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Disneyland take 2~July 2013 PTR aka I obsess over making decisions!-updated 7/8

Discussion in 'Disneyland Trip Reports' started by stacy~**, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. teentoddlermom

    teentoddlermom New Member

    Hi we are staying at pp too! I only got a teeny discounted aaa rate too. But I really want to stay on property and I think pp seems pretty convenient to both parks!
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  3. stacy~**

    stacy~** New Member

    Can't wait to stay there too. When we stayed at the Hojo in 2007 it was pretty convenient so I am expecting this to be amazing. Plus I love the idea of walking in and out through DTD.....especially now that there is an Earl of Sandwich. I imagine many a late night dinners there.
  4. stacy~**

    stacy~** New Member

    Getting Stuff Done and Watching Movies

    Yes...I just randomly gave this post a title. Not sure why? But I kinda like it.

    So as far as getting stuff done~

    Photopass plus is ordered
    AAA membership has been purchased
    Car rental (for 10 days @ $255) with AAA discount has been made

    Some progress...right??

    As far as movies....well back in December I decided that to make a countdown until our trip would be depressing since it would be like a million days so instead we chose 20 movies that we wanted to watch before the trip. It was set to be about 1 movie every 10 days. Wellllll....we haven't done all that well and are really going to need to get watching. We have now watched 5 (the 5th one being last night). So here is our list...a few are pretty random but that is just how it goes.

    Adventures of Icabod and Mr. Toad
    Alice in Wonderland
    Lady and the Tramp-Watched!!
    Oliver and Co
    Brother Bear
    Pocahontas-Watched (last night!)!
    Sword and the Stone
    A Bugs Life
    James and the Giant Peach
    Meet the Robinsons
    Secret world of Arietty
    Tower of Terror-Watched!

    So....I see alot of pizza, popcorn and movies in the next 60ish days!! :)
  5. Sherry E

    Sherry E <font color=darkorchid>Willing victim of the Disne Moderator

    Some suggestions -

    1. Go out the front entrance of PPH to Disneyland Drive, cross the street and take the "short cut" from the PPH through the Grand Californian Hotel lobby to get to wherever you are going. (I don't know if the grandfather clock is back in the GCH lobby - it was missing when I was there in December -- but if it is, look for the hidden Mickey on the clock.) It's a nice way to start and end the day -- enjoying a bit of that elegant GCH atmosphere.

    From the GCH you can either follow the signs to the entrance to DCA and go into DCA that way, or follow the signs to DTD and head to the parks that way. Earl of Sandwich is at the opposite end of DTD from where the parks are -- it is close to the Disneyland Hotel, ESPN Zone, Rainforest Cafe and all of those places.

    2. Look for the not-so-hidden white-on-white Mickey icons in the bedding on the PPH beds. Actually, there are Mickey icons in several places in the rooms, but those can sometimes be overlooked unless one is really examining the bedding up close.

    3. Make sure to check your order before you leave Earl of Sandwich! The DTD Earl of Sandwich is a great value and the sandwiches are good. However, they make a lot of mistakes, from minor things (like leaving certain ingredients on the sandwich that the customers asked to be left OFF of the sandwiches), to major mistakes (like giving a customer the completely wrong sandwich).

    I have since read other accounts of mistakes made at EoS, so it seems to be something that happens fairly often.

    Because my sandwich was so snugly wrapped and packaged up in the convenient take-out bag, I just took it back to the PPH to eat in my room and I didn't discover the mistake until then. I should have checked the order before I left the restaurant.

    On a different night, my friend noticed she had the completely wrong sandwich as she was eating it, but she ended up liking the sandwich and the front counter was busy with customers so she didn't complain.

    Mistakes and all, I still ended up getting food from Earl of Sandwich 3 nights in a row in December, so they did a good job for the most part!
  6. Cory's Gal

    Cory's Gal <font color=#01DF01>I also haven't met a donut I d

    Hi Stacy!

