Disneyland is a fabulous local theme park!

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by peyjax, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. blackjackdelta

    blackjackdelta <font color=darkorchid>Uncle had an "in" with Walt

    Jul 23, 2005
    I have been going since 1955 and not once have I run in too a narly CM or even close. Not listing the said problems does not allow for much response.
    Glad some of the trip was acceptable. I also have never been to the world or on a cruise, do not plan at going, family refuses.

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  3. mom2tinkandmickey

    mom2tinkandmickey Mouseketeer

    Nov 14, 2011
    Sorry your experience was less than 100% magical.

    As far as the "local treatment" , how would a Cast Member know if you are local or not, by asking for a pass or a discount card (if such a thing existed)? Passes are asked for at the time of payment..after you have already been waited on. So, how could it impact service? Perhaps you were asked if you had an annual pass, but your mind went to the Entertainment book hotel discounts, that are only available to CA residents? What type of Cast Member did you ask for an explanation? I have spent 200+ days in the Parks since May 2005 (I'm not local), and have never been asked for anything other than an AP or Disney Visa for discounts. I have also had maybe 1 negative experience with a Cast Member, for every 100 great ones. As you stated, it is an extremely busy time right now (not to mention the opressive summer heat this year). You dealt with those crowds for a couple of days. Imagine being in it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Cast Members are human. They get beat down by guests...EVERYDAY. You don't find a lot of sales people, or cashiers whistling Zip-a-dee-do-da by Christmas Eve, during the holidays. I'm not trying to excuse poor treatment of guests. Unfortunately, Disney is giving 50% to their employees, and expects 110% from them.

    I agree 100% about the "new" DCA being much ado about nothing. Yes, Carsland is amazing! The rest is just paint. What used to be fun and vibrant, is now very vanilla. I know most people disagree.

    I hope someday you get the chance to come back and really experience Walt's original Park. When you do, take a moment to pause in front of the light above the Firehouse window, and feel your heart smile.:goodvibes
  4. mom2tinkandmickey

    mom2tinkandmickey Mouseketeer

    Nov 14, 2011
    Sorry, my previous post was addressing both peyjax and melancholywings, and it didn't quote correctly.pirate:
  5. melancholywings

    melancholywings <font color=royalblue>How do you prepare for a ban

    Nov 7, 2007
    Ah ok. I bet it was misinformation then. Thanks all!
  6. melancholywings

    melancholywings <font color=royalblue>How do you prepare for a ban

    Nov 7, 2007
    I'm not sure how to respond, or what you're asking me? And I'm not sure how your 200+ days in any of the parks invalidates the experiences of others? If you've crossed the street 200 times safely, and I cross it once and get hit by a bus - am I making that experience up because you didn't get hit by it?:confused3

    My post was to say that I can relate to some of the OP's experiences. Compared to DW - DL can feel like a local park. That's not a bad thing, it's just a different experience.

    And I think because on our last trip AP's came unblocked on a minor holiday (no school/no work) it created a larger ratio of AP holders to visit - and statistically speaking a high number of those people have to be local. It's reasonable for cast members to recognize this as a pattern and to relate to other visitors as though they are part of the current majority in the parks. Which is what my family experienced. It's not a horrible thing, it didn't ruin our vacation. But it does create a different experience.
  7. jetskigrl

    jetskigrl No mumbojumbo here

    Mar 7, 2007
    I read a lot on the boards about WDW vets coming to DLR and thinking the CMs aren't as nice. I could say that I had the opposite experience. I'm a DLR vet who went to WDW and didnt' think the CMs were as nice. But I have a theory as to why that is. I don't think there is a difference between the CMs at all. I think is has to do with the touring style.

    When I went to WDW, we were on the go, trying to see as much as we could. Our focus was on just totally enjoying the parks. So we didn't take the time to stop and talk to the CMs as much there. There were a couple of grumpy ones and a couple of really nice ones. But none stood out like the CMs we have encountered at DLR.

