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Disney Dream July 21st 2013 4 day cruise

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by clueluvzdisney, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. clueluvzdisney

    clueluvzdisney New Member

    So who out there is excited about our Disney Dream cruise... I have gotten super obsessed with this vacation Im making alot of people sick and tired of hearing it... I know you guys wont be....
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  3. breeeza31

    breeeza31 New Member

    Im fired up and excited babe.....lets go NOW!!!!:banana:
  4. IrishCowboy

    IrishCowboy DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    I have added your thread to the cruise meet list :thumbsup2

    Have a great cruise!
  5. karyn0995

    karyn0995 New Member

    Hello! We'll be cruising with you! Are you part of the adoption reunion group? We have a Facebook group with a lot of members, but I don't know people's DISboard ID's.

    Regardless, I am super obsessed with this vacation also!! Cannot.wait!! :banana:
  6. PrincessesRUs

    PrincessesRUs New Member

    My very first post here!! I literally cannot wait for this cruise!


  7. karyn0995

    karyn0995 New Member

    Yay Amy! So nice to "see" you here!
  8. clueluvzdisney

    clueluvzdisney New Member

    Adoption reunion group no I have no Idea what that is my DH and I will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary. What is the adoption reunion group?
  9. karyn0995

    karyn0995 New Member

    Congratulations on your anniversary! The adoption reunion is for a group of families who met as we were each going through the adoption process. We all live in different parts of the country and primarily know each other through the blogs we kept both before and after our kids came home. Some of us have actually met, others have not. But, we've supported each other through many ups and downs and now we all get to meet in person on this cruise.

    We have a Facebook page but may not know each other's DISboard name yet, which is why I asked that question.

  10. clueluvzdisney

    clueluvzdisney New Member

    THAT IS BEAUTIFUL. Sounds like its going to be an awesome time for all the families aboard those four days.
  11. Ceisen

    Ceisen New Member

    This will be our first Disney cruise. We are very excited!! A friend of mine told me about this site and was talking about fish extenders. Do any of you know about this? Is there a place we sign up?
    Any other good cruise info is also welcome
    Thanks ;)
  12. BlazerK91

    BlazerK91 New Member

    Hello fellow cruisers! Just got back on land this morning from a 7 day on the Fantasy. We had so much fun that we wanted to go again! Booked this cruise right away for my son's 13th birthday!

    I hope someone starts an FE list soon!

    Peg T. :cheer2:
  13. HRH Bunnyb

    HRH Bunnyb New Member

    Wooooo Hoooooo, Can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. HRH Bunnyb

    HRH Bunnyb New Member

    Counting down the days !!!!!!!!! Seems like 6 months will be forever getting here !!!!
  15. stampwithamy

    stampwithamy New Member

    I'm interested in a fish extender exchange also. Where do I go to get involved with that? Thanks!
  16. Artist

    Artist New Member

    We are excited about this cruise, too! Extended family trip 14 of us celebrating my FIL's 70th birthday. 6 kids ages from 6-14 and 8 adults hitting the high seas!
  17. swissgirl66

    swissgirl66 New Member

    hello:cheer2: to all you lucky pirate:. We will be also on this cruise and are soooo exited to be on board of the Dream again. We - DH 46, me 47 and our little DD :wizard: age 9 are from Switzerland, and this is our 3rd cruise with Disney.

    This is part of a 30 days vacation, we start off in NY City, fly down to Orlando, spend 3 days in WDW (Fort Wilderness Resort), then the cruise and then we drive up via Amelia Island, Charleston, Outerbanks, Williamsburg, Washington and Lancaster PA county.

    Therefore, I am not sure, if we will be doing the Fishextender this time. It was always great fun, but also lots of work, let me think about it. Last time, we did the cruise at the end of a 3 weeks holiday, and the enitre time I had a cooler with lots of Swiss chocolate with me and told my husband and girl 1000 times, NOT to eat the fishextender gifts :scared1:

    Have you received your cabin numbers yet, I am still fighting, for the first time I got a gty room, we booked a 8B on deck 9, but so far they can not allocate a room :hourglass so I will wait and keep calling.
  18. BlazerK91

    BlazerK91 New Member

    Welcome welcome Swissgirl66! Wow what a holiday you have planned! Soooo jealous! Our family is lucky we can squeeze in this cruise! We are locals to Florida though so WDW is just an hour or so away for us...I hope if we get the fish extender going you join in! It would be a great thing to get something from Switzerland - even if its not chocolate! LOL! Hope to see many more posts starting on this DIS Meets soon!

    As for our room assignment, we were assigned when we booked and did not do gty...

    Looking forward to fun fun fun!

    Peg T - aka blazerk91
  19. swissgirl66

    swissgirl66 New Member

    Hi Peg, nice to hear from you. Glad you are on board too. Every 2nd year we come over for a few weeks and explore a different area, this time up north from Florida and few days in Washington (and the Smithonian Museums, a big dream of my husband). And our little girl wanted to see the skyscrapers in New York, we don't have them here, more mountains and stuff :hyper:

    We did not do gty on purpose, we booked a 8B but other than in the last years, we did not immediately get the cabin number, it seems the category is allready sold out, but then why is it still available to book, even today it is. Does not make sense...

    Take care and have a great sunday.

    Regards from Switzerland in deep snow....
  20. Paranoid Android

    Paranoid Android New Member

    Family of four going on our first Disney cruise! Older son will be celebrating his 7th birthday on board. Looking forward to it!
  21. swissgirl66

    swissgirl66 New Member

    :cheer2: counting the days, 176 Days - or 25 weeks and 1 day - to go till we are pirate: of the Disney Dream. :wave2:

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