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Family name announcement

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by jfahome, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. neg58

    neg58 New Member

    As you walk on the ship, they just ask you and you can tell them any name you like - Brad Pitt and family; the Teddy Rooseveldt family, the Happy family. I've been quite impressed that they don't seem to mangle the names too badly.

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  3. rentayenta

    rentayenta <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/dm.

    That's awesome! I'm so excited!
  4. budamacdvcr

    budamacdvcr DIS Dad #737

    We used the "outtamoni" family - done with an Italian accent.
  5. Meghatron

    Meghatron New Member

  6. Well instead of the Adams Family you could say you are the Munsters.:rotfl2:
  7. jfahome

    jfahome New Member

    Very funny! Yes, we hear the finger clicks all the time when Adams Family is said. And laughs too…but that's ok, I really don't care. But…was trying to think of something different to say possibly this time. I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments thus far!
  8. NurseDave

    NurseDave New Member

    I'm going to use that next year when our group will have 4 different last names and 9 people.
  9. ktalina

    ktalina New Member

    I like the whole snapping of the fingers idea LOL. Totally kidding. I completely sympathize with you. We are doing our first Disney cruise this summer and I am dreading the sound of "The Forkin Family" -- :) But what do I do? I just smile, laugh and join the fun! What else?
  10. anna08

    anna08 New Member

    We've been the Doofenschmirtz family. I'm not sure I spelled that right. Kids loved it.
  11. k3chantal

    k3chantal New Member

    That's funny, we have the same last name and feel the same way too! Very tired of how everyone breaks into the Adams Family 'song' too.
  12. jfahome

    jfahome New Member

    Thanks k3chantal-glad to know it's not just me :-)
  13. bfamily5

    bfamily5 Yes, I need another guide book...it's part of the

    This is so much fun! We are "the Brown's" .....B.O.R.I.N.G :rotfl2: Now I have something to work on to get me through the next 10 months! :hourglass
  14. MousseauMob

    MousseauMob New Member

    I'm with you! I would just embrace it and have fun. As a matter of fact would anyone be upset or offended if we used this? Our name is one of those unpronounceable ones and I'm sure we'd all get a big kick out of saying this and doing the snap!
  15. sweetlovin'

    sweetlovin' New Member

  16. jfahome

    jfahome New Member

    Sure, go right ahead..but we want something different :)
  17. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot New Member

    Me too!

    At least you know people are getting enjoyment from thinking of the song and the movie (wonderful movie) (OK I suppose there was a TV show too, but come on, Raul Julia? you can't not think of him), and they will remember you and SMILE. I can't imagine not wanting something like that. :)

    We'll have to think of something, because we're a family of 3 names; neither DH nor I changed our last names, and we hyphenated DS, which gets a bit cumbersome, so....
  18. MousseauMob

    MousseauMob New Member

    Okay! Let's see:

    The Incredibles Family
    The Mouse Family
    The Skellington Family
    The Sparrow Family (there should be a captain in there somewhere)
    The Pooh Family :lmao:
    The Darling Family
    The Heigh Ho Family
    The Lightyear Family
    The Skywalker Family (may the force be with you)

    Does any of these work? :rotfl:
  19. Moopigsdad

    Moopigsdad New Member

    The last time my wife and I went on a DCL cruise (she kept her maiden name), we used the name of our English Bulldog...........MROWKA as our family name. It was pronounced perfectly. LOL!
  20. katman2540

    katman2540 New Member

    Count another Adams Family going on a first cruise this summer. I am pretty tired of hearing the snapping as well but I will endure it at least this one time. My wife is very much looking forward to hearing our name announced and I can't spoil that for her.
  21. sweetlovin'

    sweetlovin' New Member

    You could have them say, "We would like everyone to meet the Robinsons"

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