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Disney Photo Passes?

Discussion in 'Disney World Tips' started by DiSZYme, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. DiSZYme

    DiSZYme New Member

    I was hoping that you wonderfully experienced and helpful DISzers could tell me about the photo passes?
    I get that you can:
    a. buy one, b. that pictures are 'professionally' taken and c. look at photos online later
    But beyond that I'm lost. I have no idea how it works, how much it costs, where I'd buy it or anything so any info at all would be appreciated.
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  3. collcass

    collcass New Member

    First time you have your photo taken the photog will hand you a card. Each subsequent time you hand the photog the card. You creat an act at the photo pass website and key in the number from your card (many people actually take a photo of the back of the card w/ their cell phone or text it to themselves) and view all of your photos.

    You are able to add borders and do other stuff to the photos. After you can purchase the photos (which, I believe are rather expensive), order photo books or a CD with all of the photos on it. The latter seems to be the best deal as you are essentially paying them $100 (prepurchase) for the rights to the photos

    Did I make any sense? I hope so
  4. crystaldawn

    crystaldawn New Member

    pp has it covered. We also bring our own camera... the photographers will take pics with theirs and YOURS if asked. When I'm still in Orlando I send all my email buddies the pics that disney took (they do try to get the people looking at them to order but they don't have to) Then when I get home I put my pics on the computer and usually just order from my own camera. This has always worked for us. If you want to add the borders etc it's a good program cause you can think about your purchases rather than looking at it at the park and being rushed into purchase. hth
  5. Mom2aj

    Mom2aj New Member

    Just a few other things we did as far as the photopass. I preordered it, so it was $100, rather than around $125. When we arrived, we called and signed up for a photo session through photopass at The Grand Floridian. We had some awesome family photos taken all over the hotel. The only cost was an additional $25. You will then order the disk after you edit, add borders or whatever you want to do. Then you will have the disk, copy right and can get prints where you want!
  6. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot New Member

  7. mom2triplets

    mom2triplets New Member

    Was the photo session at the Grand Floridian available to you only because you prepaid for the photopass cd. Is it something that can be booked before arriving at the parks?
  8. Kaler131

    Kaler131 New Member

    Check out the Photopass sharing threads. I went in on a photopass share when I went in Sept and it worked out great! What you do is sign up with a group of people who are going around the same time as you and the group leader pre-orders the cd. Each person in the group chips in and pays for the cd. I only ended up paying $17.00 and got as many pics taken as I wanted.:thumbsup2 It's soooooo worth it!
  9. PLANNER88

    PLANNER88 New Member

    How do you combine everyones picture onto one CD?
  10. Kaler131

    Kaler131 New Member

    The group leader registers a name on the photopass site and everyone in the group adds their codes (from their photopass cards) and it all goes on the one account. Then you can edit your pics and add borders, etc.
  11. PLANNER88

    PLANNER88 New Member

    Thank you!

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