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Disney Visa

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by amandaroseziegler, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. amandaroseziegler

    amandaroseziegler First Family Cruise

    I'm looking into the disney visa, can anyone help with what perks you get. Is it like points and you can use for cruises and stuff?
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  3. MissDaisyofTexas

    MissDaisyofTexas New Member

    The regular Disney card gives you 1% points on everything you spend. I believe there is a premier version with an annual fee that gives you more points on certain categories. You can spend those points on almost all things Disney--hotels, cruises, merchandise, convert it to a Disney gift card, etc.

    The biggest benefit with the card, I think, is that certain Disney packages are 6 months 0% interest. And Disney Cruises qualify as a package. So you could pay your cruise off by your paid-in-full date and still have another 6 months to pay it off on your Disney card.

    Also, if you didn't book on board or you don't use a special Kids Sail Free or *GT rate, you get a $50 on board credit from using your Disney Visa.
  4. KristiMc

    KristiMc New Member

    With the premiere card you get 2% back on dining, groceries, gas and Disney purchases. It does cost $49/year but we make that back in no time.
  5. MrsB919

    MrsB919 New Member

    I have both and they definitely come in handy if you travel to Disney often. I usually use it for groceries and gas and pay it off ASAP. I always have a good amount of reward dollars for every trip. We go once or twice a year depending. The 6 month 0% financing is great. Also for the cruise like many said the on board credits. At WDW you get 10% of purchases in some stores. You get 20% of selected tours. Also at Epcot you get a free character picture at innovations. I have recommended this card to the disney lovers in my family and none have been disappointed. Like PP said even with the annual fee you make up for it quickly. HTH. :wizard:
  6. ses1230

    ses1230 New Member

    OP, I see your location is Canada, I don't think the Disney Visa is available to Canadian residents.
  7. amandaroseziegler

    amandaroseziegler First Family Cruise

    Crap, your right. What gives, why are we left out :(
  8. Lobofan5

    Lobofan5 New Member

    They also came out with a bunch of cute designs and you can change designs on a whim. I just changed mine to Toy Story and my DH's to Mickey.
  9. neg58

    neg58 New Member

    Funny money. Looneys. Coins that look like US coins but not quite and are rejected by vending machines and coin counters.

  10. KarenMP59

    KarenMP59 DVC Member

    Love my Disney Visa. First of all, it's really cute. It's pink with Minnie and Mickey on it and people always comment on it at stores and restaurants. My husband's is red and not girly. Secondly, we use it for everything and pay it off every month. We don't pay any interest and get lots of free Disney money to use when we go there. We get a lot of our meals for free that way. We have the premium one which even at $49 a year is a huge bargain for us. :cheer2:
  11. MrsB919

    MrsB919 New Member

    I have the same one and my hubby has the plain one as well! It really is a great card.
  12. ktb2002

    ktb2002 New Member

    I try to use mine for everything (when I remember to lol) and I have a nice little Disney nest egg built up that will be put to good use in May on our cruise lol. I almost hesitated at the annual fee, but I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of it.
  13. ro8821

    ro8821 New Member

    So you don't really get cash back? You only get Disney money back to use at Disney? I wa looking at a Disney visa just last week and was thinking about getting one also
  14. ktb2002

    ktb2002 New Member

    You can use the reward money at Disney Parks, stores, online, Cruise, I can't remember off the top of my head what else.
  15. GoinPlaces63

    GoinPlaces63 New Member

    When you are at the parks you can get a 5x7 of your group. Special place... Ask at the gate.
  16. Silver Queen

    Silver Queen New Member

    This is only available at Innovations at Epcot. We've done it several times. Love our Disney Visa. We have received hundreds of reward dollars that we dollars generally spend on dinners when we're at WDW.

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