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Dressing up for Halloween at DLP

Discussion in 'Disneyland Paris Trip Planning & Community Board' started by peeves, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. peeves

    peeves Earning My Ears

    We're going to DLP at end of Oct. As DLP seems to go to town with Halloween we wondered whether we should take fancy dress costumes for the children?
    Any advice welcome!
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  3. rob@rar.org.uk

    rob@rar.org.uk Skiing is best, Mickey comes next

    During the regular Halloween period I can't remember seeing many people, if any, wearing fancy dress. I think there were a few more kids with costumes on 31st October, but not large numbers. Of course, this may have changed as it's been three years since we visited DLP at that time of year.

    If you are going to either of the Halloween Soirees (hard ticket events on 31 Oct and the nearest Saturday night to it) there will be loads and loads of people (adults and kids) dressing up. In fact, we felt out of place not dressing up!


  4. peeves

    peeves Earning My Ears

    Thanks Rob!
    We're not there for either of the soirees so we won't bother taking any costumes (phew, what a relief!) - more room in the suitcases for shopping!

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