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Dreams Unlimited vs. Small World Vacation

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by everythingdisneyfan1, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. CBEB

    CBEB <font color=deeppink>We're ready to do it again!<b

    DU has been awesome for us. We've booked 8 cruises and 3 Adventures By Disney trips using DU and all has been flawless. When I want to make a change, add an extra night, just have a question, whatever... they respond very quickly - always within 24 hours, almost always within just a few hours!

    We've never tried another agency - started with DU because of these fantastic DISBoards. We really appreciate their sponsorship as each of our vacations has benefited from all of the pre-info we gather from the DCL and ABD boards. Also can't complain about the nice on board credit they give us!
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  3. AudreyKThompson

    AudreyKThompson Disney Diva

    Hi! Perhaps I will request Tracy, then . . . I am still confused about the gifts, though- do we get one for this cruise? or only for the next cruise if we rebook onboard? What kind of gift is it? My parents are first time Disney cruisers, so I want it to be extra special . . .
    Thanks for the info!
  4. lucky1

    lucky1 Face Character

    If you are talking about a castaway club gift, you on receive that on your cruises after the first. As for gifts from a travel agent that really depends on the travel agent. When we booked our very first DCL in 1999, the travel agent (not sure they exist any more) sent us an in room gift. (I don't believe they had Stateroom credit). That is generally no the norm, most offer stateroom credit based on the length of the cruise and the class of stateroom. When we booked our next cruise with Tanya as SWV, we just received Stateroom credit, but the next 3 cruises we have received a stateroom gift. That might just be something she does but not sure it is something that SWV does.
  5. I am a little annoyed with DU. This is our first cruise but I did use them years ago on a WDW trip. I am using gift cards to pay for my trip that I purchase at Target. I use my red card combined with my pharmacy rewards to get a discount. Of course since they only come in $25 or $50 increments I usually have 20 at a time ($1000). I felt like I was being reprimanded the other day by my agent for using this many. She is stating that Disney only allows 10 cards a day. I have never been told this by any one else and know that there are quite a few people on the boards who also pay with gift cards they also get from Target.

    Just puts a bad taste in my mouth and I don't see using them in the future
  6. Steve BWV'99

    Steve BWV'99 Member

    ITA :thumbsup2 Merrie has been a great agent, very responsive and great to work with. We recently booked our 2nd cruise with Merrie again!
  7. bats

    bats Enjoying Bahama Mama's

    All are equal but some are more equal than others :confused::sad2:
  8. ImagineerM

    ImagineerM Mouseketeer

    I just booked my second cruise with http://www.smallworldvacations.com after 4 straight cruises with DU.

    Had a couple of bad experiences with DU. When the "top brass" said the problems weren't their fault and I might be better served to take my business elsewhere -- well, I decided to do just that.

    I love where I am now and wouldn't go back!

  9. dskib

    dskib Mouseketeer

    I started out with Small World and never even booked. The TA who was 'helping' me was not helpful at all. I explained at the very beginning that I had never cruised before, knew absolutely nothing and could use some advice, and her response, when i finally got it, was just to ask me which category I wanted. The next day I emailed DU, and a wonderful agent responded right away. They were MUCH better for me.
  10. AudreyKThompson

    AudreyKThompson Disney Diva

    Ok, so I actually talked to my www.smallworldvacations.com agent, Jodie, and she put me at ease. She understood my needs, is working with a crazy set of parameters to rebook us to a different sailing, answered questions about onboard celebrations, and we DO get In room gifts since we re-booked onboard. One Happy Camper!!

    As a side note, I found the process of requesting a DU quote to be onerous- They wouldn't let me request quotes for 2 different sailings, calling it a duplicate request.
  11. woody73

    woody73 <font color=darkorange>Enjoyed the Pumpkinmen<br><

    Wow! I don't see anything wrong with pricing two cruises. Sometimes a person wants to learn which cruise would best suit their family and pocketbook.

