Elf on a shelf Santa letter... Anyone have one?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by Feistygirl916, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Feistygirl916

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    Sep 11, 2007
    Hey all!

    I have been reading on the DIS about this Elf and I would really like to try it out this year! :goodvibes Does anyone have the letter from Santa, is it an "official letter" or one that is made up? I don't think I am that creative today to make something up! Anyone got one to share? :thumbsup2
  2. IBelieveInTheMagic

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Hmm...someone else had posted a link to a website I believe that had the letter. I copied it into Word and inserted my DS's name. I'll see if I can't try and find where I read it....

    We actually just did this about 30 minutes ago. My DH put our elf on the front door step with his box and the special letter and rang the door bell and ran back in through the garage. I had my DS go with me to the door and he was just shocked! This is our first year doing this and so far he can't put the elf down and thinks it's so neat. I can't wait to start all the elf adventures! :)

    Have fun,

    Edited to add the website link for letter another DISer posted in another thread: http://www.mymagicelf.com/108/magic-elf-letter-from-santa/
  3. MaidMarian

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    Jul 3, 2005
    Here's the one I did for my daughter:Dear ALEX,

    I know that you’re a very special little girl so I’ve sent one of my Elves to spend the holiday season with you. This is Jingles. His job is to help me pick the perfect presents for you, but only if your good. I’ll be getting reports from Jingles letting me know if you’ve been naughty or nice. Since Jingles will be keeping an eye on things, he’ll be exploring your house from top to bottom, so you never know where you might find him. You may play with him during the day, but each night, please tuck him in under his quilt and give him a little sprinkling of snowflakes. When the starlight hits the snowflakes Jingles will be able to work Magic. Even though he is 82 years old, that is very young in elf years, and he’s still learning how to use magic so he might make mistakes and get into a little trouble. I do have to tell you that Elves are known to be very curious, especially this one, so he may cause a little mischief. Jingles will be returning with me to the North Pole on Christmas Eve when I drop off your presents so please have his bags packed as I’m on a tight schedule.

    Happy Holidays,
    Santa Claus
  4. semo233

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    Feb 12, 2008
    My Dear Sweet Abby and Tyler,

    I have many, many children to watch this year and have sent an elf to some very special homes to help me keep an eye on the children there. This magic elf will send me an e-mail or fly to the North Pole every night while you are sleeping to report to me. These elves help me make the naughty and nice list, so you can be sure that this elf is watching you! I’m sure you’ll be put on the nice list! To be sure you make it on the nice list, you must remember to be kind and loving to everyone and every thing. Sharing and talking nicely to others are a great ways to get on the nice list!

    I hope you will take care of my little elf. She is a new elf and still has a lot to learn. Would you like to name her? She is so excited to go home with you! I sent her to your Auntie Shelly’s house because she will need food and water very soon after her trip though the mail and I knew that you would be there on Thanksgiving. Did you know that elves like to eat crackers and water most nights? I also treat them to Christmas cookies when they are very good elves. But be careful! Some elves are known to get into some trouble or go on some great adventures!

    Be gentle. Although she is a magic elf, she is not a toy. You can talk to her (she is a very good listener) but must not play with her. Too much handling will cause her to lose her magic!

    On Christmas Eve, when I deliver your toys, I will bring your little elf back to the North Pole with me. If you have done a good job taking care of one of my precious elves, I might send one to visit you again next year!

    Love and kisses,

    p.s. Please don’t forget to leave me milk and cookies on Christmas Eve! I loved the ones you left me last year! Prancer especially liked the carrots!

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