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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by SandrA9810, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. SandrA9810

    SandrA9810 DIS Veteran

    Jul 24, 2005
    So I remeber reading a topic ages ago about the cost breakdown of the dvds. I'm wondering if it's just as good for blu rays. I've been getting most of them when they release with the sale prices and coupons, but here and there I've missed a few along the way.

    I know you have to buy so many of the movies at full price but are they really that much more than the $30 in retail stores? Do they have any of the movies in 3D yet?
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  3. chimilady

    chimilady DIS Veteran

    Dec 31, 2011
    I have that page bookmarked at work. But if I recall for Blue Ray there was no savings at all from doing the club. Only for DVDs.
  4. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2007
    Just like with the DVD version, the savings accumulate are really found in the first movies you buy. You want to get those purchased steadily and quickly, without wasting time/money on extras. Get those for as cheap as possible, then become VIP as soon as possible. Then you get extra deals, you get the free pins with orders (you have to put the pin in your cart, it doesn't come automatically), etc.
  5. Maria1985

    Maria1985 Mouseketeer

    May 29, 2012
    It seems all right
  6. SandrA9810

    SandrA9810 DIS Veteran

    Jul 24, 2005
    I figured it'd be easier than trying to find some in the stores like Sleeping Beauty. Also do they always come with the slip covers?

    Reading the old topic, being a VIP is what finally gets you the discounts in the long run. But if I'm already going to have to pay full retail in a store, might as well get something for it in the end.

    My blu ray collection is starting to contend with the vhs collection I had as a child.
  7. Mogsdad

    Mogsdad Ears to you!

    Jan 16, 2013
    Here's the current offer that we received through our Disney Movie Rewards newsletter.

    Choose 5 DVDs or Blu-Rays for $5, free shipping
    1st Bonus disk $14.95, free shipping
    2nd Bonus disk $9.95, free shipping
    ... sounds good so far! :woohoo:
    5 more over 24 months, at a minimum of $29.95 plus shipping and processing
    ... hmm :confused3

    Let's say you take the opening offer, and then take care of your obligation in one purchase, reducing the shipping costs, which is apparently $3.95 + $1.49 for each additional item. Further, we'll say that you do manage to pick 5 that are only $29.95 each. And let's say you're not paying taxes.

    Total cost = $164.66 for 10 disks, or $16.47 each.​

    What if you take the two bonus disks?

    Total cost = $189.56 for 12 disks, or $15.80 each.​

    Now what if you fulfil your obligation one disk at at time, and pay the $3.95 shipping on each? (And still take the bonus disks.)

    Total cost = $199.40 for 12 disks, or $16.62 each.​

    There are bonuses available from time-to-time, where you get a disk for half price if you take the "featured" movie. These don't count towards your obligation, and since half-price is still at least $15 + $1.49 shipping, it doesn't really affect the math much, and in fact may increase your average movie cost. (So much for "Futher Savings!")

    So for argument's sake, we can say that these disks are costing you $16 each. Financially, it's a marginal deal vs the average movie costs in local stores. What might swing it is the details of your movie choices.

    Are there 10 or 12 movies in their catalog that you would buy today? If there are, could you get them cheaper elsewhere? (And, do they cost $29.95, or do they cost more?)

    If you've got young kids, and don't own any Disney movies, this could be OK for you.

    But we're Disney fans, and already own most of the Disney movies we want, so when I went through their online catalog and made my selections, I ended up picking 5 movies I wouldn't buy unless I had to.

    So between that, and the math - DMC doesn't work for me.
  8. JakeJenna

    JakeJenna Mouseketeer

    Jan 23, 2013
    How long does it usually take for new movies to be available?

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