Disney in March?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by blessednrse, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. blessednrse

    blessednrse Earning My Ears

    Apr 6, 2013
    What is Disney like in March? Crowds? Cold? Rainy?
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  3. dis_guy

    dis_guy DIS Veteran

    Aug 26, 2008
    March is Spring Break for many school districts so can be very crowded, depending on the time of the month. In my experience the weather is nice, maybe up to 80 on warm days. Can have the short afternoon showers, too.:)
  4. Sandi

    Sandi <font color=red>A proud Spartans fan!

    Aug 17, 1999
    DH and I went the first week of March in 2013 and have planned the same week in 2014. (It's his spring break.) I'm hopeful that the weather will be warmer this coming March. On our first day, the low was 39 and the high was 55. Then, it warmed up to 76 a couple of days, but in between the highs were 65. Historically, the high is about 76 with a low of 56. That is perfect weather for DH, not so perfect for me. I would prefer warmer temps, but I'm preparing for the averages. Later in the month, the averages will be a bit higher. As mentioned, it is spring break for a lot of colleges and schools, so it can get busy. I didn't think the crowds were bad. The crowd level was much better in early March than in early April, in my experience.

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