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Do You think DISNEY has gone down hlll the last few years?

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by brunette8706, Aug 2, 2010.

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  1. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala <font color=red>1937, what a year that was<br><fon Moderator

    The new value resort will be located at the unfinished side of Pop Century (although the plan is now for it to be an entirely different resort, not Pop Century II)

    Under Eisner there was better food.

    Granted, the only way to not accept the cutbacks is to stop going, but if people stop going there will just be more cutbacks.
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  3. Tom Kurowski

    Tom Kurowski Disney Nut

    The money is not the problem for me because I know I have to pay for what I get. But as the original poster pointed out last Christmas the decorations at EPCOT were non-existant compared to other years. I go there looking to escape the real world and enjoy the magic but they seem to be putting out less every time. This does not mean I will not return. We go atleast twice a year and i am still like a kid when planning and watching our countdown clock. As for the food we do not use the dining plan...it never really seemed to work for us so I cannot really comment on that.
  4. sunsetbeachgal

    sunsetbeachgal New Member

    We go once a year on average...I always ride the Tomorrowland Transit people mover (don't laugh...I love a ride that never has a line!) and from that high up you see the roof lines, eaves, etc and I seem each year to see more & more areas of peeling paint, rust, etc.-areas that are in need of maintenance. I also do not like to see closed/abandoned areas within the parks-to me that just does not look good. The area that comes to mind (unless it has re-opened) is the big restaurant that used to be in Epcot on the left of the main bridge as you crossed into World Showcase.
  5. KellyNY

    KellyNY New Member

    But if you call name 3 times and turn around he may come back.:scared1:
  6. KellyNY

    KellyNY New Member

    So they will actually finish those buildings as a part of new resort, or just leave them?
  7. si-am

    si-am New Member

    I believe they will be part of a new resort (animation themed).
  8. Donut23

    Donut23 Long-Time Disney Fan

    Eisner and food. I will give the nod for his vision.

    Eisner actually created a division dedicated to improving the quality of the food offered at WDW. He wanted the bar raised so WDW would be considered a "foodie" destination. How do I know? I worked with a woman who was in that department.

    They searched and hired some of the best chef's they could, gave them the budgets to create the reputations that many of the restaurants are riding on now.

    Three years ago, when the first round of layoffs began, they slashed the budgets for the restaurants. Next they changed the rules for the chefs....cutting out more expensive cuts of meat for example. Now they "shop from the company store" and are told what to do vs. the creative element we enjoyed. Even worse, some of the food is cooked in a centeralized kitchen and delivered to the restaurants. Next time you are at Riverside's Boatrights.....know you are, for the most part, eating the same food, cooked in the same kitchen as CRT for 40% more over there. I use this as an example because on our last trip we ate at Boatrights (before seeing BOB---love Yehaa Bob) and the next night asked for a refund at CRT because we had the same menu as the night before for far less $$$).

    It doesn't end there. Food and Wine festival.

    One or our dearest Disney friends is a F&W addict. He has attended each one and knows many of the guest chef's very well. The stories he was told about their $$ cutbacks and new restrictions has him wondering if he wants to go to F&W at all this year.

    We might not like Eisner....but he DID have a vision for dining at WDW and DL.

    Now we get to eat Denny's food at WDW with different themes. (Ok, I admit it...when my 90 year old mother goes out to dinner....she often chooses Denny's. But it doesn't cost $36 p/psn for the buffet.)

    ....and don't forget the staff cutbacks the last two years.....which means fewer staff at the restaurants...and more stress for those still there.

    What does it mean.....less quality in food options overall.
  9. Donut23

    Donut23 Long-Time Disney Fan

    I'm not a contractor so I don't know....but can they salvage the structures which have been in the open elements so long?

    Perhaps they just take the shells down to the foundatons and start from there. Anyone who watches "Income Properties" on HGTV knows what horrors await the construction people if they are responsible for salvaging those buildings. euwwwwwwwwwww, stinky!
  10. Donut23

    Donut23 Long-Time Disney Fan

    Ok, one more idea and I'll be quiet for a while.

    I want to talk about decline in an area that is precious to me....Christmas.

    Over the years I have watched the resort decorations reduced. I remember when the Beach Club introduced it's current theme of smaller trees in blues and greens vs. the giant tree of read poinsettias in the lobby. I noticed the smart resort manager KEPT some of the retired decorations....one specific.....they had beautiful Christmas "sprays" on the walls on the far side of the gift shop heading to the rooms. The red sprays were there after the blue/green theme was introduced.

