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Eyes blurry..fingers numb..trying to find a house!

Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by SondraC, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. SondraC

    SondraC New Member

    Well since last year (July '07) went sooo well with renting a house for the very first time (dh resisting it) we are going back to Disney again this July, and guess what?? Dh loved doing that and doesn't want to go back to hotel rooms!
    But, alas I forgot how much searching is involved ::yes:: I realize I need to be quicker when I do like something, since a couple that I did like went poof! Gone before I could act!
    Any suggestions? Please?? Pretty please???

    Pertinent info; last time we rented a great house in Silver creek, not one issue with the house, but this time we want to be a bit closer:drive: (gonna get park hoppers).
    We need 4 bedrooms, but since I want all to be at least a queen (king in one of those), it seems it is best to look at 5 bedrooms and up.
    Pool area second most important, our last house had a bigger than average pool.
    Games room not important. Baby equipment not needed.
    The areas I have been looking in are Windsor Hills, Formosa gardens, and Arcadia estates. Where else??
    Last year I didn't book until May, and I had great ones to choose from with great prices. This Year the quotes seem to be a good bit higher:confused3
    Any recommendations?:thanks: Also our dates are July 5 -July13
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  3. MiaSRN62

    MiaSRN62 New Member

  4. ALnRYSmom

    ALnRYSmom Dreaming of Disney

    I haven't been to these, but I did find a few for you on Windsor Hills Rent.com - the links are the owners web pages. There are more on there that I did not look at, these just jumped about at me. Not sure of your dates

    This one has 2 king, 1 queen and 2 twin rooms. It has 2 weeks available in mid July.

    2 kins, 2 queens, 1 twin room - several openings in July.

    2 king, 1 queen downstairs, 2 twins upstairs - the calendar on the windsor hills site show all of July is open. No calendar on the owner site.

    hth - have a great vacation!
  5. SondraC

    SondraC New Member

    Duh! I forgot the most important detail our dates!

    They are July 5 - July 13
  6. SondraC

    SondraC New Member

    Thanks for the info! I really liked the middle one because of the bed situation, but no availability for our dates.:sad1:
  7. allie_to_you

    allie_to_you New Member

    Have you tried Allstar vacation Homes. They have a lot of vacation homes at great prices and they are easy to deal with. We just used them to rent a condo in Windsor Hills for a week.
  8. Sunrisedream

    Sunrisedream New Member

    Around the same Formosa area - Sunset Lakes, Emerald Isle, Oak Island Cove
  9. SondraC

    SondraC New Member

    Thanks for the info, they do have a couple that I like although they are a little pricier than others, but have not ruled them out. :goodvibes
  10. SondraC

    SondraC New Member

    Oooh. thanks for those suggestions! I didn't know of a couple of those!
  11. ALnRYSmom

    ALnRYSmom Dreaming of Disney

  12. SondraC

    SondraC New Member

    Thanks for all the input! Any more suggestions?
  13. 7165red

    7165red New Member

    I know how you feel I had good luck with orlandovillas.com
  14. mtmbyck

    mtmbyck I AM Canadian eh!

    Negotiate the rate - if you are going through vbro.com just ask the owners if they would consider a lower price than the posted rate. We are paying almost $1,000.00 less than the rate psoted for the home we are staying in for 2 weeks.
  15. SondraC

    SondraC New Member

    Thanks for the suggestion!:thumbsup2
  16. SondraC

    SondraC New Member

    Wow! That's great!!:woohoo:
  17. kokomos

    kokomos New Member

  18. SondraC

    SondraC New Member

    O.K. I think we have narrowed it down to a house in Windsor Hills & a house in Oak Island Cove. They are close in price $103.00 difference. I know W.H. is loved on here, but how 'bout Oak Island?
  19. mareed

    mareed New Member

    We stayed in a house in Oak Island Cove 3 years ago, and it was fine. I'd say distance to WDW is about the same as Windsor Hills. Oak Island Cove will be quite a bit older, but if it's been well maintained and/or renovated it would be fine. There's no clubhouse and resort pool at Oak Island Cove, nor is it a gated neighborhood. Gee, I'm thinking for the $103 difference, I'd go with Windsor Hills unless Oak Island Cove has a better floor plan, pool, or some other advantage.
  20. SondraC

    SondraC New Member

    You stated what we started thinking! We have rec'd a couple other houses to look at and ponder, but so far we are thinking this particular W.H. house.

  21. mroehl2

    mroehl2 LADY ABBY

    We always have owners give us bids through lastminutevillas.net

    We're not getting a house this year (we leave in 5 days :yay: ) as we got a timeshare from a friend for free, but if it wasn't free, we would be in a house. We've always stayed out on US27...however we stayed in Kissimmee once...and that took just as long if not longer than staying on US27 due to traffic. Easier taking I4 right to Disney from US27. Have fun! I know we are so looking forward to it. Can't beat a house though!

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