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Disney, The Dream...and WHAT?!? Disney AGAIN!?! *Updated 2/20*

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by melmar136, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. melmar136

    melmar136 New Member

    OMG! :eek: I can't believe a guest would punch a CM. I mean, WHAT would possibly make you that angry on your vacation to the happiest place on earth?!
    Wow. Well, at least it wasn't Matt who got punched!!!
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  3. dizneeat

    dizneeat Active Member

    Mmmmmm, Boma breakfast ..... VERY yummy. Did you try their juice? Sooooo good! :cloud9:
    They have wonderful scrambled eggs - I think they have cream cheese in it ....... okay, okay, I'll stop! :rotfl2:

    Unfair you had to go on the second bus!!!!!!!! :sad2: But then you got second row! :scared1:

    AND we are up to the cruise part!!!!!!!! Yippie!!!!!!!!
  4. Mom2m&k

    Mom2m&k New Member

    I can't believe that you didn't see any giraffes at Kidani! We saw tons of them when we were there. It was May 2010 so maybe the weather? Very strange! Can't wait to read more!!
  5. melmar136

    melmar136 New Member

    Yes, Boma breakfast was very good, and the juice is great!

    Next post, we will be on the Dream! ;)

    I know, right?!? No giraffes! :sad1: I love giraffes, and there was not one to be seen anywhere. I was thinking maybe it has something to do with the weather as well? Maybe it gets too hot for them? :confused3
  6. melmar136

    melmar136 New Member

    We arrived at the cruise terminal around 1pm. I thought that was a little late, especially considering the DCL reps at the hotel said the captain wanted to leave an hour early from port, to avoid the rest of Hurricane Irene.
    But, the terminal wasn't too crowded at that point. We got a health form to fill out, then got in line. After being there for a little while, they moved us to the Castaway Club line. It didn't seem all that shorter than the regular line, as there as so many repeat cruisers.
    We waited about 15 minutes total, then proceeded to enter...

    444 by mlm313, on Flickr

    through some magical ears.

    We had our picture taken.

    445 by mlm313, on Flickr

    And then boarded the Dream! :banana: :woohoo: :banana:

    They announced us onboard, and we entered into the atrium:

    451 by mlm313, on Flickr

    452 by mlm313, on Flickr

    This is one of the first sights you see as you enter. It is huge, and beautiful!
    The whole atrium is so open and bright. We talked about how on the cruise we went on last year (on HAL) it really wasn't like that. It seemed so much smaller, and much darker. The Dream really is a grand ship!

    We headed to our room, which was ready, only to drop off our carry-ons, then went right up to Cabanas for lunch, as it was close to 1:30 and we were getting hungry.

    Cabanas has a huge buffett, but we found it kind of confusing. It seemed that some people were waiting in line, and going down the whole way in the line, while others came over to each station separately, making it seem like they were cutting the line. No one really explained the set up when you entered, so I don't think people knew which was the correct way to do it.

    Once we got our lunch, we didn't see too many seats. I had heard the CMs direct you to one, but that didn't happen. We found some stools at a little bar type thing and sat there.

    Meg's lunch:

    446 by mlm313, on Flickr

    She got rice, mashed potatoes, pasta (can we get any more carbs in there? :lmao:), mixed veggies, and swordfish. The pasta tasted almost like the kind at CP (not good) and the potatoes were glue-y. It really wasn't the best. It got a 2.5 out of 5.

    I got:

    447 by mlm313, on Flickr

    a roll, mashed potatoes, the same yucky pasta as Meg, steak, and mixed veggies. The steak and the veggies were good. I gave it a 3 out of 5.

    Then we got some dessert:

    449 by mlm313, on Flickr

    Scooped chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream with a little topping bar of milk and white chocolate shavings. It was pretty good, but once we found the self-serve soft serve ice cream at Eye Scream, we never went back for the scooped!

    We soon left Cabanas and headed for our room, stopping to take these along the way:

    448 by mlm313, on Flickr

    450 by mlm313, on Flickr

    We went back to our room after looking around more in the Atrium. We were hoping our luggage would be there, but it wasn't so Meg took some pictures of the room. We were in 9522, which was a good location, near the forward elevators.

    454 by mlm313, on Flickr

    455 by mlm313, on Flickr

    456 by mlm313, on Flickr

    453 by mlm313, on Flickr

    The room was nice, with lots of storage. I liked the split bath, one with a sink and shower, and one with the toilet and a sink. The only problem was I kept forgetting which was which with the doors closed! (and which one I put certain things in, like the toothbrushes, etc).
    The only thing that really took some getting used to was having to use the kttw card to turn on the lights.

