Disney March Movie Maddness

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    Mar 22, 2014
    Disney March Movie Maddness -

    USA Today put together a bracket for Disney Movies and I thought it would be fund for people to do. (check out their front page today as I couldn't post the link).

    My Final Four =
    Little Mermaid (who squeaked by Peter Pan in the Sweet Sixteen), Toy Story (won over Lion King with an Elite Eight overtime Buzz-er beater), Frozen (trampled everyone in their bracket), and Cars (triple overtime win over Nemo as Dory pulled a Wolfpack and forgot how to shoot free throws).

    Frozen beat Cars in the Final Four as some players were running off diesel and became sluggish.

    Little Mermaid pulled the upset over Toy Story with their super secret "Andy's coming" play which immobilized Toy Story's defense leaving the basket open for Flounder almost every possession.

    And in the finals... one of the most epic games ever played... A true Cinderella story (for those of us growing up in the 80's)... Little Mermaid cuts down the nets with a victory over the current #1 seed Frozen, those poor unfortunate souls, in an upset rated for all ages! Add another trophy to the Little Mermaid's treasure trove! Now she has everything!

    In the NIT, Jungle Book beat Pinnocchio in the finals. Pinnocchio kept flopping... thus the nose...

    Officials are looking into the NCAA selection committee process as fans are dumbfounded with Planes and Frankenweenie making it to the big dance instead of these to classic teams.

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