    But the reason we have such great experiences with CMs at DLR is because we take the time to interact with them. We go at a slower pace because we know the park so well and we aren't trying to take it all in. So that leaves us with the time to really talk with the CMs. That is when you get the "pixie dust" or "magical" experiences. Not in the 1 second you pass them in line or 2 minutes you spending checking out in the stores. It is in the 5 minute conversations you have standing around chatting with them. It is the time we spend talking to the conductors because instead of running for the train at the station, we wait for the next one, etc.

    We didn't expect a lot of CM pixie dust at WDW, because we were focused on the parks themselves. We didnt' take the time to talk with the CMs like we usually do. And I think the same thing might happen to people coming to DLR for the first time. Not that this is a bad thing. It is just a different priority. Seeing the parks vs. visiting with the CMs.

    I'm not saying we never encountered a bad CM at DLR. We have even reported 2 to City Hall because they went beyond "having a bad day" to actually upsetting our children. But overall I have found that the more time we spend talking with CMs, the more magical they make the experience for us. :thumbsup2

    I also find this applies to Disney Cruise Line. Some of our best experinces on the cruises have come from interaction with the CMs. But it is easier to get to know them when you are on the same ship with them for a week or more :thumbsup2

    And as for them treating locals better, I have to agree with everyone else. How would they know who is local? I know tons of AP holders that aren't local so just having the AP alone doesn't provide that information. So I'm not sure how they would cater to locals when they have no idea who is local and who isn't :confused3
  8. bakerudall

    bakerudall Real Boy

    Jan 28, 2012
    You nailed it there. Just as the OP was looking forward to ruffling some feathers from the beginning of his/her post, he/she probably enjoyed trying to ruffle the feathers of the CM's he/she encountered throughout his/her stay. That will definitely suck the magic out of personal interactions.
  9. brerrabbit

    brerrabbit Sixth Generation Native Texan

    May 12, 2000
    I have been to Disneyland four times in my life. 5 years old in 1964, Senior in HS 1977, with wife and kids in 1998 and last weekend for two days. I have been to WDW 16 times since 1989.

    Here is my view, I love Disneyland and will seriously consider a week long stay there sometime in the future. It was Walt's park but so much has changed over the years it seems a little less his than it once was. We love WDW, don't get me wrong but the rides at DL are just so much better when compared head to head. Space Mountain, POC, Haunted House at DL all rock compared to WDW. DL everything is so compact and right there that the walks are minimal. DL however at least for the weekend we were there was packed. That is to be expected because the Southern California population far exceeds the Central Florida population. At WDW you can find down times, and I am sure with more research you can find down times at DL but I would think there are fewer.

    THe local vs non local thing at DL I cannot understand because no examples were given. I can speculate. I think a lot of it has to do with the CM's and their name tags. At WDW we are always looking to see where the CM's are from. Since there are so many on the College program and so many that move to Orlando to specifically work at Disney you wind up finding CM's from all over the country and in Epcot from all over the world. It opens a conversation and brings out conversation from the CM's about their home. It automatically makes them seem friendlier. Over the weekend at DL DW and I noticed that 90% of the name tags had the CM's from California. Very little conversation starter there. That being said we did have numerous CM's ask where we were from because as much as I don't think so my wife and I are definitly Texans and most people figure that out as soon as we say something.

    The only other thing I would mention is that at DL this weekend I did notice more than a few overflowing garbage cans and dirty restrooms. Not to say that does not happen at WDW but we seem to see far less of that at WDW than we did at DL.
  10. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2007
    FYI, you can buy an Entertainment book for ANY city, or even country, that you want. I can buy the SoCal book today if I wished to, and you can buy the Puget Sound one for my region. I can buy the one for British Columbia, Canada. So even that isn't a local thing (and I don't think there's anything in those books that can be used anywhere in the Resort, apart from Rainforest Cafe, but I didn't use mine b/c I have the Landry's card which can't be combined with a discount).

    I've talked about the CA city nametags with CMs before, and most of them that I've talked to aren't actually from that city, it's just where they live NOW. They can do where they are from or where they live now, and many choose the latter. Not sure why!

