Disney Snob IX: IS THAT A NEW CUPCAKE??! 9/29 CARSLAND completely blows me away p.41

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  1. AGPrincess

    AGPrincess Disney Snob -- Bookish Princess

    Jun 22, 2006
    WELCOME friends, DISers, Romans, countrymen, and all you Disney Snobs to this latest snobby trip report. My name is Emma, and this will be my ninth TR here on the DIS! Whether you are an old friend, a long-time lurker, or a new reader, I hope you'll come out to say hello, maybe a quick "Aloha."

    Go on...you know you wanna say it...


    Ahhhh. It's just such a magical word. :goodvibes

    I will be leaving for the one and only WALT DISNEY WORLD, the place of all pixie dust, in just over ONE WEEK, and I couldn't hold that ALOHA in any longer.

    I seem to walk around in a cloud of Disney dreaming these days. When I'm going about my tasks at work, visions of the castle suddenly rise before my mind. When I go for a bike ride, I'm imagining palm trees overhead. When I eat my lunch, I find myself wondering what cupcakes are under the case at Starring Rolls at just that very moment. When I turn on the strawberry (the strawberry is my ipod...but don't worry, we'll get to who's who in a sec...), I only want to play Disney soundtracks.

    It's getting bad. I'd better get back to Disney ASAP! :yay:


    That's me! In a picture taken, unsurprisingly, at the Polynesian. I kinda adore the Polynesian. I have a standing snobbish reservation at the hammocks on the beach (lol...I wish!). :beach:

    SO. Introductions. I'm 24, currently doing freelance writing and working at a bookstore (which is SO DANGEROUS for a book-lover like me!), a former Disney cast member (worked at the Boardwalk for a year after graduation...so much fun!), crazy about Jane Austen, Disney, and cupcakes! I even put together a Disney cupcake infographic/guide/poster for my blog :


    I can't wait to scope out all the new cupcakes I've been hearing about online - like the ones at the newly re-opened Boardwalk Bakery (they look pretty much the same as before and the other desserts look amazing too!). And the Main Street Bakery/Starbucks if it's open. And the Monstrous Summer cupcake...and...and...yeah. Hence the title of this trippie. I have no doubt I will be saying "IS THAT A NEW CUPCAKE???" pretty much constantly. :thumbsup2

    Right. Ready to hear about the rest of this crazy crew?

    Mama Snob - My mom is the Disney expert and supreme Disney planner in the family. Relaxing at the resorts is her favorite Disney thing to do. She's a terrible tease but also my very best friend... :goodvibes

    Dad - My dad enjoys WDW...but isn't quite as crazy about it as we are. He makes sure we fit in additional interesting historical/nature sites on our trips. Once we stopped at the Okefenokee Swamp, which was beautiful and also just has the best name ever. ::yes::

    Aramis - Aramis is my older brother and a Disney cast member working in food and beverage. He did his college program at Chef Mickey's, and we loved to go to the upper floors of the Contemporary to people watch and spy on him, lol! He loves it in Florida, and luckily doesn't mind when we all crash at his place. :rolleyes1 We'll be staying mostly at resorts for this trip though. :hyper:


    Porthos - Porthos is a rising college senior and recently returned from a semester of study abroad in London. We both love the Impressions de France movie in Epcot's France Pavilion (the pastries! and the bikes! and the cliffs! and the castles!), so when I got the chance to travel in Europe with Porthos on his spring break, we used the movie to plan our trip. It was EPIC.


    The above is a picture of my third brother Athos, before he was turned into a frog.

    OK, fine, so Tiana didn't actually turn him into a frog, but she did offer, which I thought was awfully considerate of her. Athos would've deserved it too. He loves dinosaurs, and sometimes he acts like one. But then he's seventeen, so what can you expect? He makes up for it when he's being fun, though.

    Dart - Brother no. 4! In this picture he is taking on the one and only Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake of LTT. He recently turned 10 and is pretty proud about it. He LOVES legoes and never rests at Disney until we have gotten to the Lego Store. But he loves the rest of it too. :thumbsup2

    So that's the Snobbish family! Oh, and I almost forgot the inanimate objects that will be a part of the cast:


    This is the strawberry! It's an ipod touch 5, so named because it is exactly and precisely the color of a beautiful pink strawberry. My real phone in the ancient, cheap, flip kind, but then I can just pull out the strawberry and pretend like I'm super fancy. :cool2:;)

    Since there's now FREE WIFI pretty much everywhere at Disney World, I can also use the strawberry to do all those fabulous new social media things. As my mother would say, "It's a whole new world, Gunga Din." (I have no idea why she says Gunga Din. lol.)

    Via the strawberry I'll be doing live updates from the trip on my twitter, instagram, and vine. My username is bookishprincess on all of those. I also started vlogging on the Impressions de France IRL trip (I know...I'm almost embarassed to admit this...:rolleyes1) and have no doubt I'll be doing some vlogs from Disney as well!

    Some things I'm looking forward to on this trip...


    ...returning to the Kilamanjaro Club at the AKL...


    ...checking out more of New Fantasyland...


    ...and of course, as many cupcakes as possible!