    The old decorations were kept and put up in places where budget cuts prevented new decorations to be made. (DH is a castmember and we were chatting with the assistant manager and he talked about the cutbacks in resort decorations).

    Remember the EPCOT Christmas tree was on a platform and each night the tree lighting included characters?

    Ok....I have to carry the crisis hotline number this December for my husband.....Lights of Winter.

    They used to have those beautiful Liberty Red Poinsettias in the planter boxes on top of ALL the trash boxes surrounding the EPCOT resorts.....and garlands ringing all the lamp posts.

    We have a photo of the Christmas tree behind Boardwalk - between the building and the lake. It was so tall it made my DH look like a munchkin. The next year and since, it's about 8 feet.

    I remember describing all the EPCOT decorations to my (at the time) fiance. It was his first Christmas at WDW. I told him how the Beach Club decorations began as you drove up to the entrance wth giant wreath out front...gone....decoratons on the breezeway walk to the busses......gone. At least the poinsettia trees and the poinsettias in the plantings are still there.

    In our house I begin my Christmas planning in the summer....I make tree decorations each year for our family and this year I have (Ok, I know...not well) pretty much finished my shopping. I NOTICE Christmas decor everywhere.

    I just notice each year when something I loved in the past....is gone. $$$ cuts make it difficult for Holiday Services to replace exhisting decorations at the same scale.

    Sure it's still beautiful....but no question a decline from years past. Let's not forget that everything guests touch at WDW over the holidays is priced at a premium.....heck a standard room at BC goes from $325ish to over $500 p/night!

    Disney's Holiday mantra ---- give 'em less, charge 'em more!

    Ok, I'll give everyone a rest from my ramblings.
  11. LilyWDW

    LilyWDW Going to My Happy Place

    Depends on just what exactly was already up. If they are keeping a similar footprint, then they may be able to salvage the foundation. Also if they used steel beam construction they may be able to salvage that My guess is that all the drywall would have to be tossed since it was exposed for so long.

    But I don't know how far along they had been before the project was stopped.
  12. wanttobeinvienna

    wanttobeinvienna New Member

    I am impressed by the responses in this thread...they are all well stated, and obviously well thought out... (Don't expect that out of mine :confused3)

    For me, in short, the answer is no...and I carried this conversation over to our family dinner (family being my family of DH, and 4 kids, my brother, his wife and 2 kids, sister, and our parents). We have all been to Disney World every year for the past 30+ years. My parents started taking us when we each turned 2, and now we carry that tradition on with our own children. There has been very little we have missed in the growth and changes of Disney. Each one of us landed on no, and that the opposite is true- Each trip is better than the last. Each trip has a little more magic, in more unexpected places.

    In terms of decorations...here is my thought- and I certainly don't mean it sarcastically- Just because it happens one year, doesn't mean we should expect it the next year, and the next. We need to just relish and enjoy what we see in that moment- not compare and contrast it. Small example- I work in non-profit... Last Christmas we had about $5000 we had to dump- so we bought medical supplies for our clients- they were elated. This year we don't have that money in the budget- but we will still carry the wonderful services that we always provide. I don't want my clients to think we shortchanged them... I want them to celebrate and enjoy the gift we could give the previous year. That's how I look at the "extra's" at Disney- the entertainment, the decoration, etc. Disney still provides an amazing product. Sometimes there are amazing, unexpected perks... but we aren't being shortchanged when Disney can't provide that- their product is still really really outstanding.

    Food- Well.... I like food- all cheap food- Like- I go to my kids school and have lunch with them on Pizza day, because I like the school rectangle pizza so much :love: Greasy Chineese food is heaven :laughing:, so I am not picky, and will be the first to admit, I would make a terrible food critic. We choose where we eat based on the park we are in and which characters we will see, so I don't notice a decline (although I am a bit bummed the mayonaise isn't blue at the Tomorrowland Terrace anymore!)

    CM's- are one of my favorite parts of the trip- I have yet to have a negative experience... ever. Seriously... But then again- we keep our expectations real. If my kids spill their drink everywhere- we clean it up. If the rule is stay on the sidewalk because the parade is coming- we stay on the sidewalk... We keep it real- just like we would at home.

    Cleanliness- I don't know- I don't see a decline here- sure I have seen an overflowing trash can- but only when it is crazy busy and all CM's are busy.. I have not ever seen blatant disregard by CM's. However, as someone many posts ago said... I have seen a lot of people walk and just drop trash, spill things and just walk away...etc. That frustrates me.

