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Does anybody else get Disney 'Abuse'?

Discussion in 'UK Trip Planning Forum' started by amacspad, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Paula Sedley-Burke

    Paula Sedley-Burke Proud to believe in Rainbows and Unicorns...

    All Disneyed out....what is this strange idea lol. Never!
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  3. Disneynutinlondon

    Disneynutinlondon <font color=blue>It's been such a blast with all t

    I'll second AND third that sentiment :thumbsup2
  4. Paula Sedley-Burke

    Paula Sedley-Burke Proud to believe in Rainbows and Unicorns...

    Got abuse only this morning! 'Another vacation at wdw' have you gone mad? So I said 'another vacation away from wdw have you' lol.
  5. newlittleminnie

    newlittleminnie New Member

    I've only been once so far but I'm about to book my second trip and already planning my third.

    I'm also dreaming of a Disneymoon at BLT with my DBF.

    I can't imagine ever being all Disneyed out lol
  6. Paula Sedley-Burke

    Paula Sedley-Burke Proud to believe in Rainbows and Unicorns...

    I dont think there is such a thing. Well if there is then I dont want to live! I said to DW the moment I say no to a WDW trip send in the men with white coats...
  7. Marlea98

    Marlea98 New Member

    Those comments even happen to us in Australia :confused3

    I just look at it this way, everyone is responsible for the choices they make so that's their problem.

  8. Old Swan

    Old Swan New Member

    They happen to us here in the Mildands as well:rolleyes2

    I think some of it comes from jealous eyes. Same folk who may have costed it out via a TA and been put off or who have been in the past and are desperate to go again but can't raise the loot. Seen other threads about how we each afford it. My rule : don't judge anyone or their financial position. You don't have the full picture of what people do to get back there or what it means to them (ie us!) Each to their own and all of that.

    Got to say listening to the podcasts, looking forward to the trips, planning, reading everything on here, sitting down as a family and remembering / plotting for the next one etc - it doesn't half help me get through each winter, the long days, a crap daily commute and leaves me with a stupid grin on my ugly mush when the abuse arrives.

    Stuff em I say!
  9. Paula Sedley-Burke

    Paula Sedley-Burke Proud to believe in Rainbows and Unicorns...

    Well said gets me through the winter also! What puzzles me about the 'disney bashers' lol is why they comment. i never feel the need to comment negatively on other peoples holiday/vacation plans) to be honest it does not bother me what people do as long as its the right side of the law and it makes them happy! I got my happy :-) maybe I have answered my own question? It bothers them that we are happy and maybe they are not?
  10. suzyh

    suzyh New Member

    I get abuse all the time from neighbours to friends. Me and DBF just laugh it off.

    A customer at work yesterday asked me why would I want to keep going and that it must be really boring doing the same thing. That came from a person that goes on the same cruise and cruise ship every year. I just bit my tongue. :)
  11. hugsy

    hugsy New Member

    Hell yes! We're going on our third trip in August and only a handful of people have said how nice it is for us. The rest is "Oh..but you've been there twice before, why are you going again?" and "Why do you guys go there, you don't have children?". Cue much smiling and nodding from me!

    My name is Jenny and I'm a Disneyholic :cool1:
  12. scojos

    scojos <font color=peach>I want to be Tinkerbell and fly

    we got it a few years back when the kids were younger .. this trip no one has batted an eyelid, we ve had an awful year and we deserve some family time, financially its goign to cripple us, but once were there as we have ddp its like doing AI anyway!!
    each to their own, i do smoke but we rarely eat out and neither of us drink - i see friends who can drop £200 on a night out and think ooh i could eat with mickey for that!! (and i wouldnt throw up at the end of the night and not remember the next morning. hardly a memory maker is it??
    note to self-- find other friends:rolleyes:
  13. Paula Sedley-Burke

    Paula Sedley-Burke Proud to believe in Rainbows and Unicorns...

    Yes I have the same thoughts as I do not drink. The same people that criticise my 'childish holiday' go to europe on all inclusive so they can get completely wasted, not remember half of it, get really ill and not do any excursions anyway. Meantime switch to camera 5 in WDW see me, dw up early bright as a button, laughing joking and able to be in the sun without a hangover, remember and savouring every wonderful moment of it. Yet I do not say a word to them. Their vacation if thats what lights their fire its their money! Just glad they arent acting like that in WDW!
  14. Swissdog2010

    Swissdog2010 <font color=red>DDC 677<br><font color=darkorchid>

    I suppose I benefit from the attitude that I basically don't care what anyone else thinks about my preferences. If someone doesn't like Disney i simply tell them I'm glad i won't have to worry about them being in line ahead of me. The majority of people know me well enough to know that were they truly abusive they'd receive a response in kind. And since i believe in using a sledge hammer to kill a fly the response wouldn't be very pleasant, so they don't bother. For anyone who wants advice or tips for planning a trip they find the wife and I very helpful so I tend to attract much more of those types then the negative. In the end it's a matter of how much you value what someone else says and in this case it shouldn't be very much since the obviously haven't a clue.
  15. MrRomance

    MrRomance Planning and Plotting

    We get tons of abuse over our Disney Addiction :rotfl2: but my attitude soon shuts them up! The thing that makes me laugh about it the most is that the people who are negative in their views always make the most nonsensical points. For example, my sister and her family go on holiday every year, they been to Turkey, Greece, Spain, the Spanish islands, Egypt, Tunisia in the last 5 years, and they always go all inclusive. We get a lot of the same stuff you describe "aren't you bored of it?" and "why don't you go somewhere else?" and "how can you afford that?".

    The truth is, my sister and her family go on the same holiday every year too. The country might be different, the language might be different, but the hotels are almost identical, the experience is almost identical and the climate is almost identical. They sit by the pool (which could be any hotel anywhere in the world), eat all inclusive buffet food (which could be any hotel anywhere in the world) and each year is much like the last. They go all inclusive and for their family of 4 they pay around £3200. Our trip last year was £4600, so slightly more, but we had tickets, dining plan and premium economy flights for that!

    Like you, we don't drink very often, we don't go out to pubs and restaurants and we don't smoke. We put all the money we can away for our trip. I don't see why we should have to deal with the nonsense!

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