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Disney Stops Issuing Stock Certificates in Blow to Fans

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by Rumors Rocks, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. 2littleprincesses

    2littleprincesses New Member

    ARe these worth it? Thinking of getting these for dds for christmas, but I don't know if they would like them?
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  3. Disneylovingdad

    Disneylovingdad New Member

    Yes it included the engraving.

    I wouldn't mind even getting a copy of a certificate (non negotiable) as long as it looked like the actual certificate. Even if it says non neg on it I'd be ok. It still conveys ownership. However, it should then be substantially cheaper as its a copy of an electronic stock for me to consider buying it. I'm not paying 164$ for a copy or "certificate of ownership" unless it looks exactly like the actual stock with the images. Just my thoughts.

    I have a feeling that Disney will maybe say no certificates will be issued unless bought directly from us. They make no money really off of the sites mentioned here. Those sites simply buy the stock from them then profit from it. Disney probably said, we get that people like this idea but there is nothing in it for us. To them, they are selling the stock either way. I could be wrong but it seems like a way for them to make the money on it instead of actually spending to print certificates then getting nothing out of these sites selling them to us. Granted, I could be wrong. Just seems odd that it is the most collected stock certificate and they abruptly end it when they could find a way to profit on it themselves.
  4. Aliceacc

    Aliceacc <font color=royalblue>We had a wonderful time, but

    I ordered some for my kids for Christmas about a week ago.

    I got an email last night informing me of the change, and it looks as though my kids will still get their certificates. But, since they need to be printed and sent before October 16, I'll need to watch the mail for them to protect the surprise.

    For what it's worth, if you go through http://www.giveashare.com/ , you don't have to pay for a frame. I figured I'll get each kid a binder, and let them select a share (within reason) for each birthday and Christmas.
  5. Piglet99645

    Piglet99645 New Member

    I just purchased two from oneshare.com. They were $151 each with frames and plaques and all.

    I compared Disneystock.com, which sells just the certificate without all the framing, but the savings was not significant ($79 total), and I'd have to get them framed anyway. The transfer fee was $10 higher at Disneystock than at oneshare.

    I did have a discount from mousesavers.
  6. scrappinginontario

    scrappinginontario Active Member

    I've wanted to do this for my DD since she was born but have always procrastinated....until tonight.

    Just ordered one for her with a frame, personalized plaque and shipping to Canada. It was $190.59US in total. The shipping was a silly $39.00 since it's coming to Canada and we always pay a fortune but at least we'll have it.

    This will be fun when she's older and can appreciate it more.
  7. Planogirl

    Planogirl <font color=purple>I feel the nerd in me stirring

    Disneystock.com now says this:

  8. Disney Dynamite

    Disney Dynamite New Member

    The message on giveashare.com has updated to the following:

    "Urgent news! We just talked to Disney's transfer agent and we are very confident that if you place your order today, we will be able to get you the authentic stock certificate before the cut-off. Although we cannot guarantee it, the chances are very good. If we cannot get the authentic certificate, you will be given the option to cancel and get a full refund."

    That sounds pretty hopeful. I really hope they can pull this off.
  9. goNDmay9

    goNDmay9 New Member

    I am definitely interested!!! I have been procrastinating because I was not sure how it would work if you wanted more than one share- but only one certificate. Now I guess I better get on it. If you are already a stockholder - I am hoping that they can just give you at least one real certificate.
  10. Aliceacc

    Aliceacc <font color=royalblue>We had a wonderful time, but

    And, keep in mind:

    Even if you get copy certificate, it's still an incredibly cool gift-- they're still stockholders in Disney!!! It may just require more creative packaging.
  11. starry_solo

    starry_solo New Member

    Good, I just ordered it today (I paid $160-ish, how'd you get yours so low?!) I almost forgot to order. If we don't get a real one then I will request a refund.
  12. goNDmay9

    goNDmay9 New Member

    I finally got through to Broadbridge. If you want to get your paper certificate and already have stock - you need to overnight a letter with your account #, name and address and clearly state that you want X amount of paper stock certificates sent. They told me the request needs to be in writing and you cannot just request it over the phone.

