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Expedition Everest 5k equals motivation

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by Carissa 80, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Carissa 80

    Carissa 80 New Member

    Hi everyone! So I wanted to start my very first pre-trip report! My husband, and two boys are headed to Disney for a long weekend the first week of May for the Expedition Everest Challenge. Now, DH and I are not exactly what you would call "fit." I am far from it. I have a good 75lbs to lose to get down to a comfortable weight... so when a couple of our friends mentioned that they were going to do the 5k... AND we happened to be heading from Maine to Virginia for a wedding... we thought why not drive another 12 hours and go to Disney!?!?! Disney + Getting healthy = GREAT IDEA!!!

    So I wanted to share our story and our journey on getting to this 5k.

    Some background.. DH and I have been married for over 11 years. We have two wonderful boys. We took our first trip to DW in 2011 for our 10 year anniversary. We went with friends who are DVC members... and we were spoiled. We felt bad going without our boys, so we saved up and drove from Maine to Florida, only stopping for potty breaks and food.... in June of 2012. Star Wars Weekend too!!! Loved it.

    We didn't think we would get back there in 2013, so this is very exciting for us. I think our family all thinks we are CRAZY :eek: for going back again.... but I don't care! I'm sure many of you can relate and understand! :rotfl2:

    We are just waiting for the taxes to come in to pay for everything..... We also may be bring a friend along with us to watch the boys for the night of the 5k, rather than paying for a sitter. I'd rather take a friend and spend a little more to be a blessing to her than pay someone I don't know... although I'm sure they are wonderful!

    So, here's the plan at this point:

    Arrive in Orlando Friday afternoon. Check in changed from POR to All-Star Music Resort
    Dinner at Ohana!!! (Love this place!) Going to try and sneak out to see the fireworks from the Polynesian, since we may miss it due to the late time of our dinner at BOG

    Saturday - Hanging out at the pool and at Downtown Disney
    Breakfast - Chef Mickey's
    Lunch - Earl of Sandwich
    Dinner - Boys eat at resort... DH and I may save our QS for after the race and try Restaurantosaurus....

    Sunday - MK (EMH)
    Breakfast - in our room
    Lunch - Pecos Bill or another QS.... Suggestions?
    Dinner - We had planned on Crystal Palace, but were holding out hope for Be Our Guest... and they FINALLY had an opening!!! 9:20 at night though... :( I hope it's worth it!!

    Monday - HS (EMH)
    Breakfast - in our room
    Lunch - Backlot Express.... or Studio Catering Co.
    Dinner - 50's Prime Time

    Head home... back to the land of the north. :(
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  3. My sister's princess

    My sister's princess <font color=green>These boards have grimmer police

    I'm here!!!! Sounds like your plans are shapping up!!!
  4. Carissa 80

    Carissa 80 New Member

    Yep! I definitely think so!

    Dinner on Sunday is at Crystal Palace... it was an agonizing decision between that and Liberty Tree... but since the boys and a teen will be with us, we thought they might enjoy that more. We've eaten at CP for breakfast and we enjoyed it.

    Still holding out hope that Be Our Guest will have an opening instead!!! They are booked solid! No surprise really... being so new. :(
  5. happybelle

    happybelle New Member

    I will read. One pound at a time you can do it.
  6. Carissa 80

    Carissa 80 New Member

    Thanks for the encouragement!!!
  7. Carissa 80

    Carissa 80 New Member

    Pre-Disney Report.....

    We are leaving on Monday April 29th... and heading to Washington DC... spending the night and then spending Tuesday touring the area. Tuesday night we will be heading to stay with family until Thursday night in Virginia. My DH's cousin is getting married Thursday night. We will leave after the wedding and will drive to Florida...

    It will be me, DH, and our two sons.... AND my mother-in-law and a teenage friend of ours. We will be dropping my MIL off in Virginia and heading to Florida without her... That left us in a predicament about what to do with our boys during the race. So we decided to bring a friend along with us to stay with them that night. She is a lot of fun, so I know we will have a great time!!!

