Disney Movie Rewards - Bonus Codes

Discussion in 'Disney Rewards Programs' started by buckler, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. andychris14

    andychris14 New Member

    thank you
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  3. CareHeartsDisney

    CareHeartsDisney New Member

    Thanks!!! :)
  4. unbrelievable

    unbrelievable New Member

    Thanks so much!
  5. Gizmo1951

    Gizmo1951 New Member

    Thanks Much!
  6. Boardwalk Gal

    Boardwalk Gal Lean not on your own understanding.

    Thanks so much!!!:goodvibes This helps!!!

    After redeeming 4 Disney gift cards, i have to earn up the points again!!! :)
  7. PirateSteven

    PirateSteven New Member

    Thanks for the codes!
  8. Tami0220

    Tami0220 Chip & Dale Fanatic

    If you join D23 you can buy tickets to the studio tour for $60 each. I just went in Sept. it was fabulous!!! I highly recommend it. Good Luck
  9. rosermama

    rosermama New Member

    Still working

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  10. It'sWDW4me

    It'sWDW4me <font color=green>Fairly new... still gets a tag :

    5 point holiday promotion code = Z47PYI0QH08
  11. lucas

    lucas °o°

    "Code has already been used"
  12. jenseib

    jenseib Mommy to Claire

    I think that is the code that was in the mail out the other day. You just clicked the link and it was added.
  13. It'sWDW4me

    It'sWDW4me <font color=green>Fairly new... still gets a tag :

    Darn! Yes, it was from an email - "click here for 5 points". I guess it's a personalized code. Sorry. :(
  14. lucas

    lucas °o°

    10 free points:

  15. lucas

    lucas °o°

    Not sure if this is the same as what I just posted but...

    25 days of Christmas is up! - 5 points daily!
    go here: http://beta.abcfamily.go.com/specials/25-days-christmas/index

    and click on the Disney Movie Rewards logo.

    "Disney Movie Rewards members can earn 5 points daily* from 12/1 to 12/25! Just visit ABC Family&#8217;s 25 Days Of Christmas home page and click on the Disney Movie Rewards logo &#8211; it&#8217;s that easy."

    Don't think the daily points are on the weekends.
  16. jgraney106

    jgraney106 New Member

  17. doconeill

    doconeill <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Yes, but one code on the weekend for 10 points.

    FYI, on the main 25 days page, the direct link for the code is on the right side - not the image on the left side that LOOKS like the right one - that links to the page you gave the link for...
  18. unbrelievable

    unbrelievable New Member

    Thanks for the info/code guys!
  19. lucas

    lucas °o°

  20. TheLists09

    TheLists09 New Member

    Dec 1st & 2nd points code: 25DOCBMR8121
    Dec 3rd: 25DOCBMR1123
    Dec 4th: 25DOCBMR924

    OLIVIA'S DADDY New Member

    Hi, i have a code that i cannot use for disney movie rewards because it says i have already put in a code for this movie...the code is for the hunchback of notre dame...i'll leave the code here and whoever gets first can have have it...enjoy


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