    We finished checking out our room, and went to see the Sail Away Party. Unfortunately, it was moved indoors because of a lot of wind!

    MAGICFOR2 New Member

    Subbing - looks like fun!
  8. dizneeat

    dizneeat Active Member

    Yeah! You got to the cruise part!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:

    The staterooms are nice, aren't they, even though I think they ARE smaller than the ones on the wonderful Disney Wonder! :laughing:

    We weren't huge fans of Cabanas either. Once we had tried the Royal Palace instead we stuck there and only dropped by Cabanas for the Pirate buffet and a snack. ;)

    Shame about the indoor sail away party, wasn't it?

    Cannot wait for MORE ..............
  9. sue_88

    sue_88 DIS veteran

    The Dream looks nice! Sorry to hear the food at the buffet wasn't great.
  10. melmar136

    melmar136 New Member

    :wave2: Hi there! Glad you joined in!

    Yes, the sail away party wasn't all that great when you're indoors and can't see what you are sailing away FROM! :rotfl: I think we may have blown away up on deck though. It was pretty windy!

    Cabanas wasn't our favorite, and it's nice to get waited on, so we didn't end up there too often.

    I never got to go on the Wonder, just the Magic way back in 1998, in an oceanview. It's nice to have the verandah, but we honestly didn't use it much! There was always so much to do, we just weren't in the room too often! ;)

    Hi Sue! Thanks for joining in! The Dream was very nice. The food will get better as you keep reading! :goodvibes
  11. bkandreu

    bkandreu New Member

    I love this TR! You and your daughter are great! Very funny girls :) The thing you said about Soarin, where you lift your legs up made me laugh out loud because I always do the same exact thing!!! And I agree with all of your pet peeves. VERRRYYY true! I love your Trip Report! Definitely one of my favorites on here!popcorn::
  12. miss.potatohead

    miss.potatohead New Member

    :yay: Subbed! Loving this report, especially the food pictures!!!!
    Can't wait to follow the rest of your holiday! :)
  13. melmar136

    melmar136 New Member

    :thanks: Glad you are enjoying it, and so happy to have you following it! Hopefully, the rest will keep you entertained! :goodvibes

    :welcome: We love followers! We knew we had to add in the food pictures because we spent so long checking out other TRs and dining reviews and drooling over all the food! :rotfl:
  14. melmar136

    melmar136 New Member

    Meg and I headed out for the Sail Away Party that was indoors. Yes, it was very windy, but it's just not the same inside. You can't see what you're sailing away from, can't see anyone waving to you from shore, can't hear the great horn...oh well.
    When we got there, it had already started. We were handed some streamers on a stick to wave around. We watched it from deck 4, and were back 2 rows. Kind of hard to see. But Meg did get some pictures:

    459 by mlm313, on Flickr

    460 by mlm313, on Flickr

    461 by mlm313, on Flickr

    462 by mlm313, on Flickr

    After the Sail Away Party was done, we went back to our room, and met our room steward in the hallway. His name was Horace, and he was very nice. He made sure we had our bags. We unpacked our bag that had just FE stuff, and door magnets, etc. Yes, we had a whole suitcase just for this stuff!

    disney 015 by mlm313, on Flickr

    Here it is, full! Good thing it was only a 3 night cruise! :laughing:
    We took all of our magnets out, and our FE holder and got started putting it all on the door.

    465 by mlm313, on Flickr

    466 by mlm313, on Flickr

    467 by mlm313, on Flickr

    Thanks to the DISigners who created some of the magnets for us, and gradysmommy on ebay for the FE hanger! We loved it!
    As soon as we had our door done, there were people going by commenting on it. We went inside and could hear all these little taps from kids pointing to stuff on the door. It was so cute. Horace warned us some of it might be missing by the end, but I am happy to say, no one took a thing! It sure made it easy to find in the long hallway!

    We unpacked a few more things, but wanted to make it up to our Dismeet on Deck 4 at the Vista Cafe. (thanks Karin, for organizing!) We got to talk with a few people, but couldn't stay long, as there was a DVC member presentation I wanted to go to (free gifts and drinks!
    :thumbsup2). Can't miss that!
    We got there a little late, and I got a glass of wine, and Meg got sparkling cider. We got a bag, and some hats, and 2 lanyards. We didn't stay long as we were way in the back and couldn't really hear much. So, we snuck out with our goodies!

    We felt a little rushed, as we had to be all dressed for dinner, before the show at 6:15, as we didn't have enough time afterwards to make it to our late seating dinner.

