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Disney Visa $200 offer

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by boxcarbillie, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. boxcarbillie

    boxcarbillie Take me under your wing O knowledgeable one.

    I believe that I have read all the posts in regards to the Disney Visa $200 offer however not one has a link to this incredible deal. Does anyone have a link to share or can anyone provide the invitation information so each can call
    800-943-8319 to claim this deal? I have noticed there are links to the $100 offer and you can change the numbers listed in the address to change the offer amount but none of them are higher than $100. There's got to be a way to get the $200 offer!
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  3. tlh0726

    tlh0726 New Member

    The $200 offer is not transferable to anyone other than the last name for which it was sent to.
    Our was sent to the XXXXXX family and our address.
    I applied, my husband applied, I wanted to have my mother apply as well and was told that it had to be the same last name. I countered with so my husband's mother can apply but my mother can't :confused3
  4. mlittig

    mlittig New Member

    Exactly as tlh0726 explained it :thumbsup2
  5. kcchica

    kcchica New Member

    So if you mother in law can apply would she have use your address??

    I didn't realize my husband and I could both apply! I just received the $150 offer:banana: (too bad not the $200 one but I won't complain too much!) Now that means I really have an extra $300 coming for our trip (that will help us upgrade to annual passes!!!) :cool1:

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