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Disney's Art of Animation Resort Info Thread! Mouseketeers welcome!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by disneydreamfan14, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. deedee2177

    deedee2177 Disney Darling

    Some people also received a pin number in the mail which they could get fd even if they stayed in LM...that is how we got our fd package.
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  3. disneydreamfan14

    disneydreamfan14 See Ya Real Soon!

    That sounds right. The roads were very dark, we maybe only passed 3 cars...I was wondering why we took those.
  4. tpettie

    tpettie <marquee><font color=green>What"s a tag and why do

    Thanks for that info

    We are a big group 25 and 3 strollers... we may need to shop at the parks after fireworks
  5. mickeye

    mickeye Active Member

    We are one week from tomorrow. I can't believe it's so close after starting the actual planning a year ago and deciding on the trip since 2007!
  6. buffalogirl

    buffalogirl <font color=deeppink>Ohh do I get to be first?<br>

    Here are some pics of AoA Christmas decoration pics. Sorry they're not better quality. The resort looked beautiful :thumbsup2 (Sorry about the sizing, trying to figure out how to make the images smaller.)





  7. phoebesmommy

    phoebesmommy Active Member

    We leave in a week and we're staying in the LK. I know they have the Cuisinart coffee pod coffee maker, anyone know if you can buy those pods anywhere? I know they provide them, but I just looooove my hazelnut coffee : )
  8. ChancesAre

    ChancesAre Active Member

    Are there windows in the LM rooms? I've looked at a few pictures that have been posted and have not noticed a window in any of them.
  9. heartpooh

    heartpooh Active Member

    Yes...they are just like any other value resort room. They have a window looking out beside the door.
  10. ChancesAre

    ChancesAre Active Member

    Isn't the door on an inside corridor? So does it look out into an indoor hallway?
  11. EpcotBill

    EpcotBill Active Member

    LM section does not have indoor corridors.
  12. ChancesAre

    ChancesAre Active Member

    Thank you, both, for your answers!
  13. dreamseeker9

    dreamseeker9 Active Member

    I can't believe it, we will be checking into a FN suite in just one week! We are 4 adults, no kids. I've read that this resort is more for families and has a lot of kids, but I think we'll be fine. And we have 2 other adults who just got upgraded from a standard room to a suite in another area, so they are thrilled. The food court looks amazing. I'm still reading through this thread, but I'm SO EXCITED!!! :cool1:
  14. tpettie

    tpettie <marquee><font color=green>What"s a tag and why do

    Us too one week 8 adults and 17 children should be a great time... :yay:pixiedust::yay:
  15. wahmtexas

    wahmtexas Active Member

    Single digits Cars suite here we come! For those who have stayed did you leave the murphy and table beds in sleeping positions or did the maids put the up each day we leave in the am and get back late nights seems like it would be easier to walk into room after a long day and have the kids beds ready to go...
  16. disneydreamfan14

    disneydreamfan14 See Ya Real Soon!

    Housekeeping put the table/couch back to the regular positions...however if its a big deal just leave a note, I'm sure they'll be happy not to have to do the extra work.
  17. TinkandPooh

    TinkandPooh Active Member

    Soooooooooooooooo excited we are on te final count down for our 2 week vacation at AoA:cool1:
    Just did online check in and now cant wait for next week when we get there.
    Looking forward to seeing what suite they put us in. We have requested either LK building 10 or Cars building 1.
    We booked during the free dining promo and werent able to pick one because that was how they had it set that we had to book as a family suite and just see what we get when we get there however we were able to put in requests.
    We are all fine with that because it will be nice to be surprised :goodvibes
    We upgraded our dining as well to the: 1 table service, 1 quick serve, and 1 snack per day.
    Have all our ressies made, stroller rented, garden grocer order confirmed, and will be shipping out our box on Monday (tomorrow) so we have that as well when we get there.
    Oh I cant wait for 2 weeks of Disney Bliss.

    Has anyone here stayed for a longer period of time like 2 weeks?

    If so was it too long or was it fully enjoyable the entire time?

    We love Disney but Im starting to feel that maybe we might get home sick with a 2 week stay and I am hoping that we stay busy enough to ward off home sickness yet also have some time to relax :)
  18. Mick&Minn

    Mick&Minn Active Member

    We will be arriving next Tuesday the 27th staying at the AOA Little Mermaid section with free dining Two weeks will go by fast you will wish you were there for another week LOL we will be there until the 8th of December
  19. dreamseeker9

    dreamseeker9 Active Member

    I'm doing some final planning, after reading all 142 pages here! Can't wait to stay at AoA! :)

    I read that LOF closes at midnight, but does anyone know what time it opens in the morning?

    I also read that the main pool is open until 11:00 PM, but is that a firm closing time? I'm going with 3 other adults, and we have late ADRs every night elsewhere, so it will likely be past 11:00 PM by the time we get back to AoA every night. Same with the poolside bar, is it open until 11:00 PM?

    Also, this is more of a general question, but does anyone know how late buses run after the parks close? We have a 9:30 PM ADR one night at California Grill. MK is open until midnight for MVMCP that night, so it shouldn't be a problem to go back to the MK and catch a bus from there in time. But are there cabs available at other resorts if we are out late one night?
  20. buffalogirl

    buffalogirl <font color=deeppink>Ohh do I get to be first?<br>

    I believe it opens at 6 a.m., I know for sure that the hot food isn't available until 7 a.m. We were there one morning at 6:50, bakery items, snacks, cereal, etc were available. There were lines beginning to form for the hot breakfast items-the kitchens opened promptly at 7:00.

    Enjoy your trip! :thumbsup2
  21. heartpooh

    heartpooh Active Member

    My plan is to catch a bus to downtown Disney and then to our resort if the busses stop running to the parks. Most late night ressies are at a resort that will take you to DD and it doesn't close until 2 am so it shouldn't be a Problem catching a ride back to AOA.
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