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Disney in Houston!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by Akmayeli, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Cheshire Figment

    Cheshire Figment <font color=red><marquee behavior=alternate>Friend

    When they were working on the possibility of Disney's America outside Haymarket, VA (about 20 years ago) they were only going after about 3,000 acres and used five shell companies. When they had options on all the land they then called everyone together for the announcement.
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  3. HAHA! My husband is from Texas and when I read this post to him, he was like "That's right!! Everything is BIGGER in TEXAS LOL!!!!"

    I am not a Texas fan at all, but my husband came from there so I sort of have to love it!

    By the way I totally fell for that story when I first moved to TX too. Back in FL though now.
  4. seashoreCM

    seashoreCM All around nice guy.

    Weather is comparable to Orlando -- Hot, humid spring, summer, fall, brings out the crankiness in guests. Stress on CMs, especially fur characters.
  5. Q-man

    Q-man Active Member

    Bet the Hyatt Lost Pines resort is the large tract of land in Bastrop on the Colorado river that caused those rumors. But their ~400 acres isn't big enough is it? Of course the neighboring McKinney Roughs Nature Park is 1,100 acre and owned by the LCRA so it could be sold off.

    Since the early 80s I've heard that Disney has land in; Austin/Lake Travis, San Antonio(that is/was most likely the now Sea World and neighboring 6 Flags land), Houston, and now Bastrop.

    Houston makes the most sense of all those for availability of water(big issue for Central TX), huge labor pool, two airports(including one with tons of direct international flights), 2 close by ports, and few freezes. But I don't see it happening.

    There is the failed Earth Quest Adventures park north of Houston that has 1600 acres. http://blog.chron.com/houstonshirin...ures-an-eco-green-resort-coming-to-new-caney/. It would be very easy for Disney to acquire at this point. Of course the Houston rumors are that Earth Quest Adventures is a front for Disney to acquire the land without attaching the Disney name. Which is likely fueled by this info on Earth Quest's website...

    "Project Designers Contour Entertainment, Inc.

    Los Angeles-based creative design, construction and park management organization of former Disney Imagineers with extensive experience as designers, builders and managers of themed entertainment attractions "

    The whole keeping it quiet just needs new tactics like a shell company having a contract option with another company that has the land.
  6. King Triton

    King Triton Active Member

    Having a Disney park in Texas would be Awesome!! :banana:
  7. katla33

    katla33 Member

    I resent the negative comments about Texans! My DD1 is a native of Fort Worth! She was born when we were living there in 2002.
    Seriously though, Texas is a great state. Love it. My husband is interviewing with a company in Houston so who knows, we might move there. I have tons of friends and some family in Texas.

    I wish this rumor was true! Houston is only 5 hours away from where I am and Orlando is 12!
  8. yitbos96bb

    yitbos96bb Active Member

    I think it's comments like "Don't Mess with Texas" that leads to people hating on Texas. It belays a certain attitude and arrogance that gets stereotyped to Texans and rubs many the wrong way.

    As for Houston, valid points... That being said, given the size of the area, why haven't other Theme Parks popped up? LA has a Ton, NY and Chicago have a few. Why not Houston? Are the Six Flags and other parks considered too close?
  9. Nomad70

    Nomad70 Member

    I wouldn't let it bother you. Our middle child was born in Texas as well, but we would never ever choose to live there again. We joke that he was the best thing that ever came out of Texas. :rotfl2: People say negative things about California all the time, and as a California native I couldn't care less what people think. I love my home state, always will. As a military family we can't choose right now where to live, but when my husband finishes 25 years of service you better believe that will be the first state he puts resumes in.
  10. katla33

    katla33 Member

    Ha! I was just kidding. I am not really upset about the comments.

    But I do like Texas!!

    Astroworld was in Houston for a long time. Water World, too. We used to visit a lot when I was a kid. Wish it was still open!
  11. yitbos96bb

    yitbos96bb Active Member

    Well the Houston theme park thoughts were legitimate questions on the whys...

    I figured your Texas comment was tounge in cheek... However, I've sadly met several Texans with that kind of sentiment in real life.

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