    We unpacked some more, got dressed and headed to see The Golden Mickeys.
  15. melmar136

    melmar136 New Member

    We got a quick picture as the Dream was pulling out of Port Canaveral. We went out onto our verandah, and could see a couple of people waving with the big Mickey hands on, and lots of people at a couple of restaurants right on the water waving at us too.

    468 by mlm313, on Flickr

    We got ready, and went to see the Golden Mickeys. We arrived right as they were finishing up the red carpet interviews.

    472 by mlm313, on Flickr

    469 by mlm313, on Flickr

    The picture of the stage didn't come out very well, as the boat was pretty rocky at that point from whatever was left of Hurricane Irene. As we sat watching the show, I was wondering how the performers could stay in their places on the stage, AND could sing and dance! :eek: Although, there was one moment when I thought Cruella was going to fall over!
    We were just sitting, and could really feel the boat sway!

    The show was good, and at the end all these gold Mickey heads came down as confetti. The little boy next to us was going crazy trying to gather up as many as he could.

    We went back to the room after the show, as Meg was feeling pretty seasick.
    :sick: I gave her some more Bonine (just like Dramamine, but with no drowsiness, and you only need to take 1 in 24 hours) although, this was Meg's second one of the day. I figured maybe she'd feel better if she ate a little dinner, had some gingerale, and let the Bonine work.

    Here is what we found when we entered the room:

    473 by mlm313, on Flickr

    A cute little elephant, some chocolates, and a nice box from DVC.
    Meg took her Bonine, and we left to go to dinner. Our first dinner on the rotation was to be the Royal Palace.

    474 by mlm313, on Flickr

    Poor Meg. She felt horrible. There were quite a lot of people who were seasick that night. We went over to the windows near the restaurant and Meg said, "oh, THAT'S why I feel sick", as she saw the big waves. I couldn't help it, I had to laugh at her. Here she is sitting, waiting to go into the Royal Palace:

    476 by mlm313, on Flickr

    She did feel ok to take this picture, but it was from her vantage point, on the floor:

    477 by mlm313, on Flickr

    Such a pretty atrium!

    We finally were able to enter the restaurant, after they gave everyone an antibacterial wipe. Meg has this very odd disorder called the "wipephobia". She literally HATES wipes. So, of course her uncle, and my friends who still have babies like to chase her around with wipes. Clean ones, and she runs, screaming. Odd.
    :lmao: She has even been known to bite, and draw blood when being held down and wiped all over with a wipe! :rotfl: Yes, her uncle tortures her!
    But, she had to just take the wipe at the restaurant, and give me a horrified look, then throw it away as soon as she could. Again, poor Meg.

    She overcame her wipe trauma in time to take this picture as we entered:

    475 by mlm313, on Flickr

    So pretty!

    We were shown to our table, number 73. We were sitting with the teen boy who was in back of us while we were waiting to get on the bus, at Kidani. We had bonded over "Roz". So we were happy to see him (Trevor) with his mom, Jen. Another single mom and her daughter sat with us as well.

    Our assistant server, Pla from Thailand, handed us our menus and took our drink orders. Meg really needed a gingerale!

    478 by mlm313, on Flickr

    Would Meg be able to eat?
  16. Mom2m&k

    Mom2m&k New Member

    Poor thing! That is not a fun way to start a cruise! I hope she started to feel better...I can't wait to see food pics!!
  17. melmar136

    melmar136 New Member

    There were a lot of people who were sick the first night! No, not a great way to start a cruise!
  18. dizneeat

    dizneeat Active Member

    Tell me about many people being seasick! :lmao: Our first meal was at the Artist's Palatte and it was empty in there! Ana and Sapto had a lot of time to fool around with us .......... and funnily enough it was the one night when I was really hungry during 11 nights of cruising! :rotfl2:

    Great photos and you squeezed a lot in in a short amount of time! I remember your door - it looked amazing! BTW, can you remember the diameter of the round door number? Tom wants to make a Stitch biting into in, but we forgot to measure ;)

    More please ...... I love it!
  19. melmar136

    melmar136 New Member

    Thanks! We had lots of fun decorating our door. I'm so glad I found these boards for the decorations, and the FE. It made the cruise even more fun.
    I didn't measure our door, as I got our Mickey hat pattern from idrivealumina's thread.
    But it says on there to use a 7.5" diameter. That sounds really funny what Tom wants to do!
  20. BerrysGirl

    BerrysGirl Waiting for the Lights

    I'm all caught up on your TR!
    I looove your cruise pictures! I'm thinking a Disney cruise needs to be in my future soon :)
  21. melmar136

    melmar136 New Member

    Glad you're back from your trip. Can't wait to read all about it!
    Yes, a Disney cruise is a must do! Stay tuned for more! :goodvibes

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