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Driving to Disney World

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by Lizab609, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. Conan the Librarian

    Conan the Librarian Been Visting the Mouse since 1972

    Do NOT go down I-4 through Orlando....it is Allways rush hour in Orlando.

    Take the 417 toll road from Sanford to exit 6 and then on to EPCOT international. Much less traffic and worth the $5.00 in tolls.
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  3. postalcop

    postalcop Member

    hey pixistix--- we'll be leavig about the same time on 6-22, but won't be driving straight through. we will stop i savannah! drive safe!!! we drove straight through once, we just can't do it any more!!!
  4. pixistix

    pixistix Member

    Maybe we should put LGMH's in our car windows and if we pass each other on I95 we'll know!:thumbsup2
  5. torinsmom

    torinsmom <font color=red>I have someone coming to scoop<br>

    South of the Border isn't shady IMHO. We stop there everytime just to peek in the stores. They have some interesting things there. My son thinks its a requirement to stop, another part to our vacation.

    We drove straight through from NC in September, arriving in Orlando at 1am. There was NO traffic on I-4, so it definitely depends on the time of day.

  6. shawn68

    shawn68 Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, w

    We drive from Houston Texas, stopping off in Jacksonville to sleep. It's a long trip, but so much fun. Me and my wife play stupid little games to pass the time.....Well, and she likes to sleep too...Thats not so much fun for me I guess.
  7. Lady SnowElla

    Lady SnowElla Member

    Hi nopdwife, My 2 DDs & I travel from Mandeville. We usually leave about 2 am stop for a nice breakfast & drive straight through. When we have left in the afternoon we have stayed at a Best Western in Defuniak Springs which is about halfway to Tallahassess from Pensacola. Once we stayed at a Motel 6 in Pensacola which was right off the Interstate--maybe the second exit. If you look it up on the website, look for the one right off I-10. pixiedust: to you & your ::cop:
  8. allerobed

    allerobed Member

    South of the Border has been shady to me since the first time I went there 30years ago as a kid. You couldn't pay me to go there again. Just my opinion.
  9. radev104

    radev104 Member

    This year will be our third year driving down from PA. We went around Baltimore, Washington DC and Richmond and there wasn't that much traffic if you go around it instead of through it. We try to leave early so we don't hit that much rush hour traffic in the morning and we stop for lunch, if we don't bring sandwiches from WaWa (mmm) and dinner. But bring lots of snacks and drinks. Yeah drinking will make you have to stop for bathroom breaks but once you start hitting those lower states and the sun starts really coming through the windows you might need it. Bring a DVD player, movies, and little things to play with in the car. Last year my mom made of little bags for me and my sister (me:18, sister:13) with all kinds of cheap Disney things she found at WalMart or the Dollar Store and gave us something every hour, it kept us entertained. Try to let your gas tank empty as much as you can before you get gas again, my dad does this and we get further on a full tank than normal. Making sure the AC is working in the car, you will definately need it once you hit the lower states. We used to make up little games to play in the car so we wouldn't get too bored or ask how much longer. We stop in Brunswick, GA overnight so we aren't too tired once we get to Disney and we get there around lunch time so we check in and eat lunch and then go to the park until our room is ready. And since you have a car you can go to Super WalMart in Kissimmee and get snacks and water to take to the parks so you don't have to buy that much when you are there. Hope your ride down is fun and not too long.
  10. dizneedrmr

    dizneedrmr Member

    My sister and I just drove down to Myrtle Beach about 2 weeks ago and we stopped at South of the Border because we had just driven past it in the past trips. It was only fun because it was sooo dirty and deserted and cheap. We won't be stopping there again. Been there, not going back, wouldn't suggest it!
  11. postalcop

    postalcop Member

    good idea, i never thought of that!!!!! i will probabally do that! i'll be on the look out for 'ya.! :car:
  12. 1. DVD Player

    2. Gameboys

    3.Snacks for the car

    4. Ear Plugs for Me so I don't have to hear "ARE WE THERE YET"

    pirate: pirate: princess:
  13. hastrobb

    hastrobb Member

    We will be driving from Austin, TX and stopping overnight in Miss. at a friends house. My DS16 will be helping with the drive...pray for me.
  14. pixistix

    pixistix Member

    My DD is 16 and driving now also. I already told her she can't help drive to Disney because for us it's I-95 most of the way and that road is too crazy! Maybe I'll let her drive when we get close and she can drive under the Walt Disney World arch!
  15. momof2dizkids

    momof2dizkids Member

    We drive to Disney whenever we go - we are only 8 - 9 hours away. Some items that help pass the time are: DVD player, books, snacks, color wonder coloring books and markers, gameboy and games, and imagination for car games. We do disney trivia games and "if I were at ________ (fill in park) right now, I would be doing ______. DS (6) doesn't ask "are we there yet" - his version is "how much longer/farther". We try to break the drive up into 2 days - staying the first night somewhere in Georgia, that way we don't have that far to drive on the second day. DH did drive straight home one time - we left the parks around 9, and by the time we got back to the hotel to retrieve the vehicle, it was close to 10. Needless to say, we got home after
    6 am. It just ruined the whole day for us because we were so tired! I don't think we'll do that again. Just the anticipation of arriving at WDW gives me goosebumps!!
  16. Dina

    Dina Mouseketeer

    That's what I thought. My parents said we stayed there when I was young on the way to Disney, and they also said it was shady then. They told us not to stop there. I have to say, my dad doesn't scare easily since he was a Philadelphia police officer for 35 years--- I'm gonna take his advice, and look from afar. I always enjoy the signs for it though on the way down though--- I've heard there aren't as many anymore.

  17. Steph9072

    Steph9072 Mouseketeer

    We are driving from Indiana the end of May. It will be about a 15-17 hour trip one way. DH gets off work @ 7 PM we plan to eat dinner and leave. Take turns driving through the night or driving 1/2 way and stopping.
  18. louey

    louey <font color=peach>and she paid alot of money to lo

    We drove this past December, I didn't think it was that bad. We stopped in Brunswick, GA and stayed the night then you are only about 3 hours away. Coming home is when it is not so fun, we drove straight through by that point I just wanted to get home to see our doggies :)
    We will be driving it again our next trip in 2008, thats far enough away that you forget how long a drive it is. Although I would drive it every year if that meant going to Disney!!!
  19. KStarfish82

    KStarfish82 <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=teal>

    Love those cheezy South of the Border signs on the way down! I always have to look, even though I would never dare stay....did when I was young though!

  20. the Fidge

    the Fidge <font color=blue>I miss standing like the statue o

    I pack the car bag: DS is 10 and has had many road trips, hourly silly pressies. Mad libs are fun too! Portable DVD player is great too!

    I pack the food cooler for the car one I can reach not huge just big enough! I make sandwiches and freeze water bottles as well as the junk the bag thats DH goodies. I do enjoy a bit of cheese and crackers, oddly enough I ususally do not have but do for road trips!

    I also do state fun factsas we go into the new state with DS its silly but fun !
  21. jhammer22

    jhammer22 Earning My Ears

    Anyone drive from Iowa ... we are planning on driving and it looks like about 21 hours straight through. I'm figuring 24 by the time you stop for a a few meals and other breaks. Anyone? We are going from the Des Moines area. thanks


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