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Disneyland Menu Database including Cars Land/Buena Vista Street!!

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by WebmasterCorey, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. WebmasterCorey

    WebmasterCorey Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    We've recently expanded our Disneyland dining area on the DIS to include menus. We hope you find it helpful with your planning.

    The official resorts will be coming soon. Since we're based out of Orlando, we welcome all updates and corrections. Please send them to menus@wdwinfo.com

    Enjoy! :thumbsup2
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  3. Mary Jo

    Mary Jo <font color=peach>Techarita<br><font color=royalbl

    Thanks, Corey! :)
  4. CamColt

    CamColt <font color=magenta>Only thinks she’s not losing i

    This is awesome, Corey! Thanks so much! :thumbsup2
  5. blue donkey

    blue donkey Member

    thanks for making it easier to plan our vacations even more! :goodvibes

    I'm just tickled pink that I found these boards.:cutie:
  6. YellowMickeyPonchos

    YellowMickeyPonchos <font color=magenta>Remember when everyone had one

    Corey - you rock like always!

    Give my best to Julie.
  7. Katink

    Katink Earning My Ears

    :jumping1: :disrocks: EXCELLENT!! We're there at the end of the month and this is sooooo helpful.

    Many Thanks.
  8. GHII

    GHII Earning My Ears

    No kidding, great info! THanks!
  9. FireflyJar

    FireflyJar Member

  10. Jennifer03

    Jennifer03 Mouseketeer

    That's great, thank you! :)
  11. MickeyNikiNaka

    MickeyNikiNaka I Dream About Disney

    YESSS!!! Thank you!!!! :cool1:
  12. SueTGGR

    SueTGGR Disney visits as often as money will allow-donatio

    On our last trip, at the beginning of Dec, my 8 yr old got the stomach flu for the last half of our last day. It was no fun for anyone. He had wanted to go to Pinocchio's Workshop and DH & I were planning on a nice dinner at Brennan's. We were stuck in the hotel room instead. Well, on to the info I got from the front desk @ the Disneyland Hotel & maybe all of you already know but did you know that most of the restaurants will give you food to go but you just can't call it in. You have to go and order it and then take it.
    Now, Brennan's is our fav but we aren't completely pleased with their Express section. I went up to the hostess at the main restaurant & I was directed to go to the back to the bar and they would prepare just about anything on the menu to go. The guys running the bar take your order (bless them, as they were running circles keeping up with the drinks) and then you wait and it wasn't long at all. I know eating in your room isn't the best but I remember when my youngest was smaller & would crash early soemtimes. I felt so trapped. A nice dinner from Brennan's would have been a way to soften the blow knowing other people were out there having fun without me. ;>)
  13. connielu

    connielu Disneyland Veteran

    Thanks!:goodvibes :goodvibes
  14. Trader Aaron

    Trader Aaron Wallpaper Creator

    I was just looking for this on Google, shoulda checked here first. Thanks!
  15. iKristin

    iKristin <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Wow this is awesome! This really makes things easier for a vacation!!
  16. DizFan13

    DizFan13 Mouseketeer

    Whew...this is sooo great! :worship: This is a fabulous tool to have.
  17. mystic_path

    mystic_path All our dreams can come true, if we have the coura

    This is AWESOME! :thumbsup2 Thanks Corey!
  18. Sherwin

    Sherwin <font color=royalblue>Not-so-secretly crushing on

    Do they still have the cookie boat at BB?
  19. DisneyloverinWA

    DisneyloverinWA Waiting for the Magic

    Thank you so much. This is fantastic!
  20. msmouse39

    msmouse39 Earning My Ears

    This is great - I am trying to get my trip planned and knowing where to stop and enjoy is great:hourglass

    BMICKEY Member

    Thanks! Always fun to plan the next meal - too many yummy ones to choose from!

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