    And with garbage...that's all a matter of when you are walking by. I've read trip reports from the exact same time I've been there, and one person can walk by an overflowing garbage can, but when I walk by 3 minutes later it is being cleared out or has already been cleared out. Back in '07 I was taking pictures of chipping paint and being really sad about that...half an hour later, it was being painted, so someone following me would see work done, or wet paint signs, or just notice nothing at all.

    We saw it at WDW and Universal, too. It's all a matter of when, exactly, you are walking by something.
  11. BeckWhy

    BeckWhy <font color=FF99FF>The Tag Fairy prefers to remain

    Feb 19, 2003
    Everyone has their own experiences which leads to their own interpretations of that experience.

    My experience with CMs at Disneyland was, for the most part, far more enjoyable than WDW. I paid for almost everything with credit card and was IDed every time (which I greatly appreciate). I actually got a lot of comments from CMs about being all the way in California when I'm from the BIG APPLE. New York must be so much better than LA. So we had a lot of conversations because I'm not from NYC, I don't even live close to it. It's about an 8 hour drive if I want to go. And I hate NYC. It's so loud, and dirty, and it smells, and people are rude (that's my experience). I loved it when I was at Hungry Bear and one of the girls working commented on her cousin or something going to D'Youville College in Buffalo (which I live much closer to). I kind of got the impression that more CMs appreciate their job in Disneyland than those in WDW. But I also felt the CMs were disorganized. During parades and fireworks they attempted to do crowd control and it just didn't seem like they had any control at all, even though CMs were everywhere. Or maybe it was just that the guests didn't listen or pay attention? Either way it always seemed chaotic.

    I felt my character interactions (and what I saw with others) was far superior than WDW. Everyone seemed to try to make "conversation" with you and try to spend some time with you. This really sucks when you're waiting in line and it makes the line move really slow, but I think the end result is far more rewarding. All my character interactions in WDW (besides my Disney Visa Meet & Greet) all seemed to be "TAKE A PICTURE AND GET OUT OF THE WAY!"

    My favorite interaction was with Merida. I haven't even seen Brave, but I figured I'd wait to see her anyways so I can say I met her. I was traveling solo (and I'm about 30 years old) and she really just made a lot of chit chat with me. We were talking about how hot it was and how I missed my New York rainy weather. So she invited me to come back to Scotland with her to stay in her castle, along with the cute boy who was working with her. HAHA She was so cute.

    I stayed at Stovall's Inn on Katella. My walk was about 20 to 25 minutes through the Grand Californian, to DTD and then to the esplanade. This was walking at a leisurely pace. I don't think it was a far walk at all -- not at the end of the night, and not after 5 days in the park with 100 degree temperatures. I even went back to my room almost every day for a nap. Yes the Grand Californian is a lot closer, but in WDW I don't think you have any hotels as close to the parks at that hotel. Some are walking distance, but most you have to use the buses.

    The people who worked at my hotel were amazing too. I actually only dealt with one person all the way from pricing out the hotel to checking out. He knew my name by the end of my first day.

    I won't say the counter service food serviced in Disneyland is better than WDW but I felt I had a bit more options (and I felt they were super huge servings, I never finished one meal). Food is prepared differently there than here in New York. Most of the meals I got came with different types of slaw. Here we only have coleslaw and it was great to try all these other kinds. The one at Taste Pilot or whatever had apples in it. Great touch, I thought (it wasn't coleslaw though...).

    POTC and Space Mountain (Ghost Galaxy or whatever it is for Halloween) rocked. So much better than WDW. The Aladdin show... AMAZING! I think that was worth the billion dollars I spent to go. LOL I think that Sleeping Beauty's Castle is more pretty than Cinderella.
  12. starshine514

    starshine514 DIS Veteran

    Nov 21, 2010
    There are a few things that make me think of it as a more local park than WDW, one is the shorter listing time for the hours (usually 6 weeks) compared to WDW. Another is requiring people to register in person for AP events. Finally, there are all the folks that you're pretty sure aren't vacationing (I.e. groups of teenagers, women in 4" heels, people obviosly on dates, etc.). DL does have a large group of non-local AP holders (I'm one of them), but a fair amount of locals love Disney as well. I think it really becomes apparent when something new opens and 6 hour waits ensue.

