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Disney Honeymoon Cruise

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by disneyfan13, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. disneyfan13

    disneyfan13 New Member

    Hello Everyone!

    I am getting married in the Fall, October, and really want to take my fiancé on a cruise! Preferably on one of the newest ships. Does anyone have tips on best place or price to book at least a 7 night cruise to the Bahamas or Caribbean?

    Also any other helpful tips about how other users have done it for their honeymoons would be greatly appreciated!!

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  3. kcashner

    kcashner New Member

    DCL makes pricing easy. ALL TAs and sites must sell DCL cruises at the same price. This is also the price you'll see on the DCL site.

    If you want a 7 night cruise on a new ship, this would be the Fantasy out of Port Canaveral, which departs on Saturdays.

    I would recommend a TA who has attended the training Disney gives and has personally been on the ship. There are many agencies that give an on board credit (real money you can spend on board) or other perk as a "thanks for booking with us" gift. There are lots of good agencies with well trained, experienced agents. In my community, I have not found these people at local agencies or offices, but experience in your community may vary. Don't deal with someone who hasn't been on the ships themselves or who doesn't meet your needs in terms of communication, hours, etc.
  4. mrkyyyle

    mrkyyyle New Member

    my wife and I were married this past September and took our honeymoon in October on the fantasy eastern caribbean (the hurricane sandy cruise but we survived just fine :) )

    if you have any questions let me know. We booked through small world vacations, but our next one we are doing costco.
  5. Mackie Mouse

    Mackie Mouse Even my dog loves Disney

    My husband and I also honeymooned with DCL, in 2009 on the Magic. We spent 3 days in WDW before the cruise, then took a Western Caribbean for 7 days out of Port Canaveral. It was incredible, and we're now on cruise #3 because we loved that first trip so much!

    I agree with using a travel agent, who will not be able to discount the cruise but will offer you on-board credit and/or a gift for booking with them. There are many here who can make recommendations if you need one. It doesn't cost you anything, and it's nice to have a pro to help get you set up if you need it.

    Would love to give you any information you need about what a honeymoon with DCL is like! We had a fabulous time.
  6. disneyfan13

    disneyfan13 New Member

    Thanks so much for the advice! Does Costco offer any type of onboard credits for booking through them? Also, any tips you have on special things DCL does for guests coming on their honeymoon?
  7. disneyfan13

    disneyfan13 New Member

    Awesome! That is so helpful! I was looking into the land/sea package as well. Would you recommend doing that for a honeymoon? Is the 3 days in WDW a "park hopper?"

    Also, what surprises/gifts, if any, does DCL give for honeymooners? Thanks again!!
  8. Mackie Mouse

    Mackie Mouse Even my dog loves Disney

    If I told you about anything "magical," it would spoil the surprise! I will say that just like at WDW, you can stop by guest services to get buttons that you can wear all cruise long. We had our honeymoon noted on our reservation and received a number of little surprises that felt quite special. Definitely attend "Match Your Mate" (like the Newlywed Game) in the adult club when it happens on your cruise...a honeymooning couple makes for a great pair of participants, and there are some cool prizes to be won (champagne, spa treatments, OBC). We also had our bride/groom mickey ears and wore them during the sail away party and on formal night - our servers ate it up on formal night in particular :)

    There is also so much fun, romantic, adult-oriented stuff to do on the cruises that you'll feel special no matter what. I would highly, highly recommend doing brunch and/or dinner at Palo, and (if you're on the Fantasy) trying Remy as well...it's an unforgettable meal experience. Our special romantic splurge was a couple's massage on Castaway Cay in a private massage cabana overlooking the ocean at Serenity Bay. NOTHING like getting a massage while hearing the gentle waves rolling in and feeling the sea breeze on your back! It's an expense we probably won't ever indulge in again, but it was so worth it for our honeymoon. If it's up your alley, the various alcohol tastings (they have a billion) are also fun and educational.

    I would definitely recommend some time in WDW before your honeymoon if you can afford the time and added expense, and I would recommend doing the parks before the cruise. The cruise is so relaxing compared to the parks (especially when we traveled, in mid/late August!) - it made for a perfect change of pace.

    3 days was really a great amount of time to get a flavor for the parks...as adults who tend to take Disney a little commando-like, we were able to fit a few things in at all the parks in within that time frame. We did get park hopper passes so we could specifically accomplish this. We really only spent two full days in the parks; on our first day, we flew out early, spent some time in Downtown Disney, and then kicked off the trip with dinner at the California Grill during the Wishes fireworks (so fun, and super-romantic!). DH had not been to Disney since childhood, and I promised him that he'd catch the bug on our honeymoon...which he definitely did! We were obviously not able to do anything and everything, but we did hit the major highlight rides everywhere and fit in a few good meals.
  9. kcashner

    kcashner New Member

    There are NO land/sea packages sold any more. You have to book the land and cruise portions separately. This is actually good because you can get a special on each portion and you can make whatever choices of resort, etc. suit you. In the fall, there is usually a "free dining" promotion at WDW...and there are often promotions on the ship as well.

