15 minutes away from anything I'm pretty sure... though I could be wrong- could be 5 or 20 minutes... lol
  17. lizet313

    lizet313 A dream is a wish your HEART makes!

    lol yeah I saw that too I am debating because my sister can get carried away sometimes although she is 17yrs am afraid she would want to jump the balcony to see them up close :scared1:.

    This is my plan we will go in March of 2010 it will be to celebrate her graduation but it will also serve for my mom's purpose you see I kind of showed her the Flower and Garden festival pics from epcot and she went crazy:rotfl: she loves flowers and gardens. So it runs from middle of March through the end of May. So it will be my moms and sisters first time so I would want to fit both of their interest.
  18. lizet313

    lizet313 A dream is a wish your HEART makes!

  19. courtney2702

    courtney2702 Member

    Hello. Im going to wdw this may for senior week/ graduation trip! Im hoping to be some help to you. Im going with two of my freinds. we are straying at the pop. To make our trip a little more special we decided to make a few shirts likea mickey with a cap and gown. If you want i can send the link to you.
  20. saratogadreamin09

    saratogadreamin09 Derek Jeter =

    I would recommend Contemproary. It has MK views and you dont have to walk a lot because everything is right there.

    My favorite character meal is at the Crystal Palace. I've never been there for breakfast but the lunch and dinner buffets are wonderful. The character interaction is great and the food is amaing. Its my favorite restaurant in all of disney
  21. lizet313

    lizet313 A dream is a wish your HEART makes!

    Oh yes please do It will be helpful to get ideas. Thanks I was thinking about Crystal Palace too. I want to do so many things but I have to slow the pace down so she can spend the full day at each park.

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