    On our way home, we will pick my MIL up in Virginia and head back to Maine. It will be another busy and crazy vacation, but anytime I can spend with the mouse is well worth it!!!
  8. Carissa 80

    Carissa 80 New Member

    Just signed up for the 5k today! It is now 97% full! We also put our deposit down for All-Star Music Resort... for 3 nights. Yay!
  9. Alysa

    Alysa New Member

    Congrats! Can't wait to read more! :cheer2:
  10. Skybabyy

    Skybabyy In my Laughing Place

    Love it!! Here's to going to disney and getting healthy! :D
  11. Carissa 80

    Carissa 80 New Member

    Thank you!! Timed myself doing two miles today... a 14 minute average. Not bad for just starting. Wanted to make sure I can stay under the 16 minute mile cap... I would HATE to be taken out by the golf cart. ha ha... :rotfl:
  12. thebyrdwoman

    thebyrdwoman New Member

    I'm in! popcorn:: (pretend that popcorn is celery -- less calories!)

    Me and my friend are running the race as well, a first for both of us!

    Can't wait to hear as your plans progress :cool1:
  13. MamaCrush

    MamaCrush New Member

    You're starting off at a great pace! I've been training for about a month and have just gotten to below 17 minutes per mile. It's all good though!
  14. Carissa 80

    Carissa 80 New Member

    I keep thinking.... slow and steady wins the race!
  15. Carissa 80

    Carissa 80 New Member

    I was finding it hard to get out and run with the weather, NO sidewalks anywhere nearby, and with my husbands weird work schedule.... So we went out in the blizzard today and bought a treadmill! ha ha!! Yay!! One more "step" to this healthy lifestyle and to Everest! :cool1:
  16. momto3gr8boys

    momto3gr8boys New Member

    Hi! Following along from the C25k boards! I am so excited for you and I can't wait to hear all about it! I may put it on my list for next year!
  17. Carissa 80

    Carissa 80 New Member

    Thanks for joining me!

    I just updated my plans in the first message. I can't believe we got in to Be Our Guest. Whoo hoo!
  18. Carissa 80

    Carissa 80 New Member

    Woke up to a good 3 FEET of snow this morning... so glad that I bought a treadmill yesterday so I can continue my training. I enjoy a good snow storm from time to time... makes me look forward to nice warm weather though!
  19. MamaCrush

    MamaCrush New Member

    Congratulations! When I began I had to get one as well... except it was because of Carolina summer scorchers and not snow! I highly recommend hooking up a tv in front of it if at all possible! :thumbsup2
  20. Tinker326

    Tinker326 New Member

    I'm in. Doing a similar thing with the Wine & Dine Half in November! (Need to train, ect.. rewarding myself with trip to Disney!!)

    Now, I'm intrigued- you just started and you can run 2 miles at 14 minutes? That. Is. Awesome!!! I did the C25K last year and it took me a good 1.5 months to get to 2 miles. (I have to restart my training as I have not run since August). Anything over 2 miles, and my mile minute average goes up, up, up.......... I am very worried about getting swept in the 1/2! So I have to work hard at that. I guess I am just a slow runner. :)

    Good luck with your training ,I will be following!!!!
  21. Carissa 80

    Carissa 80 New Member

    Thank you!! To be honest though... my two miles were split. I took a break and went on the rower for 5-8 minutes and gave my legs a break. (I had just bought new shoes and it was making my ankles swell and ache.) I ran the day before yesterday and avg. a 16 minute mile. I may have strep throat... at least it's very enlarged... grr... but I am going to run/walk today. I haven't gone any farther than the 2 miles at once... so I'm sure it will affect my time. I need to be able to do a good 5 miles before we go to insure for the scavenger hunt too.

    There are days I look forward to running... and days like today, that I think I'm crazy for even attempting it! I've come to a stand still with my weight loss too. Down 14lbs.. I'm still in the 240's... which is discouraging... but I have a lot of people rooting me on... and I all ready put in the $$$ so that is motivation enough. ;)

    Keep it up!!! You can do it... no golf carts allowed!! :)

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