DisneyMoon Pre Trip Report - 14 Night/15 Day Luxury Honeymoon with DDP

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  1. DisneyGal326

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    Apr 14, 2010
    Hello everyone!

    This is my first trip report of any kind, so thanks for joining! I have really enjoyed reading trip reports on these boards, especially those that include similar activities to the ones I have planned so I thought I would join in the fun!!!

    The cast of characters:

    Aimee :bride: - Bride (Me) Age 26
    Ryan pirate: - Groom Age 25

    I love all things Disney. However, I was not the one to choose a Disneymoon. My fiancé selected Disney after I gave him a choice of anywhere he wanted. I was really surprised as he is definitely not into the whole Disney thing as much as I am, AND we had just gotten back from a trip to the world a few weeks before. I was skeptical at first as I had been there so many times and I wanted our honeymoon to be unique. However he assured me that we would be doing Disney in a way we never have before, and that’s just what we are doing!

    Travel Date: May 23rd - June 6th
    Resort - Disney Contemporary Tower Club Concierge – King Standard Room
    Regular Disney Dining Plan (plus some out of pocket meals)

    ADRs: (My dream list thanks to the intinerary planning office :wizard: )

    • Sunday 5/23 – 7:00pm Jiko – The Cooking Place
    • Monday 5/24 – 7:10pm Cinderella’s Royal Table
    • Tuesday 5/25 – 7:30pm California Grill
    • Wednesday 5/26 – No ADR – Eating and Drinking around the World
    • Thursday 5/27 – 7:00pm – The Flying Fish Café
    • Friday 5/28 – 7:00pm – Artist Point
    • Saturday 5/29 – 8:00pm – Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show
    • Sunday 5/30 – 10:05am – The Wave… of American Flavors
    • Monday 5/31 – 6:00pm – Fulton’s Crab House
    • Tuesday 6/1 – 5:00pm – Victoria and Albert’s Chef’s Table
    • Wednesday 6/2 – 12:00pm – Coral Reef Restaurant
    • Thursday 6/3 – 11:45am – Sci Fi Drive In Theater Restaurant
    • Friday 6/4 – 10:00am – Chef Mickey’s Fun Time Buffet
    • Saturday 6/5 – 7:55pm – Narcoossee’s
    As two people who usually can only afford to stay off property or in value/moderate resorts and eat quick service at every meal, this is a huge difference from our normal vacations. We have been saving for almost 2 years for this trip and are looking forward to it as much as the wedding :lovestruc

    Other things we plan to do: Epcot Segway Tour, GADGADD FastPasses (2 days), Spoodles, 14th Floor Tower Concierge Lounge, Beaches and Cream, Raglan Road, Ghirardelli’s Ice Cream Shop, Mini Golf

    Tentative Itinerary:

    • Sunday 5/23 – Arrive at the resort early afternoon via MME. Enjoy the lounge and check in, visit AKL to see the animals, décor and enjoy our very first Signature Dining Experience followed by Fireworks from our balcony
    • Monday 5/24 – MK and Cinderella’s Royal Table
    • Tuesday 5/25 – AK and California Grill
    • Wednesday 5/26 – EP and Eating and Drinking around the World
    • Thursday 5/27 – HS - The Flying Fish Café
    • Friday 5/28 – No Park, Enjoy the Resort and spend some time at the Wilderness Lodge before our Artist Point Dinner
    • Saturday 5/29 – MK Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show, Fireworks on the Poly Beach
    • Sunday 5/30 – AK
    • Monday 5/31 – DTD, Fultons and Raglan Road
    • Tuesday 6/1 – No Park – Mini Golf? V&A!!!
    • Wednesday 6/2 – Epcot Segway Tour, Coral Reef
    • Thursday 6/3 – 11:45am – DS
    • Friday 6/4 – 10:00am – Pick a Park
    • Saturday 6/5 – 7:55pm – MK (I need to start and End with the Castle) and Narcoossee’s
    • Sunday 6/6 – Head back to reality on MME

    I hope to come back in June with tons of reviews and photos as well as DDP savings (or lack thereof). Stay tuned!!! :bride:
  2. DisneyGal326

    DisneyGal326 Earning My Ears

    Apr 14, 2010
    We leave a week from Sunday for our Disneymoon after what is hopefully going to be an amazing wedding. Ryan and I met in our freshman year of college and have been together just over 7 years. Our wedding is one week from Friday and we are anxious! Today is the first day we could check the weather, and I think I have been stalking it every hour. :lmao:

    Our wedding will have about 150 people and be an evening wedding full of family, fun and food. If you couldn't tell by our ADRs we are definitely foodies and have been drooling over the food porn on the disboards for months now. :worship:

    I have been obsessing about this trip for a year now and we have made TONS of changes. We were originally staying Club Level at AKL but when they came out with the 45% off your deluxe resort stay, would could resist staying at the Contemporary Club level for LESS money than the AKL (AAA rate, they were out of our level room at the promo).

    Then it was back and forth with the dining plan. First we had DXDP for the first half and none for the second half (split stay) but decided to throw our caution and waistlines to the wind and do DDP for the whole trip. We will be paying some out of pocket cause we have way more ADRs than DDP credits but hey, its a once in a lifetime right! :-)

    Just wanted to throw a quick note in here to say Hi to everyone, especially my favorite (and my usual role so far) the lurkers! My goal is to participate more, and hopefully people will do the same. I'm hopeful that once we get back and I have lots of pics to share (and hopefully drool over) I'll get a few followers. Until then, I'll just hope I'm not talking to myself!!
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    Sep 7, 2007
    Just wanted to say I found you!!! Your Disneymoon sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH-MA-ZING!!!!! I really hope you come back and post some reports!! We did V+A Chef's Table on our Disneymoon and it was hands down the best most amazing experience ever!! WE LOVED the Chefs, and had a great time interacting with them. CONGRATS ON YOUR WEDDING AND DISNEYMOON!!!! We will be arriving on June 5th your last night! It's also our 1 year wedding anniversary, we will be celebrating at Cali Grill. BEST WISHES!!!!! :goodvibes:goodvibes:goodvibes:goodvibes:goodvibes:goodvibes

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