    A TA can book both portions for you.

    Costco offers a costco gift card for booking with them...no onboard credit from them. Of course, you can still get a Disney Visa onboard credit and an online booking credit if your TA uses the on line system.
  10. Mackie Mouse

    Mackie Mouse Even my dog loves Disney

    Yes - good point. I only just now read that the OP asked for a "land/sea package". We have done two joint WDW/cruise trips now and not only were the packages not offered on our last trip, but both times booking everything separately, on our own, has come out significantly cheaper.

    Thanks for helping to clarify!
  11. sgc1107

    sgc1107 sgc1107

    We did our first cruise for our honeymoon in sept 2008, going back this year for 5yr anniversary. We got honeymoon pins & a special cake. You could also do a romance package, you purchase on DCL website under in room gifts! You will have a wonderful time!! Make sure you get travel ins because its hurricane season! But that why we cruise in sept.... Price!!
  12. Meghatron

    Meghatron New Member

    Once you have your reservation number, sign up for the Disney Honeymoon Registry. That was our only registry and the first night we were onboard I went to have Guest Services apply the card to our account, thinking it was the $800 I had seen on the website a few days before the wedding. When she asked me if I really wanted to apply the entire amount I asked her how much she was talking about... it was over $2500! We didn't think about money the entire cruise... drank as much as we wanted, bought whatever we wanted, did the expensive excursions we didn't think we could do; I even bought art in the gallery! And we had money left over that got refunded to the gift card, so I had to hold on to that thing for over a year until we cruised again for DD's birthday! (The gift card would have worked in the Parks, too, but we wanted to save it for the onboard expenses the following year.)

    Onboard we got a special dessert from our servers and our stateroom host left Just Married buttons on our bed. We wore Disney bride and groom t-shirts and ears to the port for embarkation and the characters made a big fuss over us when it was our turn during greetings. Minnie in particular insisted on looking at my ring every time she saw me, LOL.

    Also, no matter what else you do, budget for the Couples Spa Villa. It was AMAZING.
  13. jocelynt01

    jocelynt01 New Member

    Does anyone know if DCL gives any perks for anniversaries? I wished I would have thought about doing a cruise for my honeymoon...
  14. Mackie Mouse

    Mackie Mouse Even my dog loves Disney

    We went back on a cruise for our 2nd anniversary in summer of 2011, and yes, we got some special perks. Very similar to what we got on our honeymoon, actually. Again, part of the fun was not knowing exactly what to expect...but you can expect some magic :)
  15. disneyfan13

    disneyfan13 New Member

    Oh my heck, what a great idea to do the Disney Honeymoon Registry!! I've never heard of this before!! Only problem is, I'm trying to keep this cruise as a surprise, as my fiancé has always wanted to go on a DCL, but doesn't know about this. But the Registry is a brilliant idea! :)
  16. disneyfan13

    disneyfan13 New Member

    Thank you for the clarification! Any suggestions of resorts to stay around or in the WDW area?
  17. disneyfan13

    disneyfan13 New Member

    I agree, I definitely am looking forward to the surprises/not knowing what to expect. It's part of the Disney MAGIC!!
  18. Mackie Mouse

    Mackie Mouse Even my dog loves Disney

    This really depends on your budget and specific interests. Are you willing to splurge on a Deluxe, or is a Moderate more your style? The only thing I will say is for that for your honeymoon I would avoid the values...we actually stayed at All-Star sports for the three days of our honeymoon (we were able to add on those three days very cheaply for a few reasons, and we wanted to keep with the theme of keeping costs down)...and we regretted it. We were right by the pool, and it was NOISY. I didn't expect our choice of hotel to really affect our level of romance, but it really did.

    On the other hands, I will throw a slightly controversial recommendations out there for the Swan/Dolphin. In many, many visits to WDW throughout my childhood and adulthood, these resorts had never come up for consideration until my most recent visit a year and a half ago. The Dolphin will be my go-to resort from now on. The location cannot be beat, and the rooms are truly deluxe-style rooms at moderate prices. You are able to walk to both Epcot and DHS. With the many discounts the Swan/Dolphin offer separate from Disney, we paid less for a room there than we would have for one at Port Orleans Riverside. Additionally, when I mentioned we'd be staying for our anniversary, the front desk upgraded us to a BEAUTIFUL alcove room that featured two balconies and a view of the Boardwalk and Epcot fireworks. (All I will say about that experience is WOW.) The pool is ridiculous, to say the least. The restaurants in both resorts are fantastic. Cannot speak highly enough of that particular choice.
  19. mrkyyyle

    mrkyyyle New Member

    I've got a few pictures of what they did for our room for our honeymoon, I can post them here if you want, just let me know :)
  20. disneyfan13

    disneyfan13 New Member

    Yes, please! I would love that :)
  21. mrkyyyle

    mrkyyyle New Member

    ok here ya go :)

    They also put rose petals all over the rest of the room, in the jacuzzi tub, sinks etc haha




    They asked us which night on the cruise we wanted to celebrate it officially on during the first day on the ship, and that evening at dinner we got a chocolate cake :)

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