    However, I haven't noticed CM attitudes making me feel inferior because I'm not a local. The only thing I've noticed is occassionally seeing them chat with some of their non-CM friends while working.
  13. nunzia

    nunzia You can't top pigs with pigs, but you CAN top Toys

    Oct 19, 2007
    I've been to DLR a bunch, since way back in 1963, to a couple times a year now. I've been to WDW once..no one seems to want to go back. I've had great CMs, indifferent CMs robotic CMs and grumpy CMs. I have read a few places that the Disney University that was so lauded for great customer service has been whittled down to a sliver of what it once was, so to me, that is the biggest change from now and then.
  14. sunsetbeachgal

    sunsetbeachgal DIS Veteran

    Apr 22, 2010
    We went to Disneyland last Sunday as part of a trip out west, and we are frequent DW people...I hadn't been to Disneyland in 40 years. I found everyone working there to be very friendly and helpful and I did ask questions of CM's and security personnel (directions, etc). A highlight for us was the Holiday Haunted Mansion ride--the decor was great!

    My only complaint was that in general I did not find Disneyland to be as clean as DW, especially the ladies restrooms. BUT last Sunday was very, very crowded in the park, so perhaps they couldnt keep up with the amount of people.
  15. MillauFr

    MillauFr Buzz & Woody

    Aug 5, 2011
    I think the OP was just trying to stir the pot. And they succeeded.
  16. Zbugz

    Zbugz Thinking about In n Out Burgers and Sunshine

    Apr 6, 2012
    I agree. :thumbsup2
  17. interstate70s

    interstate70s DIS Veteran

    May 29, 2012
    I 've been to DLR on multiply week long vacations, and I 'be been to WDW on several days trips. I guess I wouldn't conclude much from a day trip, or even a few day trip at one resort vs the other I know so well. I was at MK on a very hot crowded day in August and the bathrooms were very dirty, but I can 't conclude that DW is dirtier than DL generally.

    I ve had great CM experiences at DL and I don 't recall any negative experiences at DW either, but since CM are human I would assume heat and crowds affect their attitudes as well. Although our last trip was in the September heat wave and crowds were heavy and the CMs were stellar. I think that when dealing with people most of the time you get what you give.

    My DH spent his family vacations in WDW. He didn't 't go to DL until we were married. It was love at first sight for him:love: I will admit that this love is ALL about convience though (no BUSES) and lack of humidity.

    We are not locals and have never felt singled out because of it. In fact, staying at the GCH we felt very catered to.:goodvibes
  18. disneychrista

    disneychrista DIS Veteran

    Dec 26, 2002
    Funny the same is said about WDW all the time, how the CM's at Disneyland are much friendlier and the WDW CM's are rude.
  19. XTinabell

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    Oct 19, 2006
    Honestly, I am sure many of us have experienced poor service, unfriendly cm's etc. I know I have several times, and although the number of good experiences I've had far outweigh the bad, it's so hard to forget and let go of those negative experiences.

    I agree that often when you are nice the cm's are nice and vice versa. However, I have received very poor service and dealt with rude cm's when I was nothing but pleasant to them, so I can see what the OP is saying. Although I wouldn't say it had anything to do with me not being a local, I don't see how they would know.
  20. mmlover74

    mmlover74 Mouseketeer

    Mar 20, 2009
    I have been to both WDW and DL and have not encountered rude CMs. On our last trip to DL, we had very nice CM who gave my son a special treat for free because he was sad and in tears since the ice cream carts were closed. I was going to buy the cupcake anyway, but they chose to do it to put a smile on his face.
  21. bzkds

    bzkds Mouseketeer

    Jul 4, 2008
    Funny, I was at DLR for 3 days last week and my friend and I were surprised by how many CMs we chatted with who were NOT from Ca! I haven't been to WDW so I can't compare the service, but I have never had a bad experience with a CM from either DLR or DCL or found any of them to be less than friendly and accommodating. Maybe I'm just more easy-going about my expectations?

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