    Stay tuned, there's plenty of pixie dust coming your way! pixiedust:pixiedust:

    ~~~~~~~~~~SNOBBY POST INDEX~~~~~~~~~~

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    On the Road: Donuts and More..........p.5 post 72
    Heading for Adventure and Sunshine (AUTO TRAIN!)..........p.7 post 98

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    Good Luck and Bad Luck..........p.9 post 129
    NARCOOSSEE'S..........p.11 post 151
    Polynesian Sunset..........DOUBLE UPDATE! p.12 post 166+167

    Waking Up to the Castle..........p.13 post 182
    Magic Kingdom Morning + Le Fou's Brew..........p.14 post 198
    Pirouetting Poodles and Minnie Magnifique..........p.15 post 212
    Important Cupcake Research..........p.15 post 224
    Escaping the Polynesian..........p.17 post 241
    Epcot & In Quest of a Soft, Cushy Chair..........p.18 post 257
    Il Mulino..........p.18 post 265

    Cape May Cafe Breakfast Buffet..........p.19 posts 275 & 276
    THE BIG HAIRCUT..........p.20 post 289
    Art of Animation Admiration..........p.21 post 301
    Travelling the World..........p.22 post 318
    Coral Reef Dinner..........p.23 post 331

    Kouzzina Breakfast and Artichoke Spread Drama..........p.24 post 346
    Cupcakes and Croissants..........p.25 post 368
    In Which Belle and I Talk Jane Austen..........p.26 post 377
    Braving Downtown Disney Crowds for Earl..........p.26 post 385

    Treehouse Morning and GRAND Arrival!..........p.27 post 394
    Royal Palm Club Dinner..........p.28 post 414
    Pixie Dusted Evening..........p.29 post 427

    Rope Dropping the Magic Kingdom..........p.29 post 432+433 DOUBLE UPDATE
    Snobby Shopping..........p.30 post 441
    Enchanted Tales with Belle..........p.30 post 445

    Main Street Bakery Opening Morning..........p.31 post 455
    My What a Guy, that GASTON!..........p.32 post 468
    Almost Torch Lighting and Last Grand Dinner..........p.32 post 478

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  3. Eight

    Eight Mouseketeer

    Jul 4, 2010

    Long time lurker here, like, really long, so I figured I should probably say hello at least once! :) I've always enjoyed your TRs, so I'm looking forward to another. I'm not the best at consistent commenting, but I'll be reading along for sure.

    I hope it's a wonderful trip! :goodvibes
  4. Carable

    Carable Mouseketeer

    Feb 2, 2013
    So, so excited to see you are doing a new TR. I've read a few of your others and I love your insight. Have a wonderful trip!
  5. Jennifer48

    Jennifer48 Not a Disney bride but engaged and honeymooned at

    Jun 1, 2005
    Hooray, another snobbish TR! :woohoo: Can't wait to read all about it! :goodvibes
  6. M303871

    M303871 Earning My Ears

    Jun 6, 2007
    Fantastic, I can not wait:cool1:. Also looking forward to the vloggs the ones from Europe were great and we will not be back untill November.

  7. MiaBella05

    MiaBella05 DIS Veteran

    Oct 7, 2006
    popcorn:: joining in popcorn::
  8. Missyrose

    Missyrose DIS Veteran

    Jan 18, 2009
    Yay! Can't wait for another snobbish TR. Longtime lurker here (just followed you on Twitter too), thought I'd finally check in.
  9. wiigirl

    wiigirl DIS Veteran

    Oct 29, 2012
    Joining in! :)
  10. mebbradley

    mebbradley Patiently waiting for the next trip to Disney!

    Nov 2, 2009
    Awesome! I love following your TR's!

    I've got one started as well, feel free to stop on by!
  11. johnsonet

    johnsonet DIS Veteran

    Jul 3, 2003
    This is going to be good!
    Love Strawberry!
    and AKL CL rules :dance3:
  12. blessedby3

    blessedby3 Actually Blessedby4 now, but cant change my userna

    Mar 7, 2003
    Joining in! I love your other trip reports and cant wait for this one too:goodvibes I wish I was gonna be there in a week:rolleyes1
  13. disneybound08

    disneybound08 Mouseketeer

    Mar 15, 2007
    Following along, a longtime lurker of your trip reports. I just love your writing style. I also follow you on twitter, can't wait for the updates to begin, thanks for sharing with us!
  14. debelfish

    debelfish Mouseketeer

    May 29, 2006
    I followed all of your previous trip reports but since I am leaving for WDW in a little over a week I thought now is the time. I might just see you in the parks! Have a great trip!!
  15. jdd

    jdd DIS Veteran

    Jul 24, 2006
    Hello :wave2: I just followed the link from your most recent trippie, and yay, I think I made the first page :goodvibes

    I love Jane Austen too! (my only complaint is that she didn't write more books :() And the Poly is my favorite resort - just 70 short days until our third stay at the King Kamehameha (I probably spelled that wrong). But I have to say, I have NEVER had a cupcake at Disney!! Maybe have to remedy that in August....

    Looking forward to coming along for the ride!
  16. Mndisneygirl

    Mndisneygirl DIS Veteran

    Oct 15, 2008
    I'm in! Can't wait to read all about it!
  17. jecskc

    jecskc DIS Veteran

    Apr 22, 2010
    Can't wait to read about your trip !!
  18. SRiley1985

    SRiley1985 Mouseketeer

    Apr 29, 2011
    You had me at "CUPCAKE." I'm in!
  19. FlaNani

    FlaNani Mouseketeer

    Feb 6, 2013
    Joining in! Looking forward to reading about your trip! :surfweb:
  20. pellegirl

    pellegirl Mouseketeer

    Feb 29, 2008
    Disney and cupcake - who could ask for anything more????? Can't wait to read this trip report!
  21. Miss Potts

    Miss Potts Mouseketeer

    Mar 2, 2013
    I'm in!!

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