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Disney Tattoos

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Community' started by ddc123, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. applepieandsoda

    applepieandsoda Earning My Ears

    Hah, thanks for the compliments. I didn't know there was this much love around here, then again, I havent been on in ages!
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  3. vitani88

    vitani88 Member

    My new not-so-hidden Mickey tattoo! It was going to be white, but my tattoo artist advised against it. I still love it!

  4. vitani88

    vitani88 Member

    I could also use some help! I'm getting married at WDW in December and my fiance and I are thinking about getting matching tattoos to commemorate the big day. The problem is, he doesn't want anything "Disney" on his body. So we're trying to come up with an idea of something in or around Disney World that doesn't scream "Disney". I was thinking maybe the Koi fish from Epcot Japan or something equally as incognito. We're getting married at Sea Breeze Point on the boardwalk, so maybe something from around there. Any ideas?
  5. HFC1969

    HFC1969 Grand Floridian Junkie!

    wow.... :thumbsup2
  6. Just done, I love it!
  7. Chicago Mo

    Chicago Mo Mouseketeer

  8. perdy1234

    perdy1234 Member


    Here is my healed picture of my back piece.


    this is my most recent tattoo of tinkerbell


    The belle is my husbands latest tattoo



  9. Synndy

    Synndy Member

    INCREDIBLE!!!! In awe of it!

    Also I love the pin up Belle your hubby has!
  10. jnfr2424

    jnfr2424 I'm Tink I got my Peter Pan and together we love t

    Love this!
  11. Thanks. I love it! I do see a few spots that will need a touch up, but I think the tattoo artist did a awesome job:-)
  12. cherbear

    cherbear DIS Veteran

    Wow I have missed a lot of great tattoos! Especially that back piece! The DISNEY letters made out of character accessories etc is great! And the Tinks. I wanted to comment on all new tats but still trying to get the hang of this app
  13. glennsgirl762

    glennsgirl762 My Heart Belongs To Disney!! I Am A Member of Th

    Hi cherbear! I haven't been on this thread in a while and just noticed your ticker, congratulations!! ;)
  14. Leger13

    Leger13 DIS Veteran

    What about the wallpaper from HM?? That definitely does not scream Disney one bit!
  15. Leger13

    Leger13 DIS Veteran

    LOVE the back piece! And the Belle Tattoo. All so great:thumbsup2
  16. [​IMG]

    Picture does not do it justice. It's not finished yet will be getting a Mickey head firework added next month:-)
  17. Kathy Jetson

    Kathy Jetson DIS Veteran

    Very nice!
  18. mickeym96

    mickeym96 Member

  19. averill94

    averill94 Mouseketeer

  20. jclos1980

    jclos1980 Earning My Ears

    This is my DH tattoo. he loves everything 2 Gun Mickey. It measures about 7 inches by 5 inches and curls around his calf, that is why the pic shows it from 2 different angles. This pic was taken right after it was done, color looks great.
  21. Kathy Jetson

    Kathy Jetson DIS Veteran

    It looks great!

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