Easter trip report- part 2- "Watch out, someone is going to hit you!"

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by julie page, Apr 20, 2004.

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    Feb 27, 2004
    Cast: me, 35 DH 40 DS 11 DS 4 *also traveling with another family with three boys and parents.

    Day 2- we woke up to a huge storm. I changed our plans from going to EPCOT to MGM Studios, given that we could still go to shows during the rain. We had breakfast and finally checked out and made it to the park around 10:00am. We ran over to the Tower of Terror- the sign said 25 minute wait- which was actually 90 minute wait. While they were in line, I ran over and got fast passes to Rockin Roller Coaster. There was a major line to get fast passes- it took me 15 minutes.

    Went back to ToT and did the baby swap. IT WAS AWSOME!! Had a great time eating lunch, doing other rides. We went over to the Indiana Jones show and were getting fast passes. The shows were at full capacity.
    Becky then said "Watch out- someone is going to hit you" I didn't really think that much about it- but then BAM- a lady in a motorized chair ran into the back of my leg at full force. I have to say - it hurt BAD. I started to tear up. A cast member came really close to me and said "Maam, are you okay- do you need first aid, do you need first aid, do you need first aid, do you need ice?" I finally said "No, I am fine, I just need to sit down and chill out for a minute". The other CM had unplugged the chair and was giving the lady a stern talking to. If she had hit one of the kids- they would have gone flying. She took my name and information for her report - they were very caring but a bit close- it was funny later. My DS 11 got really upset- it's funny how boys are with their moms- he said he wanted to tell the lady off- we had a good talk about mistakes and tolerance.

    Anyway- everything was fine with the show, then I realized "OH MY, I need to go check into WL! I hightailed it over to the buses, took a bus, checked into the room, received an upgrade because they didn't have bunk beds. I had done all the stuff- faxed, called, etc. but because I checked in late- they didn't have any. I got an awsome upgrade to pool view. It was a great view in room 5059.
    I was in awe of the Lodge- it was awsome. When I hopped the bus and came back to MGM, the kids were all in the same spot- at the Honey I shrunk the Kids playground playing, and hungry for dinner. Sine our PS was at EPCOT for dinner, and no one wanted to move out of the park- we settled for Pizza and then went to Muppets. It was about the third day in a row we had pizza, it was getting old. I then had a bit of a spat with DH about the fact that they had been in the same spot for over an hour and could perhaps they think about dinner instead of leaving it until everyone is famished and for me to go and find something. But all was good again after we ate.
    We went to all the shows- ending with "Who wants to be a Millionaire"- which was awsome. We then left the park and went to the Hotel. We had a dinner package at MGM for the Fantasmic show the next night (the rain made us swap parks). DS 11 and I went to the pool and hot tub and had some great time alone. DH and Ds 4 crashed and were snoring when we came back to the room.
    Learning for me- should have stayed with the original plan and went to EPCOT, rain or shine.
    Best thing about the day- riding the rides, shows, and the WL!
    Worst thing- getting ran into by crazy lady :confused:
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    Feb 24, 2003
    Wow - I'm tired just reading your post! Sounds like an experience that will stay with you. I've seen a scooter incident durring one of my trips...you took yours in stride for which I compliment you.

    Easter is a busy time! - Steve
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    Thanks for posting.

    Sorry you got hit/

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