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    Jun 26, 2006
    can someone help me out with driving from orange lake resort area and the parks...whats the quickest /best roads to take? to AK, EPCOT, DHS, MK
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    Quickest way from Orange Lake to the Disney Parks...

    From OLCC turn left onto SR 192, go about 1 mile from main resort entrance (west entrance) or about a half mile (maybe a little less) from the east River Island entrance to the light at Black Lake Road and turn left onto Black Lake Road. Continue about 1 1/4 miles to intersection with Sherberth Road and turn left onto Sherberth (you can also just continue on SR 192 to a left onto Sherberth, it's about the same distance but more traffic and more traffic lights to stop your progress so it would take a little longer). Go about another 1 1/4 miles on Sherberth to its intersection with Osceola Parkway and turn right onto Osceola Parkway and go about a half mile to the left turn toward Animal Kingdom (essentially a U-turn). The entrance to the Animal Kingdom parking lot is just is head on the right. To get to the other parks, continue on past the Animal Kingdom turn for about a mile and a half and turn left onto the entrance ramp onto World Drive. Then just follow the signs to the parks (Hollywood Studios is closest then Epcot and the TTC parking lot which is used for the Magic Kingdom is the furthest from that point - about 4 miles). Great signage once you're on Disney property makes it really easy to get to the various parks and other Disney sights from where ever you are, so even if you miss an exit you'll be able to find your way without much trouble.)

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