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Disney's Art of Animation Resort Info Thread! Mouseketeers welcome!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by disneydreamfan14, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. cmsb

    cmsb Earning My Ears

    We were just there last week. We only swam in the Nemo pool and I thought the water was pretty chilly. My kids didn't seem to mind, though!
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  3. kimkarli

    kimkarli Mouseketeer

    Thanks cmsb!! That is what I was afraid of. We stayed onsite at Port Orleans Riverside a few years a ago around Christmas and it was too cold for us to get in, however, there were plenty of people in the pool. We are from Texas and it has to be pretty toasty before I will get in. But, the kids won't mind at all!
    Can't wait!

    THANKS!! :thumbsup2
  4. Bell30012

    Bell30012 Mouseketeer

    Water temp this morning was 80 degrees
  5. travlnman1

    travlnman1 Been there..done that..going back!

    On the contrary. They are very trackable. I was able to find out in minutes with just a phone call, (not even knowing the numbers on the cards!) IF they were used, WHEN they were used and WHERE they were used. They then emailed me the copies of when and where the cards were used. I easily forwarded that info to the police.
  6. Bell30012

    Bell30012 Mouseketeer

    Water temp this morning was 80 degrees
  7. kimkarli

    kimkarli Mouseketeer

    80 degrees sounds great!! :banana:

  8. mint

    mint lovely

    Digging through posts and I can't seem to find an answer so I apologize if this has already been asked-

    How late does the concierge desk stay open? We need to buy tickets when we get there but we won't be arriving until around 8pm.
  9. kimkarli

    kimkarli Mouseketeer

    Do you have to show your Resort ID to enter the pool areas? THANK YOU!!!!!:thumbsup2

    FYI: We are staying there just wondering! As one day will be a non-park day!
  10. angelmom27

    angelmom27 Mouseketeer

    Yes you need your key card to enter. It actually scans and unlocks the gate.
  11. kimkarli

    kimkarli Mouseketeer

    OK cool! Thanks!!! So when I go with my kids, I can just bring my key to scan to get into the pool area, instead of us all bringing our keys?

  12. Males1011

    Males1011 Earning My Ears

    Just got off the phone with WDW, and DGF and I have her birthday vacation booked! 9 days/8nights of Disney-goodness in the Art of Animation Resort. Can't wait!


    I know you can only book a room-only rate, ATM, but she did let me know that even though the package rates don't "normally" go on sale towards the end of the summer, to keep my eyes out towards the end of March/beginning of April. Apparently last year the package rates came out earlier than normal, so it wouldn't be a surprise if they came out again around the same time.
  13. Jays2013

    Jays2013 Member

    Getting closer to online-check in! :thumbsup2

    Last time we visited WDW, such a thing didn't exist. I've read reasons for it ... but is there any reason not to do it? And is there any reason to wait closer to the actual trip?

    I'd like to do it at 60 days because it makes the trip seem so much closer! :cool1:
  14. PolyAddict

    PolyAddict Our City Our Home...Finish Strong

    We are here now and didn't need room key for pool area.
  15. PolyAddict

    PolyAddict Our City Our Home...Finish Strong

    We are here now and just wanted to add my opinion on some things.

    Food Court=craziness most of the time. Takes so long to get through a line.

    Haven't used buses since we drive to parks.

    Rooms-very cute, my only complaints are standard for all of my value stays. Beds are too hard, uncomfortable bedding. Towels very rough. The fridge is just a cooling box no compressor and just barely keeps anything cool.

    Did online check in req bldg 9 1st floor, recieved a1st floor but in bldg 7 on the lake. Beautiful spot but too far from the parking like we like.

    Any questions i'll try and answer.
  16. angelmom27

    angelmom27 Mouseketeer

    Wow. They don't have the gate anymore or they just keep it open? We took a tour of the grounds last summer and there was a gate around the nemo pool and people were waving their KTTW card in front of a box that unlocked the gate. I can't remember if the cars pool had one too.
  17. jenseib

    jenseib Mommy to Claire

    In Nov, some days the main one was open, but not always.
  18. Lauralaylin

    Lauralaylin Earning My Ears

    At the Cars pool, the gate opened for me just by pulling it. This was yesterday.

    I found the food court not too busy as long as you go at a non busy time, like 5pm for dinner.

    I was not thrilled that I asked for a quiet room but got a pool view with screaming children at 10:30 every night. And the bed rails I asked for never came. But overall, we had an excellent time and would go back!
  19. mickeyfan0805

    mickeyfan0805 Member

    The one question I've considered is whether or not this would somehow effect the cancellation policy. There are cancellation options available at up to 45 days for a package and up to 7 days for a room-only reservation. I have no information on this, but have wondered if this would be adversely effected in any way if you were already checked in.
  20. cmsb

    cmsb Earning My Ears

    The front and side gates for the Nemo pool were closed, but we could just pull them open. They weren't locked at all when we were there. Maybe they just lock them during peak times?
  21. torquelover

    torquelover Always Dreaming

    Showed DW the Little Mermaid family suite (requested by my DDs) and she thinks the room is way too "loud" and she might not be able to unwind in there at night. Anyone feel this way on a stay there with the room decor/furnishings?
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