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Escape Brides! Help1

Discussion in 'Disney Weddings and Honeymoons' started by jennamarie, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. jennamarie

    jennamarie New Member

    Looking into Escape weddings, so Escape wedding ladies! I have a question for you! :)

    Have any of you stayed very close to the 5,750 minimum expenditure for the wedding pavilion? or think it would be easy to? If I were going to do it, I wouldn't really care about adding anything besides Cinderella's carriage and an MK photoshoot.. Just wondering :)
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  3. MickeysStarTrader

    MickeysStarTrader I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and

    I hope I've understood your question correctly, forgive me if I haven't, but from what I understand the $5,750 is not a minimum expenditure for an Escape wedding at the wedding pavilion, that is the total cost of the package. (Without tax or gratuity to pay on top either). The floral, music, cake, champagne, venue rental, limo, park passes, photography, etc that Disney provide you with are included in that amount. If you wish to add enhancements such as videography, extra floral, Cinderella's carriage, then you pay for that in addition to the $5,750 package price. However, if you have your Escape wedding on a Saturday or Sunday you have a minimum expenditure of $7,500 to meet, of which the $5,750 Escape package counts. (So $7,500 - $5,750 = $1,750 left to pay in enhancements etc). The $7,500 minimum expenditure is triggered also if you add a private catered event/reception to your ceremony on any day of the week.
  4. jennamarie

    jennamarie New Member

    Thank you! I misunderstood, but you answered my question perfectly :)
  5. MickeysStarTrader

    MickeysStarTrader I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and

    Happy I could help! :goodvibes DFTW can be really confusing, I wouldn't even try to explain the room block!
  6. jennamarie

    jennamarie New Member

    Haha I am going to go talk to them when I get down there I'm December! Hopefully they will be more clear in person ;) haha
  7. xAshleyx

    xAshleyx New Member

    I have a question too. What kind of guidelines is there for catered events or reception after an escape wedding ?
    I wanted to have lunch at the Whitehall room or Ariel's after the wedding ? Is there an overall minimum or just a per person minimum ? This would count towards the weekend minimum expenditure for WP as well, right ?
    Where do I get an idea on menu choices ? Disney catered events or dftw?
    And lastly. Would either of these venues have linens and any basic room decor ?- or do I have to pay extra for that? Obviously in know floral would be extra. But just basic tables with linens
  8. lurkyloo

    lurkyloo <font color=green>The Attic was just perfect<br><f

    Adding a catered event triggers the minimum described above (although it goes up to $8,000 in 2013). There is no per-person minimum, but there is a venue-specific food and beverage minimum that you will need to get from your planner. Figure on $750&#8211;$1,500.


    Your DFTW planner would give you the menus. You can see examples of past menus on Magical Kingdoms' website under: /ftw/wdw/menus.html

    The menus are very flexible, so if you find things you like on an old menu or wanted to request something off the menu, your planner can get a quote from the catering team.

    All the venues come with white linens and just whatever decor is already in the room (like all the tchotchkes at the Attic). The catering team dresses up the buffet tables, if you have them.
  9. xAshleyx

    xAshleyx New Member

    Thanks lurkyloo. A great help as always :cool1:

    Just trying to finaliz our plans. We definitely want the wedding pavillion with a late afternoon lunch reception. I really liked the idea of fultons private room, but not keen on the $2500-$3500 minimum.

    Anyone have good ideas for a reasonably priced lunch reception ? Either at wdw or dtd-- just need to be able to have a plated meal....
  10. Chilly

    Chilly <font color=darkorchid>I was having a bit of a blo

    Have you booked a site visit? If you just turn up i'm pretty sure all they do is give you a brochure, and that's only if someone is there.
  11. lurkyloo

    lurkyloo <font color=green>The Attic was just perfect<br><f

  12. jessa07

    jessa07 Can we do RnRC one more time??

    Have you thought about just having a lunch/dinner at a resort restaurant? Many even have private rooms. We are doing our dinner reception at Il Mulino. :-)
  13. xAshleyx

    xAshleyx New Member

    What f&b minimum do you have there ? How many people are you having ? Are you doing a set menu. Or just ordering off the menu ?!
  14. Lorelei528

    Lorelei528 New Member

    Yes, this, what Claire said....
  15. jennamarie

    jennamarie New Member

    Does anyone have escape budgets, estimated costs, they would be willing to share? We recently have been talking more seriously about this, and I want to get a good idea of what it might cost. We wouldnt really be adding extra floral and would prob just do dinner at a restaurant later and prob a cinderella's castle photo shoot, because thats part of the reason why we are deciding this, but literally anything that would help me budget wise would be awesome. I know there is a book out there many of you have talked about, but is it really worth the buy? And literally any info about this would help! Kind of confused! lol
  16. princesswendy720

    princesswendy720 New Member

    The passporter ebook is around $10 and an amazing investment! You can download it for free every time she updates it. Escape packages are inclusive and range from $4,925 to $6,200 depending on which location you want. The MK shoot is currently $1,500.
  17. celerystalker

    celerystalker <font color=green>Look! I'm yankeepenny!<br><font

    The book has been a huge help! It's definitely worth the money!
  18. jennamarie

    jennamarie New Member

    Thanks! I ended up buying it :)
  19. jennamarie

    jennamarie New Member

    I was going to call them when it got a little closer and try to book some sort of appointment so I am probably going to call within the next week to get info
  20. celerystalker

    celerystalker <font color=green>Look! I'm yankeepenny!<br><font

    Let me know how receptive they are. I'm planning an Escape wedding and would really like to see the inside of the wedding pavillion before I make a final decision. I'm pretty sure we can just drop in on sea breeze point.
  21. jennamarie

    jennamarie New Member

    WP is public too they told me.. They only do site visit and info session for wishes brides and grooms I might say I'm interested in wishes and that my date is for next year.... Then suddenly change to an escape for 2 years haha

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