  12. SunLuvr321

    SunLuvr321 Member

    Just wanted to add in my recent experience with Dreams Unlimited.

    I heard about the onboard credit from booking with a travel agent after I made my initial reservation, but before I paid it off. I knew the credit would be less because of this but thought I should try it and see if what it would be like to use a travel agent and see if I liked it.

    I was assigned Dan at DU. We emailed a bit and everything seemed OK, but nothing that matched the hype I read about how people loved their agents. Then I got an email from Dan 2 days ago. Because of the Florida resident rates that came out, and we are residents, he got us a nice refund and an upgrade from a large porthole room to a veranda. I am even more excited for cruise now.

    Now I see why using a travel agent is a wonderful thing. I am amazed at what he got for us. I am sure if I had thought to do it I could've done the same thing, but I think it would've taken a lot of work on my part and sitting on the phone. It was wonderful that he did all this and I didn't have to do a thing.

    I now love DU and my agent Dan.
  13. davisdenyel

    davisdenyel Member

    I used DU last year for our 7 day cruise. I booked it for 4 rooms and none of our rooms had a gift basket in it :confused3 I just booked with DU again for another 4 rooms in Jan 2014. Should I get a gift basket this time in our rooms? Last time I used Tammy for DU and she was GREAT! This time I have Dorothy so far she has been good just a little slower than Tammy was by getting back to me through email. Tammy was just quick at the emails Dorthy takes a little bit of time.
  14. SJDis

    SJDis Earning My Ears

    Use Costco. We'll get almost $800 back in Costco Cash cards after the cruise. You can take them in and exchange them for cash if you want. That crushes any OBC.....
  15. megs193

    megs193 Earning My Ears

    This is our first disney cruise and we are using DU. Our TA is Michelle and she has been great. She always responds to my email within hours and has really walked us through the process.
  16. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    Were you told that you would receive a gift basket? My DU agent has not told me that I would receive a gift basket but I have read that if you depart from PC then you do receive a basket in your stateroom. I will not expect a basket but if I get one it will be a great treat. :goodvibes
  17. sweetlovin'

    sweetlovin' DIS Veteran

    I used http://www.gostarfishtravel.com and they were excellent. I booked another cruise on United website because they are giving 8 miles per dollar. For me, I use miles often to get my family all over the world. So at the time, that was important. I would use starfish over and over because it was an easy perfect experience.:thumbsup2
  18. davisdenyel

    davisdenyel Member

    I was not told I would recieve a gift basket. But from reading on here it looks like others have been getting one. I never did expect one either. But it would be a nice treat :love: I departed from PC last time and will also be departing from PC the next time.
  19. over50visits

    over50visits Mouseketeer

    One of the many reasons you want a person to TALK to about cruises, not one that requires you to put everything in an email, wait for a response, put new questions in another email, wait for a response, etc. Someone who, for a newbie, has the reassuring voice that no email can ever provide.

    I like the personal touch; I like to hear someone chuckle, someone say "I know." It takes both me and the TA much less time when we talk for a few minutes.

    I understand of course everyone has different needs, and I read many, many wonderful reviews here of Small World, DU, Vacations to Go, Disney, and some others. You need to know your comfort zone, and there will be some very nice people there to help you.
  20. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    Maybe we will both get one on our next cruise ;)
  21. dach2k3

    dach2k3 Earning My Ears

    We are not big cruisers. We used the cruise compete site to get some quotes. All the responses were the same price but the on board credits varied significantly. I am not allowed to post the link yet, but I bet it isn't an allowed site.

    My OBC was double what I had been quoted by sponsors here. It was slightly higher than the costco card you can get through costco.

    I am not sure what to expect from a great travel agent. I research a lot and I knew exactly what I wanted. Once I contacted the agent who had replied to me she was very speedy and has been very attentive. We used her again to book my current cruise which has 6 cabins.

    I am curious what sort of service you all expect from a great agent? I assume responsiveness, courtesy, and added value above and beyond the additional credit.

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