    Here is their overnight address (different from their standard one)

    Disney Investor Relations
    c/o Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions
    1155 Long Island Avenue
    Edgewood, NY 11717

    If you go to the post office right away, you can overnight for about 20.00. UPS was around 30. My receipt says it is guaranteed to get there by 3:00PM tomorrow (10/16). Oh yes, and we sent multiple requests in one overnight envelope!

    For those who do not have any stock -you can open an account with 250.00 minimum and overnight to the same address. Here is the form for new participants. They will deduct a 10 dollar and 5 dollar fee from your initial investment as fees. $10 for your enrollment fee and $5 for your investment fee. I forgot to ask if the initial investment needs to be $250 after they take out the $15 in fees though.


    Hope this helps!
  13. jennyerin

    jennyerin New Member

    If you already have non-paper stocks, can you get a replica certificate for one of them or would you need to purchase another share and request a non-negotiable certificate at that time? I think it would be nice to have and I don't have to worry about losing any value if it gets damaged or lost...
  14. goNDmay9

    goNDmay9 New Member

    Yes! I asked that as well. Much safer and less to have to keep up with!!! I have a feeling that is the one we will probably hang on the wall.

    They don't really have the details on that yet - but as of right now they said you can just call and request the non stock - paper certificate for an existing share. I asked her if it looked just like the stock paper certificate and she said she thought so, but was not sure.

    She did not really seem to know much about the non stock certificate paper.

    Edited to Add: That is if you have the non paper stocks through the Walt Disney Investment Plan. If you own them through a broker - you would either need to buy one or have an existing one transferred to your name. If you buy through a broker, the stock is typically in the broker's name.
  15. ktlm

    ktlm New Member

    I'm heartbroken. I've always meant to do this for DD, but was going to wait until she was a little older. I was going to order it for Christmas this year (or her birthday after that if it didn't get here in time for Christmas)- I've always wanted one and never got one, so I was going to get one for myself as well. I've been at WDW, and didn't find out they were discontinuing them until we got back this week. I have absolutely ZERO interest in the replica or a certificate of acquisition. There was nowhere that I could get one at the last minute- every place had so many orders that most advised they weren't even going to be able to fill all the orders they already had.
  16. Disney Dynamite

    Disney Dynamite New Member

    For anyone who used giveashare.com to order, they've posted the following update:

    "If you ordered Disney before the cutoff at 4:20pm PST on 10/15 - check your order status. If you have a date in the Certificate Registration Started
    field, your order made it in the registration documents that are submitted to Disney's transfer agent so you are in great shape!"

    And on the order status page:

    "Disney - we will be working late Tues 10/15 & Weds 10/16 (the deadline) to make sure we get all complete and validated orders in before the cut-off. If you have a date here, you're 99.9% there because Disney and its transfer agent have stated they will honor any proper registration requests submitted by the deadline. Our little .1% hedge is there until we see the actual certificate."

  17. sunset7132

    sunset7132 New Member

    I got one in the last hour they were available
  18. shoes99

    shoes99 New Member

    This is the email I received on 10/17/2013 at 6:14PM
    I paid $168.95 for certificate with frame and engraving. I used the code
    from mousesavers for a $10 discount too.
    I ordered mine on 10/10/13.

    Hello from OneShare!

    Congratulations! Your order has been submitted to Disney and is currently being processed! We are now waiting for Disney to deliver your authentic stock certificate so that we can send it along to your destination. Due to the high volume of orders please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery. Orders will be completed as they were received. We will be sure to keep you updated via email as your order progresses. We apologize for any inconvenience this slight delay may cause you and appreciate your patience. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us by email at cservice@oneshare.com or call us at 888-777-6919 M-F 9-5 PST.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Service Department
    The Gift of Equity
  19. sunset7132

    sunset7132 New Member

    I wish iKnew of the discount I ordered one in the cheaper frame for 140 with shipping with 45 minutes to spare. I was rushing no time to research.
  20. sunset7132

    sunset7132 New Member

    I got mine from one share to
  21. Maggie7313

    Maggie7313 New Member

    I arrived home today to find an envelope with the certificate for the shares I bought through Disney's Direct Investment Program on 10/10.

    I had a dreadful day and it was an unexpected delight to come home to find proof that I own an (extraordinarily tiny) piece of the magic. I already had shares through my brokerage account but I've always thought of those as just an investment. These feel "real" and I'm so grateful to OP.

    Hopefully the certificates for those who ordered through giveashare and oneshare will arrive soon!

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