Disneyland Birthday present Surprise help!

Discussion in 'Disneyland Community Board' started by LilyLiqueur, Dec 29, 2012.

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    May 12, 2010
    Hello, everyone.

    I don't post in here very often, so I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I just needed some help and guidance in planning a special surprise for my girlfriend.

    We're going to Disneyland for her birthday, arriving at the parks on the 7th of February and leaving until the 10th. Her birthday is on the 9th, and I wanted to plan a surprise scavenger/treasure hunt for her birthday present, which is a beautiful ring. And I was wondering how I could go about doing it. I've already written the riddles she needs to figure out that would lead her to each clue until her final step.

    Setting it up is the hardest thing. :scratchin I have no idea how to go about placing each clue, and how to place my gift at the end. If it's impossible, then I will definitely put this idea to rest,

    But I DO hope that it is possible. Where should I call to get cast members to help me out with this? Thank you guys for your help!

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