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Early, Early morning workouts

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by SLP958, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. SLP958

    SLP958 New Member

    Hi, I have never posted on this board before but I am hoping y'all can give some suggestions.

    I am having to change my workout routine because of work, kids, scheduling reasons. The only time I have to work out is 4 am!

    I am used to working out right after work around 4 pm. This change is tough. Just getting out of bed feels impossible then I get nauseated after about 30 min no matter what kind of exercise I am doing.

    It has been 3 weeks and I have only managed about 5 workouts. I am really missing my exercise.

    Any suggestions? Will it get better?
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  3. Haas4Concern

    Haas4Concern New Member

    I feel your pain. I work a swing shift. So for 7 days a month i do my workouts at 4:30 am. I would guess you will get into a routine and it will get easier. Just make sure youre going to bed early enough. Good luck
  4. mrsdrake625

    mrsdrake625 New Member

    Sometimes running "on empty" makes me sick too. I will eat a banana if I think I need some fuel and that has seemed to work. No coffee until I'm back. Full glass of water and take some more. Those things have seemed to help.

    It's a tough transition but once it becomes habit it feels sooo good. I miss it. Now you have inspired me, I need to start getting up early again!! Thanks :)
  5. BuckeyeBama

    BuckeyeBama New Member

    When I worked downtown, I had to do my workouts at 4:30. I never had a problem, but I went to bed at 8:30 every night. I sometimes ran 10+ miles those mornings. Maybe you are not going to bed early enough?
  6. Rose&Mike

    Rose&Mike New Member

    I would make sure you are warming up and not just going full throttle a few minutes after waking up. I have a lot of trouble with nausea and exercising, but for me it is a salt/electrolyte imbalance. I wonder if a piece of dry toast or some pretzels before you start would help? Your stomach might not like being empty, but I know that personally I don't do well with anything that has a lot of flavor in the morning before working out.

    I hope it improves for you.:goodvibes
  7. SLP958

    SLP958 New Member

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I may have to try having something to eat before starting.

    Today, I was discussing this with a co worker who does am workouts. She is going to start texting me to get up! Hopefully the accountability will help.
  8. mrsdrake625

    mrsdrake625 New Member

    Hope you feel better!
  9. amyy

    amyy <font color=royalblue> I do pat them out on a flou

    Did you figure out the salt/electrolyte imbalance on your own? I crave salt but need a teaspoon or so of salt to feel better. Just started some electrolyte powder in my water. My doctor is aware. thanks
  10. Rose&Mike

    Rose&Mike New Member

    I have gluten issues and originally they think mine was coming from a combination of malabsorption and just being a very heavy salt sweater. It was really bad before I gave up gluten. Now anything over an hour and I need extra salt either during or right after a run. I tried endurolytes and they didn't completely get rid of the problem especially when it's warm so lately I have been using salt packets or eating salty pretzels. They have salt/electrolyte tablets at our running store but I haven't tried those yet. I hope you feel better. The nausea is just the pits. I had a cardio check up and other than a benign irregular heart beat (which went away a couple of months after being off gluten) my heart was in good shape. I just sweat out a ridiculous amount of salt for some reason. :goodvibes

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