    OK- So do I sound like Pollyanna yet? I really feel like we have the best in Disney, and I feel so lucky that as a family we can continue to experience it each year-

    Our next trip is in 40 days - the 6 of us are going (2 adults and a 13, 11, 9, and 7 year old) for 6 days. It will cost us $78 per person per day, including food and hotel, and MNSSHP. That is still a steal!!

    :cheer2::cheer2:Go Disney! :cheer2::cheer2:
  13. KellyNY

    KellyNY New Member

    Actually LOW were there for a while not just one year and we found out about them not to be installed right before season. Other decorations were also in a smaller ammount. With this being said, many people travel over holiday season specifically to see decorations, they spend money for that, so I cannot say, be happy with whatever left. I live in NY and if one year decarations here will be less, not a big deal, all I spend is $5 for a subway, but with Disney it would be $3,000 and it would be disapointing.
  14. brunette8706

    brunette8706 New Member

    Hi! No, you're not rambling. Actually you make very valid points. Per my launch thread, and your contention Lights of Winter was just beautiful. I have no idea why they got rid of this amazing Christmas light attraction. It kind of reminded me of the lights at Rockefellor Center in NYC. It was pure magic walking through those lights from Future World to World Showcase. Last Christmas at EPCOT it just wasn't the same. Heck WDW made close to a billion dollars in profit last quarter. Not sure why they would not erect these lights. Someone also said during the Mickey's Christmas party and the Food and Wine Festival they would have amazing decorations, now they just use cheap cardboard cutouts! :confused3 WHY? It's very frustrating to say the least. Especially while going to those parties. Once again people pay a premium for these, yet people are getting less and less. I understand the Halloween party a few years back used to be great with candy etc. Now last year the candy was slashed. And the types of candy was really downgraded. All this while increasing the price of the party! UGH!
  15. flicx

    flicx Please stand clear of the doors!

    Interesting post,gives us all a little insight on what is happening at disney.:thumbsup2 At this point I just hope whoever is in charge starts to turn things aroung a little.
  16. flicx

    flicx Please stand clear of the doors!

    I'm now sorry I didn't make it down for the past christmas seasons.I always wanted to go down then before the high season starts and just look at the lights,reading alot of the things here really disheartens me.
  17. KellyNY

    KellyNY New Member

    MK still has castle in ice and Osborne Lights still there. Disney is not naked during holidays but it less dressed.
  18. flicx

    flicx Please stand clear of the doors!

    Yes I would like to see those.Just not happy to hear about the reductions.It always looked so nice on travel channel.
  19. Donut23

    Donut23 Long-Time Disney Fan

    I agree with Kelly.

    The castle lights are spectacular - it reminded us of the old Disney days when they created experiences which were over the top.

    Osborne Lights are GREAT....you will enjoy them.

    Candelight Processional - our official beginning of the Christmas Season. If this doesn't get you in the mood....nothing will. Go to YouTube and search for.....Candelight Processional 2007: Marlee Matlin.....will bring you chills she is so good.

    Last year, with LOW gone, we choose to visit DL for our post-Thanksgiving pilgrimage. Sleeping Beauty's castle lights are wonderful too. Did you know Walt named Sleeping Beauty's castle BEFORE they began working on the movie Sleeping Beauty. He had a plan.

    This year we return to WDW and I have promised my DH that I'll have the crisis hotline number with us when we go into EPCOT for the first time without LOW. We ended each night at WDW with a stroll around WS after all the people were gone. Remember the short lady on the decorated scooter doing donuts around the plantings....to the music?

    I don't want to discourage ANYONE from going at Christmas because it is the most magical time of year.

    We just miss our friends......Country Bears Christmas, LOW, EPCOT tree lighting....sigh.
  20. flicx

    flicx Please stand clear of the doors!

    I guess the one thing I can be sort of happy about is if I haven't seen these things I guess I can't miss them!:rotfl2:
  21. brerdawg

    brerdawg Disney Commando

    We discussed this and would have to answer: no.

    We ate all of our meals at Disney under the deluxe dining plan during the last two visits and enjoyed almost all of our meals and service with very few complaints. I am a relatively big guy 6' 3', 230 lbs and never felt that the portions were skimpy, in fact I was full for most of the trip despite racing through the parks each day.

    I thought that the parks were clean as I did not notice any trash on the ground. Granted I was not looking for it but nonetheless I do not recall seeing it.

    I have always felt that WDW nickels and dimes the guests but have learned to live with it.

    I have enjoyed the Christmas theming of the parks and have been particularly struck by the beauty of the lighted castle.

    Haven't experienced the Brazil crowd and I guess I should be thankful.

    Of course I am not thrilled by the increase in ticket prices but we have always looked for the resort saving packages and credit card awards to offset this.

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