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Disneyland For Big People?

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by razza1987, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. razza1987

    razza1987 New Member

    I am a large person. Approximately 295 pounds. I am wondering if I would have trouble with any of the rides at Disneyland
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  3. onecutemouse

    onecutemouse New Member

    Hi Razza,
    You should not have any issues, a couple of the rides might be a little bit of a squeeze but not too bad.
  4. wdw_monster

    wdw_monster New Member

    Don't worry at all, my husband is 350 and I'm about 275 and we fit perfectly on everything
  5. twinkletink

    twinkletink New Member

    I found this thread while poking around for something else...but found it very helpful.

    Hope that helps :)
  6. Luliemouse

    Luliemouse New Member

    The Hubby and I are both tall. I'm 5'8 size 26 and hubby is 6'3 about 295.

    We have no issues in the parks what so ever... There are some attractions that have no leg room or that are a little tight...
  7. Luliemouse

    Luliemouse New Member

    This might help some...

    Alice in Wonderland – Lap bar, No leg room
    Astro Orbitor- Seat belt pretty long
    Autopia –Seat belt, No leg room
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Lap Bar
    Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters – Lap bar
    Captain EO Starring Michael Jackson – Theater seats… Small if you have big hips or larger behind
    Casey Jr. Circus Train – tight leg space… Try for cage, no restraints and more leg room.
    Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes – No restraint – Just need balance :)
    Disneyland Monorail – Bench seating
    Disneyland Railroad- Bench seating
    The Disneyland Story presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln - Theater seats… Small if you have big hips or larger behind
    Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Seat belt, good leg room
    Enchanted Tiki Room- Bench seating
    Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage – no restraints, very tight space…
    Gadget's Go Coaster – Lap Bar- No go if your taller than 5’8
    Haunted Mansion – Lap Bar
    Indiana Jones Adventure – Seat Belt VERY long *tip* Put your seat belt on before you sit down… it’s easier!
    "it's a small world" – Bench seating no restraints
    Jungle Cruise Bench- seating no restraints
    King Arthur Carrousel – Bench seats for adults! There is only one got to act quick!
    Mad Tea Party – Might be hard to turn… No Leg room , No restraints.
    Main Street Vehicles –No issues, no restraints
    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – Lap Bar
    Matterhorn Bobsleds – No leg room – Just changed ride cars… Haven’t ridden in new cars.
    Mr. Toad's Wild Ride– Lap Bar
    Peter Pan's Flight– Lap Bar
    Pinocchio's Daring Journey– Lap Bar - No leg room
    Pirates of the Caribbean – Bench Seating
    Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin – Lap bar
    Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough – tight spaces LOTS of Stairs.
    Snow White's Scary Adventures – Lap Bar – No leg room
    Space Mountain- TIGHT space, No leg room
    Splash Mountain – No restraints
    Star Tours – The Adventures Continue – Seat Belt VERY long *tip* Put your seat belt on before you sit down… it’s easier!
    Storybook Land Canal Boats – No restraints
    Tarzan's Treehouse – Walk though… Lots of stairs!
  8. Luliemouse

    Luliemouse New Member

    California Screamin'—Over the shoulder Bar
    Disney's Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular-- Theater seats… Small if you have big hips or larger behind
    Flik's Flyers – Bench Seating
    Francis' Ladybug Boogie – Seat Belt
    Golden Zephyr – Seat Belt -LONG
    Goofy's Sky School – Lap bar… VERY tight fit, no leg room. I dislike this ride… it’s like whiplash!
    Grizzly River Run – Seat belt… They have extenders if you need them
    Heimlich's Chew Chew Train – Bench Seat with lap bar
    It's Tough to Be a Bug! --- Bench seating
    Jumpin' Jellyfish- No go… Lap bar
    King Triton's Carousel – No issues no seat belt needed.
    The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure – Lap bar lots of room
    Luigi's Flying Tires --- Long Seat Belt
    Mater's Junkyard Jamboree – LAP belt, lots of room
    Mickey's Fun Wheel - No restraints, Lots of room.
    Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue! Bench seating, Lap bar
    Muppet*Vision 3D -- Theater seats… Small if you have big hips or larger behind
    Radiator Springs Racers – LONG seat belts, Front seats have more leg room.
    Red Car Trolley - Bench Seating
    Silly Symphony Swings- Never even tried… Looks small
    Soarin' Over California – LONG seat belt… Large seats
    Toy Story Mania! – Bench seating
    Tuck and Roll's Drive 'Em Buggies – Seat belt
    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror—LONG SEAT belts… I like the back row... feels like there’s more room.
  9. Luliemouse

    Luliemouse New Member

    For rides like....

