Disney Ultimate tickets now include Minigolf

Discussion in 'UK Trip Planning Forum' started by wayneg, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear New Member

    I'll put on my list of things I want to do!
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  3. wayneg

    wayneg <font color=red>VMK AceCaptainWayne<br><font color Moderator

    Details of the Minigolf here http://www.wdwinfo.com/recreation/minigolf.htm
  4. wilma-bride

    wilma-bride <font color=990099>Would love a diet on Cadbury Fl Moderator

    If only it was included in the PAP :rolleyes:
  5. laura_<3

    laura_<3 New Member

    That's great news, DBF will be happy!
  6. mollies_mum

    mollies_mum New Member

    Does this apply to all ultimate tickets regardless of where you bought them? I've just bought mine from attraction tickets direct. Always wanted to try the mini golf :) x
  7. wayneg

    wayneg <font color=red>VMK AceCaptainWayne<br><font color Moderator

    It should do, don't see why it would matter where you bought them but they have a Facebook page. You could confirm with them on there or by phone.
  8. mollies_mum

    mollies_mum New Member

    Good idea, thanks :)
  9. MrRomance

    MrRomance Planning and Plotting

    This is an interesting one, but here is an observation from my experience.

    We booked our Oct/Nov 14 day trip through Disney Directly last June. We booked hotel, 14 day ultimate tickets and got free dining. At that time flights were not open and we had to add flights on later. On our invoice, it stated that we had a free round of golf as some other PP's have mentioned.

    When the time rolled around for us to get our flights, we couldn't get them at a decent price for the dates we had booked. So we had to shift our dates by a few days. Disney were awesome and allowed us to change our dates with no fee.

    They sent us out a new invoice and there was no free golf on it. This suggests to me that if you booked last year, you'll get the single free round of golf as on your invoice. If you booked later (or like us had your reservation changed) you'll get the free golf as part of your 14 day Ultimate tickets.
  10. orangetiggs

    orangetiggs Married my sweetheart in DISNEY!!!!!

    I have just emailed complete orlando who i booked with to find out aout this
  11. queendisney

    queendisney New Member

    Just checked my invoice from Disney and nothing on there about 1 free game of golf at all so I assume as I booked this year that I will get the free golf everyday:goodvibes
  12. crabbie1

    crabbie1 New Member

    Just a query? If I buy actual tickets rather than an evoucher will disney still add the ticket to the room key? I suppose if not we will only need to take one KTTW card out to get back in room and proof of resort stay guests:confused3
    Would prefer them uploaded onto card though.
  13. mollies_mum

    mollies_mum New Member

    I've just had this response from Attraction Tickets Direct:

    'Hi Ruby, Yes we can confirm that you do receive a free round of Disney mini golf each day. But just to clarify; you do have to reserve your own tee times and this does not include club hire. If you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope you have an amazing holiday!'
  14. orangetiggs

    orangetiggs Married my sweetheart in DISNEY!!!!!

    Think they are confusing the free oak trail golf which is normal golf. Im sure when we played at mini golf the putter was included so this looks like the wording from the oaktrail golf course thats included
  15. mollies_mum

    mollies_mum New Member

    I thought the same thing :confused3
  16. MrRomance

    MrRomance Planning and Plotting

    Yes, that refers to the actual golf course, not the mini golf. I think they've got things confused.
  17. mollies_mum

    mollies_mum New Member

    I've emailed them back, I'll let you know what they say...:)
  18. meryll83

    meryll83 All it takes is faith and trust... Proud Strawberr

    Booked through Virgin Hols before this was announced, do we think this will be included for us given the tickets won't really be issued until we check in?
  19. wayneg

    wayneg <font color=red>VMK AceCaptainWayne<br><font color Moderator

    I think everyone who has a 2013 Ultimate (or 7 day Premium) ticket however they bought it will have it included but time will tell.
  20. thestevied

    thestevied New Member

    Same here, fingers crossed.
  21. mollies_mum

    mollies_mum New Member

    This might help clear things up, ATD just emailed me back:

    'Apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this, we have just been double checking everything with Disney, and can confirm that you do indeed receive a free round of mini golf each day at either Fantasia Gardens or Winter Summerland. The round must be started before 4pm, and you can visit only course per day.'

    Well this just saved us some $$$$ :thumbsup2

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