    I just started following along on your TR! We will be in CA for 10 days in July too, the 19th-29th. We are staying at the Candy Cane Inn the last 5 days and doing DL/CA. It will be our first trip! I saw you were still waiting on getting tickets, we just did the Orbitz deal buy 3 days get the 4th free, and I think they had the same deal for buy 4 get the 5th free. It's worth checking out. I still need to order PhotoPass+ also, I can't believe we are right about the 2 month mark already! I am looking forward to following along on more of your planning!!!

  7. stacy~**

    stacy~** New Member

    Once again, thanks Sherry for all the "insider" tips! We leave Friday!!!!

    Hi, Beth! Thanks for reading! I was pretty much a terrible PTR writter. I will have to up my game for my TR! This was just practice. I DID end up getting the Orbitz deal when they offered the additional percent back through ebates. We leave Friday!! Hope your trip is great!
  8. stacy~**

    stacy~** New Member

    So...here we are...the week that we leave!! I know I didn't do too well keeping this PTR moving but I really intend to make it all up to you with an amazing TR!

    We are pretty much ready...besides packing, etc. Our plan is as follows:
    Friday-travel day
    Saturday-Getty Museum, Santa Monica/Venice Beach
    Sunday-Beverley Hills (trolley tour)/Rodeo Drive, Griffith Park, dinner with local friends in Los Feliz
    Monday-9:00am WB tour and Hollywood Blvd stuff
    Tuesday-Tar Pits, LACMA, The Grove (hopefully extra taping) and FM-check in to PPH!!
    Wednesday-Park hopping,Carsland during EE, Minnie and Friends late breakfast
    Thursday-Park hopping, Carnation Cafe dinner
    Friday-Walk in Walts footsteps tour/parks
    Saturday-park hopping
    Sunday-park hopping (our 12th wedding anniversary!)
    Monday-get up and go walk in offered, check out and leave :(

    Can't believe it is almost here!! :banana: Follow me on twitter! I will be tweeting!! :wizard:

  9. :thumbsup2

    Wow, you got to meet Bolt! That is so awesome!!!
  10. mrsmoore

    mrsmoore New Member

    Found your PTR!! Cool you are there the same week!!
  11. Sisa

    Sisa New Member

    Looking forward to hearing your TR, we are also staying at PP. Curious to see how you like it.
  12. stacy~**

    stacy~** New Member

    Thanks for stopping by! Bolt was a very fun character to meet!

    We leave in the morning!! SO excited...I can't believe our trip is here! Ironically I am feeling very unprepared even though I have planned this trip farther out than any other!! Have a great time, too! Maybe we will run in to you!!

    Super excited to stay in the resort this trip!! I hope it lives up to my expectations! Can't wait to share (although that means my trip will be over... :( ).
  13. stacy~**

    stacy~** New Member

    We are back!! Our trip was SO awesome! What I thought would be a trip we wouldn't likely repeat for another 6 years or so...is now possibly going to need to share in a rotation with WDW. The magic and convience at DLR is so perfect!

    I have decided to start a TR separate from this report and I probably won't start it for a few weeks...I need some time to enjoy summer before it's over (and do some of the "behind the scenes" stuff like photobucket and photopass).

    My trip report will include all the Hollywood things and will also highlight many of the foods we ate (3 our of 4 of us are vegetarians). I will link it here once I get going...

    One of our favorite photo ops from this trip:

  14. mrsmoore

    mrsmoore New Member

    Welcome home!!! Wasn't it hard to come back to reality??!!
  15. stacy~**

    stacy~** New Member

    SO hard being back home. I am already scheming and planning for next year...although my oldest is applying for the Disney College Program (WDW) this fall so I have to wait to see if she is accepted before I can really start planning. Fingers crossed!! :wizard:

    I hope your trip was great and can't wait to read along your TR to see what we did that was similar. I am dying to know how the Ross Lynch thing went. My oldest REALLY wanted to surprise my other daughter but I just couldn't see potentially wasting our last day doing that. If you were in line that morning we passed you at about 6:50 on our way to DCA!

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