    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
    Radiator Springs Racers
    Soarin' Over California
    Star Tours – The Adventures Continue
    Indiana Jones Adventure

    It really is much faster and easier to put your seat belt on while standing. It's faster and less awkward. The seat belts are really long on these attractions.

    Good luck and have fun!

    PM me if you have any questions.
  10. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot New Member

    If you have bigger legs, I probably wouldn't even try Goofy's Sky School. When it was Mulholland Madness, Dh wasn't able to ride it. The restraint is really narrow (it's a lap bar that comes down) and he would have had to fit his knees in between the bars in order to allow the bar to get under his belly, and his legs are too sumo-esque for that. It was his absolute worst moment, because the guests waiting were NOT kind. The CMs were wonderful; those guests though, they must have been really emotionally damaged people, to be that mean to a total stranger. (worse, it was just before DH was finally diagnosed with a pituitary tumor that was causing most of his weight gain, and it was a VERY emotional time anyway)

    Astro Orbiter is incredibly awkward, especially if you have a child riding with you who isn't quite big/old enough to get in and out on his/her own.
  11. DLRfan31

    DLRfan31 A Pirate's Life for Me!

  12. disneegrl4eva

    disneegrl4eva <font color=darkcoral>now we just need a secret ha

    i would say that some of the turnstyles on the rides you might be squished and make it a little difficult to get through and for sure without a doubt there will problems getting on Winnie the Pooh and also you may have issues with fitting on Space Mountain especially if you are tall as well...not alot of leg room, and there is a possibility you may have issues with Goofy's Sky School....other than that you should be ok but......there is something that I never see that I really feel is important to stress.. although I dont think this goes for everyone, I do think that a number of larger people may have mobility and endurance issues...and where actually fitting into the ride may not be a problem, getting out of it may be more difficult if you dont have alot of lower body strength....for example...getting in Space Mountain and Matterhorn isnt difficult but getting out it can very well be...also, getting on the train sometimes is rather difficult to pull yourself up...and the worst of all is getting out of Splash Mountain....I have lost alot of weight in the last year and all of the problems are non existant for me anymore but when I was around your size I did have all the problems that I have indicated...the worst was Splash and i had to get help getting out and it was sooooo embarrassing that I didnt ride it again until just this past June...because now my endurance and lower body has more strength so I didnt have any issues....but let me you, I was scared to death waiting to get on that ride...my dd told me i wouldnt have any problem so i went ahead and bit the bullet and as soon as I sat in the log I attempted to lift myself with great success!!! so i breathed a sigh of relief and enjoyed the ride but if i got over 275 lbs I probably wouldnt try it...the only way to know is how you are normally able to go up and down stairs and such...if you have problems then i would steer clear of Space/Matterhorn, Splash and Winnie the Pooh oh and as Bumbershoot said...dont even try astro orbiter lol
  13. Geemo

    Geemo New Member

    On Goofy's Sky School height can also be an issue. If you are long in the body when sitting, watch your head. If you are the first one in the car (left hand side) when you are going up the first climb there is a spot where your head will be real close to the structure.

    I agree the turn-stiles can be a challenge to go through.

  14. razza1987

    razza1987 New Member

    I can manage stairs fairly easily. I have stronger legs than any other muscle really but I will take it with caution. If I can't get in and out of these rides when I go to WDW I will steer clear of them at DLR hahaha
  15. razza1987

    razza1987 New Member

    You have been so very helpful. Thank you :)

    And trust me I will have a lot of fun. Being from Australia, America let alone Disney seemed to be a long away dream. Now I am planning a trip to WDW AND DLR in the one holiday. Life can't get much better :)
  16. razza1987

    razza1987 New Member

    Thank you. This link is very helpful. I keep watching videos of DLR and WDW and looking at the rides to try and see if I will have problems with them. Yes I am that obsessed about it lmao
  17. razza1987

    razza1987 New Member

    This set my mind at ease a bit as I am a size 24-26 and am 5'8-5'9 so thank you :)
  18. razza1987

    razza1987 New Member

    This link was very helpful. Thank you :)
  19. razza1987

    razza1987 New Member

    I was looking at pictures of the ride vehicle on the website and wondering how people get in and out of the thing lol
  20. Camonkeygirl

    Camonkeygirl New Member

    I second the Goofy Sky School. I have thick thighs, and barely can get the bar down. I usually skip this one, but had two boys with me that could not go on by themselves last time I was there. The only other ride I have a problem with is the chest area on CA Screamin'. All of the other rides are "pooh" size friendly at least for me.
  21. Feej

    Feej New Member

    What in particular is the problem? I'm a bit concerned about this ride as well.

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