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Disney Parks " Disney Time" Sweepstakes- Any Other Winners?

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Community' started by BridgetR3, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. disneynan

    disneynan New Member

    There has only been one winner here on the boards, so no one is completely sure if they are contacting winners by email or FedEx this year as that winner was contacted by phone.

    It is my understanding that the winners who were contacted by email last year were only sent one email. Several of them found the emails in their spam folders. And they had a very short window of time, 2 days I think, to respond.

    I check my spam folder daily, or is that hourly? OK - sometimes every 10 min.:rotfl2:
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  3. disneynan

    disneynan New Member

  4. disneynan

    disneynan New Member

    Yeah, I even just had to check my spam folder even though it is Sunday. Sad really......:sad2:
  5. jcemom

    jcemom <font color=66FF99>Official Tag Fairy Assistant<br

  6. pwdebbie

    pwdebbie New Member

    I won a lovely green Robitussin woolie (gave it to my son, I couldn't believe he was actually willing to wear it) and later I won a throw. The prize with $$$ would have been nicer for sure!

    As for me, a few "bigger" wins were Tassimo cofeemaker and an espresso machine -- and I don't even drink coffee. The Tassimo went to dh (who has now switched to Keurig, too hard to get the coffee for the Tassimo) and dd got the espresso machine (and I think she uses it daily). $50.00 McDonald's Arch card (which, after having it for a year still had $20.00 on it so I gave it to ds last night). $50 gift card from a site called Reward It and a $250.00 gift card from Retail Me Not. $1,000 from Purex -- which covered dh's broken tooth crown. I'm waiting to win something for ME! I know, that is just so selfish, lol. Oh, I've won a ton of books -- so many that I'm not entering for any more books until I get my stack whittled down. (Book wins usually want reviews also.)
  7. pwdebbie

    pwdebbie New Member

    I always check that. I hope that maybe that will generate a PIN code for me some day. :)
  8. HausofDisney

    HausofDisney New Member

    Sigh...I wish someone would win. :sad1:
  9. Gantu

    Gantu Oh,,,,,blitznac!

    I have another question. When you guys enter do you check that you would like to receive emails and info from Disney etc., or leave that one unchecked?

    I know I left that unchecked. I won on my work email and didnt want the extra emails.

    Nothing new really expect I may not get to pick my hotel. That's okay, we will take whatever!

    I guess I can understand about people thinking I really didnt win. I've spent way too much time on threads that turned out to not be true.

    Anyoo...... I really had to laugh about everyone finding change on the ground. :)

    Good luck and really, would one of you hurry up and win already!!!!!
  10. taigirl87

    taigirl87 Resident Pixie Duster

    That's a bummer! I wonder why?
  11. aiminator

    aiminator New Member

    I found a lucky penny in a parking garage the other day but didn't pick it up. I figured some people need the luck more than me ;) but now after reading your posts I'm thinking I could really use that penny for some disney time sweepstake luck!
  12. disneynan

    disneynan New Member

  13. disneynan

    disneynan New Member

    Wow, you have won a lot, and some $$ which is what I would prefer! You must enter far more contests than I do......or you are really lucky!
  14. disneynan

    disneynan New Member

    Does anyone here enter sweepstakes via Sunsweeps?
  15. thatpinkgirl

    thatpinkgirl ºoºFlorida Bound!ºoº

    I have been a long time DIS boards lurker but this is my first post in a few years! I couldnt resist posting this story even though it's not a winning story! So for dinner I went to my DM's house and while I was there I asked to check her phone for any missed calls or voicemails (She's not too tech savvy with her phone or computer, and I've been entering for her entry on my own computer as well as my own). And low and behold I see 3 missed calls from a (212) area code from TUESDAY!! I started shaking and flipping out because I thought we had lost our chance!! While I'm interrogating my DM on why she didnt answer when I told her what number to look out for, my DBF googled the number and discovered it was a new york based moving company, not Ventura. I guess not getting a winning call is better than missing it completely! :faint:
  16. disneynan

    disneynan New Member

    Oh man - I would have been freaking out! Thank goodness you were able to google the #.
  17. Maleficent53

    Maleficent53 Have fun storming the castle...

    This is the problem with entering for other people who don't have their own computer (my sisters :rolleyes:) - they don't understand the IMPORTANCE of answering the phone calls from 212!!! Even if they are other telemarketers, they have to pick up the phone! I reminded them again today when I saw them - don't screen the call - answer the phone!
  18. mad madam mim78

    mad madam mim78 New Member

    Man no more winners yet besides the first one? Bummer.
  19. anniebabymu

    anniebabymu New Member

    If you don't mind me asking... what was on the subject line in your e-mail?? And did it specifically say it was from Ventura? It will make scanning my junk folder a little easier!
  20. caralyn817

    caralyn817 New Member

    Just wondering why you wouldn't be able to choose your resort? Did they state why?
  21. Liza111577

    Liza111577 Becoming a DISney addict!!

    I remember reading in the "official rules" that the winner would stay at a hotel picked by Disney. Unlike OMDD, this sweepstakes doesn't give the winner a choice of hotels.

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